😏 MacGill Helps Scotland Yard Catch A Jealous Spouse! (MSW: Final Curtain Ch. 8 - 16)

Wow, it was the other one. Who would've guessed? Oh, wait - everyone. Frickin clichΓ©s. #cheatingspouse*Video will be available at 4:30pm central* Cheat Spouses Never Prosper

The World Has Cheating Spouses, England Included! πŸ™„ (MSW: Final Curtain Ch. 5 - 8)

Who would've thought a politician can't keep his pants to himself? #cheatingspouse*Video will be available at 6pm central*
That's PRIVATE to ME!

Playing The Stereotype Card On The Private Eye πŸ€” (MSW: Final Curtain Ch. 3 - 5)

I'm terrible with figuring out races and countries by listening to accents. Help me here. #linguist Stereotype and Business Cards

Everything Scarab: The Puzzle, The Code, and The Easter Egg! (Tomb of the Lost Queen #9 - solo)

Head cut off - but not a chicken. More like a scarab. Ooo, is that an easter egg? #fourcorners*Video will be available at 6pm central* A Named Easter Egg

The Friends We Haven't Met Yet... And Already Have, It Seems πŸ™ƒ (MSW: Final Curtain Ch. 1 - 3)

Whoa. Bet you didn't expect that, huh? At least we're being safe about the woman's suicide. #censorlife*video will be available @ 4:30pm central* Viewer Discretion Advised!

Let's Have A Curried Waffle Sandwich & Translate Hieroglyphs! πŸ™ƒ (Tomb of the Lost Queen #8 - solo)

Okay... so there IS a Brian Abernathy... and there is no Spicetown Speakeasy #letsopenarestaurantVideo will be available in an hour! Waffles for bread buns!