SOMO's Yearly Sports Camp

I keep forgetting to do the blogs. Probably because I'm trying so hard to get everything on my YouTube list watched and over with. Lol.

Any-who, I'm excited about this week. Sports camp! 😄I'm a little nervous, though, even if I don't need to be. Only because I'm bringing more luggage than I normally do. This is sports camp, after all. My sleeping bag actually fits in the leftover space of my suitcase. My swimming equipment and a little bit of bathroom stuff is in one bag. Towels and the rest of my bathroom necessities is in a second bag.

The laptop that they're allowing me to bring - it's because I'm mainly at sports camp to keep my mind at the right pace of what it will be like when we're at the USA Games. I'll even have time to swim, possibly tennis. I'm bringing my tennis racket as well.

Last but not least, the TYR Flexfins to help improve my swimming skills. I finally will be able to use them outside of my hometown. This is just making …

"Easily Distracted" Are The Words This Weekend

Almost every time I realize I still need to write the blog, it's less than an hour away from midnight in my time zone. LOL! Well, that's smooth. So I'm gonna be pretty quick here.

Ever since I turned in my story to my boss, which was Thursday afternoon, I've been storming through on Supernatural. (Now on season 7.) I watched the entire "Between the Scene" playlist of The Daily Show with Trevor Noah. I'm about five to ten videos shorter in finishing Jesse Cox's playlist of Fan Friday. I edited two books of mine, so I can send it to a former coworker. (It was her birthday on Saturday.) And right now, after this, I'm finishing up a transcription on a game theory video for The Game Theorists. Out of the goodness of my editorial heart.

Oh, and I almost forgot. I even re-listened (and re-watched) some of the remixes people made of JackSepticEye and Markiplier. That definitely helped me get some stuff done in my kitchen. Lol.

The two things I wish I had …

I Need To Lose Weight

Yesterday was my team's last day of swim practice. Mainly because the central area of Missouri won't be competing in swimming at State. So for our last practice, we didn't work on any laps. We played water games and ate snacks. Correction: they had snacks. It was all sugary foods, so I passed. I gotta admit. This past Thursday, I got to try on the rest of my MO Magic gear. Everything fit well except for a pair of shorts. The only problem about it was me. I seriously need to lose weight. I doubt she can get a size higher. When I told her I needed to lose weight, she gave me quite a shocked "Are you serious?" look. I'm not very good at portion control. Or even what I eat. Until I'm back from Seattle, I will stick to healthy food deliveries, as well as cooking only the portion sizes of what I normally buy. I only hope I can commit to this plan. I also suck at sticking to a plan like this. Lol. There is a lot about me that I need to fix, and I'd rather write…

Changing Narrations/Writing Articles and Stories

It's interesting and more fun to write fiction. You can make up just about anything. You don't even need to do research. Well, only if what you're writing hasn't been done before. In most cases, it has, but you never know. (This world needs more creativity and spark from us!)

For me, a good portion of the books I've written need plenty of research. Some books require clothing and names from certain centuries. Some need a few things on vampires, mermaids, or even Greek mythical creatures. (Yes, I said it. At least two books, which are paired together, demand all types of animals and creatures.) Heck, several of my books require the proper lingo from the correct century. Now those are difficult to find, but I'm digressing here.

The most difficult story writing for me... is non-fiction. Seriously. Yes, I know I'm blogging, but that's different. I put my thoughts and feelings with typed up words. Most people say it's easy; it's not that hard. Surpri…

Accepting And Growing From Within (About Your Disability)

It hasn't even been a full week into May and already there's something to say about Special Olympics - about all the athletes, and even those who aren't IN Special Olympics who have disabilities. Today, I received a call from my boss about certain issues that occurred this year. One of which consisted complaints from certain athletes about a question I asked them in my interviews. The question was, "What is your disability?"

To be honest, and you probably already know this by now, I tend to react before I think. It's been a gift and a curse my entire life. I don't know how to fix it or even remove it. Lately, it's been more of a curse. Because I'm a PR Assistant for Team Missouri, this "react before thinking" has repercussions to Special Olympics, its image and "my image." I write that in quotations due to the fact I tend to embrace everything about myself, including my flaws. Even though, at times, I wish I didn't have tho…

What A Crazy Month!

What a crazy month April has been! About two months ago, Brandon had me transcribe 13 interviews. That took a lot of time on the days I worked on them. He gave a loose deadline, which helped, but I knew I couldn't put them off too long. I managed to finish them two weeks ago. It was nice timing too, because when he contacted me to finish them, I only had two interviews left and they were short enough to work on in two days.

In that same contact with him, he said he needed two Spotlight interviews edited and done for him before a certain date. That happened to be fortunate for me because I had forgotten about my monthly training at CATV. I managed to get both interviews done and sent on dropbox. What I forgot to do after finishing them was schedule the posts for those interviews on SOMO's Facebook page.

Fortunately, I scheduled a lesson with CATV for the following week to learn about the DSLR camera. That was a lot of fun. I've always wanted to learn more about digital came…

An Escape Plan For Your Hometown?!

I really am excited about tomorrow. I wish I had done everything that I had planned today. There wasn't enough time, though. I would've exercised and researched my hometown's layout. I still don't know where everything is in this town. Lol.

Tomorrow, an escape room business called Escape Plan is hosting an event -

Murder Mystery, a City-Wide Escape!
My sister, my mom, I, and either my brother in law or pops will be in a team together. We have to traverse our hometown, searching for clues to solve a murder. We must bring Dilly's killer to justice. Our first clue before the start time for Saturday afternoon is this: "Dilly beloved by all, it's unfortunate she had to endure such cruelty with 14 stab wounds." This is going to be hard. I hope I'm ready.

"Gather up your team of 4-6 and join Escape Plan for a city wide escape! All teams will begin at Escape Plan and will follow their initial murder mystery clue to their first location, and so on thro…