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Audiobook Sample #1

Today, I'm doing something new in my radio show. ^_^ I cannot believe I am doing this. What I will be attempting is reading my original works. For the next few months, you get to hear 20 - 25 minute segments of different books I have written.

When I am done, I will be using a strawpoll to determine which book to finish on Show Time Radio Time. Of course, there is an event I am waiting for. If I don't hear back of a permission form I sent in, I will continue to read the book that wins in the strawpoll. I'm excited!

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Dancing to Music, BlogTalkRadio

Let's go dancing. :) Come join me!

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Ghost Adventures in Ireland

So I'm in my apartment with the lights off, on the floor inside my makeshift tent. I can feel my heart pounding after watching tonite's aired episodes of Ghost Adventures. Let me explain more fully.
I sometimes wonder if I'm an empath. Only at certain times I can/do feel or sense things around me. Or even feel what others are feeling without experiencing it myself. Sometimes it even happens when I watch episodes that are airing on TV.
The second episode of tonite, Zak and his gang went to Ireland for a 720 yo castle. Where the Hellfire Club once held many rituals, killings, and whatnot. I gotta tell ya. Now you see why my heart is pounding.
That's the scariest episode I've ever seen. After watching, I felt spooked. No, it was more than spooked. I could almost feel the fear Zak had for Aaron. Or maybe it was from Aaron. I had to turn on a light, since I was watching this in the dark.
I can tell you one thing for sure. I'm gonna have a hard time falling asleep tonite…

Vine, vine, vine. I mean, fine!

I did it. I broke it.
I promised myself I wouldn't create another social platform until I had a bigger following. But I couldn't help myself. After all, I love Markiplier. And after watching some of his vine clips, well, let's just say I went insane. It seems his bubbly and awkwardly awesome self inspires me to be more me over the Internet.
So I went over my camera pictures one more time, since everything is on my PC now. And deleted a lot of photos. Plenty of space to install the Vine app. Et Viola! My Vine name is the same as my YouTube - TheEsperanza243. A little more easy for you all to find me.
Now I can't fall asleep. Cause I've been watching Danny Tamberelli vine clips. Lol. I'm remembering why I love this actor. I need to watch more of his stuff. Maybe some of that weird bromance stuff he's creating.

Reading a Nancy Drew Book

And maybe a surprise guest will appear. :) Who knows?
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Stupid! Idiot! Gah!!

Fuck my stupidity and overzealousness! (Is that the right word to use?) If I had just gone downstairs at my calculated time, I wouldn't have freakin missed the city bus. Instead of waiting for tomorrow morning, I used my 75 cents for a wasted trip. >.<
I should've knocked at that closed ticket booth more. It was five minutes after the "info/pay" time for the day. They weren't actually gonna close until the last bus parked in their garage. Which happens to be around 8:30 or 9.
Out of frustration, at myself, and after the person I texted said she wasn't available, I started crying. I seriously didn't want to walk the fifteen minutes back home in the freakin cold. The crying is still going, and the frustration/pissed emotion is slightly going away. Now I'm just feeling ashamed. Cause I should have done this before my pass expired. >.>
Well, my worst case scenario has finally happened. I should've expected this to happen too. Seriously, it…