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There Are Terrible Directors & Then There're Inexperienced Directors (Labyrinth of Lies Bonus)

Just from listening to this, you can tell Xenia has never directed before. Didn't she say this was her first? #inexperienced

Inexperienced Director?

What Do Sulfuric Acid And Signals Have To Do With A "Monster?" 😮 (Manifest Horror Chapter 5)

We are down to the final chapter before we enter the bonus. Let's rename the monster! #mysteriousfigure?

Alan and Monster Bait?

Greek Celebrities & Their Sliding Puzzles, Good Grief! 😂 (Labyrinth of Lies #19)

Alright, okay! Is this real? Can a franchise seriously create this? #NancyProblems #NancyDrewProblems

The Ancient Greeks Have Celebrities

Plutus & The Greeks Are Into Gemstones?! 🤔 (Labyrinth of Lies #18)

Okay, so now we have Plutus and the gemstones. Lol. Sounds like a band name. #thegemstonesarebackintown

No video this Sunday. Part 18 messed me up a bit. Not to mention, a few events happened Wednesday night that threw me off my groove. This spare time will help me figure out what to do in the next ND video.

Puzzle Box

Taking An Officer's Case File From The Police Station (Manifest Horror Chapter 4)

Wait, isn't the newsanchor supposed to know this stuff? Why isn't Andrews helping? #newsreelfaults?

The Fourth Platform

Talking To The Theatre Troupe Doesn't Do Harm? (Labyrinth of Lies #17)

Ugh, confused. Again! Perhaps talking to everyo... nope, bad idea! #mistakesweremade

Grigor's Help

Searching The Dam Area For Alan And His Book (Manifest Horror Chapter 3)

We finally find Alan, but he pushes us away both mentally and supernaturally. Yikes! #relationshipproblems?

Dam, Dam, Double Dam