Watching The Internet A Bit Too Much

I do admit; I love watching my favorite movies and shows, even if it means... well, I'm not gonna say it. But still, it's my favorite pastime. They are time consuming, and it doesn't help when I need to record videos for either of my channels. Yikes!

Like this coming week, I have to go to CATV so I can edit the footage for TheEsperanza243. I recorded a video at CATV and intend to edit and upload at the location. I'm super psyched about it. I forgot to go to the local bus station to get my monthly pass, though. Oops!

Well, I guess I'm gonna have to brave the super cold weather tomorrow - or Tuesday. Tuesday would be better. Even though I'll be wiped when I get home from the food pantry, that will force me to stay on my feet - and I can convince myself to go to the station. If I don't, I won't be going to CATV, and I promised myself and my Hopefuls that I'd be uploading once a month or every two weeks.

It's been more than two weeks. And on top of …

A Deal With A Demon, Really? (The Bride #1)

I do hope you enjoy the first installment of #GrimTales The Bride. I had a blast fun fine-tuning the audio! Hehe.

One of Those *Special* Days

I do realize you're noticing the same thing as I am. I've been talking about Special Olympics pretty much at the beginning of each month. I am trying to make it so that I blog about SOMO towards the middle or end of the month, but something just manages to happen at the beginning that makes things so exciting.

Yesterday, a local news reporter - a newly employed one, I assume, because she doesn't have a Facebook page attached to her name yet. I think she's still an MU student, but again, I could be wrong. Anyways, she messaged me on Facebook because my swim coach recommended me to be interviewed. ^_^ (By the way, my coach knows I need help with my speeches side of the homework. Because of the interview today, I'm down to three speeches - and I need them done by this Friday. Yikes!)

Three hours later...

That was intense! She was all over the place. Swim practice was cancelled due to the snow/ice. When she discovered this, she had to contact someone at her base. She st…

Nancy Drew Is A Cook Now? (Lost Queen #2) w/ Gabriel Wolf

It's been overdue. I know I'm late, but well... let's just say Thursday was one of my worst days ever. I needed to accept consequences.
@Gabriel_Wolf just knows how to make a scenefunny, and so does Dylan. Lol. #kitchenpuns

New Schedule Change / Night To Shine (facecam)

New schedule change; new look, new me. Let's try to be professional this year. Without boxing myself in. Please?

To Drown Is Too Real (Tomb of the Lost Queen #1) w/ Gabriel Wolf

And now, my kittens, here I finally present our special guest - @Gabriel_Wolf! Yaaay! #DylanCarter

The Responsibilities Of A Public Relations Assistant

You'd think that after telling your boss that you decided to go back to blogging once a week (once a month for your organization,) you would remember to stick to that once a week blog. Boy, do I suck. Yikes! Lol.

To make sure I know what to do when we reach Seattle, Brandon (my boss) and Harrison (coworker) gives me goals and little missions to do either monthly or whatever deadline he so chooses. I wholeheartedly don't mind. This gives me something to do. This actually forces me to control my internet-watching intake, which is a huge amount of time. That, of course, makes sense for my memory bank in my brain. It is getting emptied that it is not helping for a lot of conversations that occurred in the past few months.

For the deadline, which happens to be January 15th - probably 4 or 5pm, I must complete five videos, as well as the Spotlight scheduled posts for February. I love CATV in this situation, not to mention my oldest sister. She managed to give me a Mac thumb drive in…