The Dust Sprites Love Me. I Mean REALLY ❤ Me! (Stardew Valley #50)

I never thought the radius span for certain mobs could be bigger. #StardewValley #amdead Video will be available at 6pm central. They're trying to eat me!

😭 Why Is My Fishing Not Leveling Up?! Ugh! (Stardew Valley #49)

Ugh, the fishing mechanic in this game sucks! #StardewValley #complaining Video will be available at 4:30pm central. I'm complaining again. Somebody stop me.

The Realization of Villains and Criminals in Real Life

 As of February 2020, I stopped using the word “monster.” In fact, it’s not in my vocabulary anymore. This may seem weird to a lot of people, so let me explain. Since high school, I’ve written many manuscripts, watched movies/shows, observed people, played video games, socialized, and learned so much from it all. I learned that everything is not what it seems. There’s more than one side to a story; a villain has reasons for doing the things they do. I wanted to understand everything in every angle, every aspect - even if it meant thinking like a villain. This specific word was created because we were scared; we feared the unknown. We chose not to understand and run away. I have news for you. We always have a choice. There is always another path to take. Even if you think you have no other choice, there is an alternative. Go creative! Don’t let your villain win. Also know that criminal, evil, and wrong-doing are included in this explanation. I am not only justifying the creation of “mon

Zis Vampire Vat Use Gud Fer Game, Yah? 🤔 (Stardew Valley #48)

lmao! Yeah... I'm definitely going to the bad side of death. #StardewValley #stereotypegerman Video will be available at 6pm central. thgin doog, llay!

Cherishing The Past With Sweet Memories... And Bundles... 😭 (Stardew Valley #47)

I still can't help but talk about my dog. She's just so precious. I miss her. #StardewValley #memorial Video will be available at 4:30pm central. My baby! I miss her!

😊 Will Sweet Talking The Critters To Death Work? (Stardew Valley #46)

I don't know if it's 16th century or 14th century, but at least it's lingo. #StardewValley #oldschoollingo Video will be available at 6pm central. I bid thee farewell!