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Continuing the Dance Fun

Here we are once more. The music is back and still grooving. I will be playing at least five songs, six max. Do you have energy? Do you have a bottle of water? No? Well, you better get one. You're going to be working up a sweat dancing to these songs. We got Zedd, Lovato, J Lo, and three other artists you might know.

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Could It Be True? Is That You?

With only two left after today, we anticipate what could happen next. I can't believe we're almost done with the audiobook samples. Are you excited? Remember, I'll be doing a strawpoll when all the audibook samples are completed.
Today's reading is somewhat unique. With Identical Filming as a title, you'd think it would be about copyrights, illegal writings, and the like. You're slightly wrong. Instead, you get pulled into the film industry and learn what mostly happens behind the scenes as identical twin sisters discover each other after being separated at birth. They had no idea they had so much in common. What's the worst that could happen?

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Audiobook Sample #8

As I give you all a little recap of The Grand Illusion, I also explain how The Quickest Case Ever was the first book I wrote with the same name detective. Which of the two detectives did I use? Well, you'll find out in the story description below. ;)
Daniel Hayes stumbles on yet another case. How typical of it to be such a common one. The manager of a famous business, even though their town has no beach, is dead. The police believes it an inside job, but who could it be? Leave it to the amateur detective to solve the case before nightfall.
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The April blog for ALPs University Indiana

Going to Indianapolis last week was totally worth missing the swimmer’s area meet. I and a few staff went to the ALPs University to represent Missouri. We got to learn so much about the athletes, coaches, and staff in Indiana. I look forward to when Missouri has a branch of the ALPs University.
In case you didn’t know, ALP is short for Athlete Leadership Program. Any Indiana athlete may join. They get together twice a year and take two classes to advance their skills in becoming Special Olympic leaders, or any leader they choose to be. The athletes have several choices as to which class to take; whether it be Videography and Photography, Global Messenger (1 or 2), Introduction to Athlete Leadership, Powerpoint, and so much more. With Global Messenger, they get to be representatives for Special Olympics Indiana.
As short as the trip was, I had a lot of fun. I got to meet so many people. I was able to record footage in the Videography and Photography class, that I will be combining both v…

Audiobook Sample #7

Though I do not regret having a No Show on Friday, I should have thought of a back up plan. So instead of playing music, like I normally do, I shall read you a great beginning of The Grand Illusion.
Two detectives, amateur and professional, accept different cases in different states. As each gather clues, their cases become more mysterious and puzzling. The two intertwine, forcing the detectives to work together. They have to race against time before something bad happens. The case turns into a ticking fuse against a real kidnapper. They need to not only figure out what the consequences are, but stop the kidnapper before someone gets killed.
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ALPs University in Indiana

Sitting here in one of the classes is such a thrill. After the Input Council, I'm even more excited and nervous to be here. I should probably mingle instead of blogging, huh? Lol.I'll be posting on vine regularly while I'm here. :) Yay! Vine name is TheEsperanza243.

Special Olympics Missouri: "Living Independently"

I know this was put up May of last year, but I just love how they put everything together. And I love what my co-workers, one of the managers, and Diane said. I really do appreciate having Special Olympics in my life. It changed me so much; I don't know what I'd be doing without them.