I Want To Be...

I try to manage my money as best as I can, though it doesn't always work out. I love delivery food - especially when it's Order Up. I have subscriptions to three sites for TV shows and movies to watch: Netflix, YouTube Red, and PureFlix. PureFlix, I absolutely love.

I actually made a deal with myself. If I don't watch a certain amount of time on PureFlix, I cancel my subscription. I happened to discover PureFlix as an ad on my Facebook profile. It was "The Encounter," a great movie. I was like, "Okay, I'll try to find a link that's not PureFlix and watch the film. If it's decent, I'll subscribe." I found out that not only was it fairly decent with two really nice celebrities, The Encounter had a sequel and its own TV show. (By the way, the celebrities are Jaci Valesquez the Christian singer and Sting the wrestler.)

I was hooked. For a while, I actually believed PureFlix was a Christian film/TV show website. It's not entirely true. It…

Public Venting Is Bad Publicity?!

I finally managed to upload the vlog on Saturday. I can't believe it took me so long to work on it, but it's up now. Please understand that I don't want this happening, but because I'm so worried about my allergic reaction to stress, a break from my gaming channel is needed. I have no idea how long it'll be, but it's happening.
(I worry for our country if all journalists and news-anchors go through this stage and not come out the way they hoped.)

Lost Track of Time

Wow, I have not been keeping up. This shows how distracted I am. I'm not doing my work. Anywho - my day has been interesting.

It's been an interesting turn of events. My sister and niece took me grocery shopping in return for DVDs that they could watch. My beautiful niece is sick and her mommy thought DVDs might entertain her better than toys. We let the baby walk around my apartment and mess with my things. Little did we know!

She mashed the keyboard with her little fingers. And in the process, she rotated my desktop by ninety degrees. xD Lol! I was freaking out. "And that's our cue to leave," my sister said. Thankfully, I managed to figure it out after they left.

To change subject, last week's project for SOMO was rather big. I had to cancel my gaming channel work in order to work on it. I managed to get it done while I was at HQ. Today and for the next few days, I'll be working not only on the last video for Before The Storm, but also on the transcript…

Game Theory Merch!

I almost forgot this week's blog! I should've written it Friday night. Cause guess what? I got my Game Theory merch! ^_^

I'm so excited. I already did two short videos. I'm gonna send them to my computer, edit them, and upload it to both my channels. After three weeks of hassling FedEx and politely talking to CreatorMash, I finally have the merch I purchased over a month ago. Boo ya!

It's The ALPs U Weekend!

Yes! ^_^ Finally. The last semester for my Communications major. I'm so excited I got to attend this particular semester for Athlete Leadership Programs University. (See; what did I tell ya? The exciting stuff always happens the first week of the month. That's why I forget to write my weekly blogs. Lol. Nothing happens.)

This particular semester located in Columbia, MO - my hometown. Yes! And not to my surprise, MU hosted it instead of Columbia College or Stephens College. What a bummer, but still - the particular buildings I had to attend today happened to be a few blocks from my apartment. What a crazy random happenstance!

Like most majors, all the majors at ALPs U have a Capstone class to finish it off. Pretty much everyone in the Capstone class was finishing their Communications major - like me. Now that truly is a crazy random happenstance. Any-who, each of us needed to come up with a project that would suit our major. One athlete-leader intends to become a mentor for thi…

I Despise FedEx Drivers

Here comes the venting. As I waited patiently, two weeks ago yesterday, for my GT merch from FedEx, I wondered how to record my reaction. Whether to use the unfocusable camera on my tablet or my iPod that has data I need transferred. I couldn't decide.

It's been two weeks now, and I'm still waiting. I've had to call FedEx multiple times to figure out what the driver did. I suppose it's been too long for the driver to remember clearly, but customer service keeps saying he put it in the mail room. Here's the thing - there is no mail room in my building. And there are no other apartment complexes on my street. So very frustrating.

As you can tell, I'm fed up with FedEx. Maybe the company that made said merch should not use FedEx Smart Post anymore. FedEx's customer service can give that beautiful sweet talk all day if they want, but they still will have no frickin' clue what happened to that package. I paid good money for that sweet, unique merch, and …

The Lazy Life of A (Somewhat) Superstar

Oh no; I forgot last week's blog! I suck! Lol. This just shows either how lazy or busy I am. Honestly, I think it's both. Here - let me explain.

This month, and the first week of March, is Polar Bear Plunge here in America - Special Olympics. We can't say Polar Bear Club. That belongs to Canada. Yep. Lol. Anyway, Polar Plunge is a busy time for the PR team of SOMO. So busy that I offered to help, but Brandon said no - oh, well.
He did give me a new project, and I should work on that now. I am overdue on apartment and personal hygiene, though. Not to mention, my dad is coming over to hang out, as well as inspect my bed frame to confirm my suspicions. And he normally comes over around 6:30 or 7 CST.
So I pretty much gotta jet right after this. I'm even waiting for a package, which is super awesome! It's the new Game Theory merch, and I am due for new socks and a t-shirt style. This is so hype! I want to make sure I record this, so I can put it on either YouTube or Tw…