Mary The Storyteller? 😌 (Bloody Mary Bonus P1)

Ooo, this oughta be good! Meanwhile, let's set Mary's ghost free.

Lets Take a Peek 😏 of Hidden Expedition Smithsonian Hope Diamond CE

Isn't the Hope Diamond the same one that was used in Titanic? I'm confused. #SmithsonianHopeDiamond

Monthly Gaming Stream

I will be live in one hour and 10 minutes. Today, we celebrate St. Patrick's Day with an unusual Nancy Drew game that's actually set in Ireland. ^_^

Opening The Franklin Memorial Door 👌 (Thornton Hall #12)

So we find her, but won't tell us anything. Trust issues much? #whatsyoursecret #NancyDrew

Unlocking Ethel's Grave After Everyone Else's (Thornton Hall #11)

It is so weird to be using a strategy guide in a playthrough. But you gotta do what ya gotta do. #spoilerfreeachievement #NancyDrew

Alright, Nancy - I Mean Lani, Let's Get Outta He'! (Heartless BONUS P2)

If Lani's character is bold enough to do all of this, then I suppose we should too. Right? #bonfirestories #dauntless