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I love to read, especially Magic Tree House, Boxcar Children, and A to Z Mysteries Super Edition.
I love using Netflix; they have helped me realize how much of a kid I am not and how much of an adult I am not.

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Sunday, December 28, 2014

Have Yourself A Wonderful Holiday

This past week has been struggling and yet incredible. You know why? Because it's December; because it's that special holiday and time of season.

Merry Christmas, everyone. And happy holidays to those who don't celebrate Christmas. I know for a fact that there's more than two holidays in December. Look it up.

Yesterday was the actual celebration of Christmas in my family. We don't open presents, or do the traditional breakfast before presents, unless our entire family is in town. My second sister lives in St. Louis and has the weirdest shift schedule. I'm so looking forward for her contract at SLU hospital to be over.

Anyways, a lot of gifts and a lot of stuff in my stocking. The stocking stuffers we normally do at a relative's house on Christmas Eve; relatives from my dad's side of the family. I actually wrapped some of those items from my stocking and brought it to work on Friday. I'm looking forward to Monday and see an empty area of presents under that tree. ^_^

Monday, December 15, 2014

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I get to explain most of what happened last week. And in the process, I play some awesome music.

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Sunday, December 14, 2014

Vacation Over

It is weird to be coming home after such a fabulous trip. I can't wait to get my books published now. I plan to go on more cruises when that happens. There are so many wonderful and crazy things that happened.

Keep an eye on my facebook page, Theesperanza243. I should be posting a lot of pics, and maybe a few videos. :) I'm so excited to do a video review for YouTube. 

Monday, December 1, 2014

Thanksgiving at the Terrace

Here I am, in the dining hall. Listening to my sister and her fiancé joke with our grandma. We are having a blast! The menu they have here is incredible. You oughta be here.

Of course now I'm not paying attention. Cause my fingers are occupied; telling you what's happening. I just wanted to let you all know that Thanksgiving so far is pretty good. :)

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. Be thankful. Be kind to the Indians. Give them something. Cause we took more than necessary at the original, very first Thanksgiving dinner. 

First Week of December

I'm so excited about this month. As far as weather goes, November and December are my least favorite months. But for holidays and the little stuff, those two are my most favorite months. Here, I'll tell you why.

Next week is my birthday, and also my grandma's and best friend's. Those two are on the same day. Me, grandma, and mom will be going somewhere special. Which is why I'm thrilled to be packing this week.
Three times a week until Christmas Eve, I am rehearsing for a special treat on Christmas morning. Hopefully my family won't read this, so it can be a surprise. I will tell you what it is when Christmas Eve arrives. I'm excited about that too.
Also, my radio show is getting four shows this week. Since I won't be available to do next week's, I'm making it up this week. Plus, I am determined to have an interview for this month, so I'm looking forward to that too. ^_^

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Big Hero 6

I had the best time yesterday. My dad and his girlfriend took me to Forum 8. We got to see Big Hero 6. ^_^
It was definitely what I expected. For the villain though, I didn't realize who it was until they dragged the moment of when his mask ripped off. It couldn't have been the other dude. I mean, money is a pretty powerful motive, but there are others much more powerful.
Even when one of the teammates played the footage, I knew something was off. My detective skills went haywire. I wanted to figure out who stole the microbots. I had to solve who was behind the mask.
Did it surprise you when you found out who it was? Not me. For me, it made sense when I found out.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

ND Challenge List Update

I've realized that, with the computer down, I couldn't do the Nancy Drew Challenge. But I can now that it's fixed and a different mouse for it. With that, I'm bringing up the list once more.
There are a few games still not marked with movies. At the time, I had difficulty remembering. Since I'm doing the challenge again with the newest game Labrynth of Lies, I shall update this list as much as I can.
Those that have the OR means I can choose either one, even if the main subject is only used for a small portion in the film.
By the way, if you have any movie suggestions, you are welcome to post a comment.

10. The Secret of Shadow Ranch - Durango Kids OR A Pony Tale

11. The Curse of Blackmoor Manor - The Secret Garden

12. Secret of the Old Clock - Nancy Drew: The Hidden Staircase

13. Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon - The Rocketeer

14. Danger by Design - Ratatouille

15. The Creature of Kapu Cave - Aloha Scooby Doo

16. The White Wolf of Icicle Creek -

17. Legend of the Crystal Skull - Scooby Doo on Zombie Island

18. The Phantom of Venice - The Lizzie McGuire Movie

19. The Haunting of Castle Malloy - Brave

20. Ransom of the Seven Ships - Barbie as The Island Princess (If anyone knows of a movie similar to Seven Ships, please do tell me. The Island Princess seemed to be the only one I could find similar.)

21. Warnings of Waverly Academy - Mystery Men (If anyone knows of a movie similar to Waverly, please let me know. Mystery Men was all I could find that had any similarity.)

22. Trail of the Twister - Fantastic Four OR Twister

25th Anniversary: Secrets Can Kill Remastered -

23. Shadow at the Water's Edge - Scooby Doo! Abracadabra Doo

24. The Captive Curse - Hotel Transylvania

25. Alibi in Ashes - The Librarian: Curse of the Judas Chalice

26. Tomb of the Lost Queen - The Curse of King Tut's Tomb OR The Mummy Returns

27. The Deadly Device - The Librarian: Quest for the Spear OR The Prestige

28. The Ghost of Thornton Hall - Twitches Too OR Scooby Doo! and the Witch's Ghost

29. The Silent Spy - Mr. & Mrs. Smith OR anything suitable for a younger age

30. The Shattered Medallion - Mary Kate and Ashley's The Challenge OR Dodgeball OR Heavyweights

31. Labrynth of Lies - Thor OR 

Monday, November 10, 2014

Wow, Long Absence

I have no excuse up until August. Since then, my computer has been down. It's working now, but the mouse isn't working. Today, I realized there could be an app to put on my iPod Touch. If I haven't told you, my boyfriend gave me that.
He's been pampering me, spoiling me with gifts. I probably deserve them. But there are so many that I feel like I should be buying him gifts now. A shame too; I'm trying to save as much money as I can for December.
Now what's happening in December is a huge thing. I'm not gonna tell until it actually happens. ^_^ I'm so excited. And I'm gonna have so many pictures. Lol.
Thankfully, someone I know has a PC mouse to give me. Yay!

Monday, July 7, 2014

BlogTalkRadio Media

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Friday, June 27, 2014


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Monday, June 16, 2014


I'm broadcasting live in 20 minutes! Listen in soon at http://tobtr.com/s/6519293. #BlogTalkRadio

Thursday, May 15, 2014

My List for Nancy Drew Challenge

After playing so many games and watching so many movies, I can't remember them all. I know I'm going to be using this Nancy Drew challenge again. Her Interactive releases at least one to two games a year. No doubt they started on number 31 as soon as the animations were done for The Shattered Medallion, which I received in the mail yesterday and finished this afternoon. So I will make a list of the ones I do remember. That way, I can use the same films rather than having to choose from my long rows of DVDs and VHSs. (I'm planning on getting those to DVDs, even the ones that aren't available in that format.)
Of course, I'm also listing them out in case you want to have a similar challenge or want to join. :) It's your choice.
Those that have the OR means I can choose either one, even if the main subject is only used for a small portion in the film.

10. The Secret of Shadow Ranch - Durango Kids

11. The Curse of Blackmoor Manor - The Secret Garden

12. Secret of the Old Clock - Nancy Drew: The Hidden Staircase

13. Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon - The Rocketeer

14. Danger by Design -

15. The Creature of Kapu Cave - Aloha Scooby Doo

16. The White Wolf of Icicle Creek -

17. Legend of the Crystal Skull - Scooby Doo on Zombie Island

18. The Phantom of Venice -

19. The Haunting of Castle Malloy - Brave

20. Ransom of the Seven Ships - Barbie as The Island Princess (If anyone knows of a movie similar to Seven Ships, please do tell me. The Island Princess seemed to be the only one I could find similar.)

21. Warnings of Waverly Academy - Mystery Men (If anyone knows of a movie similar to Waverly, please let me know. Mystery Men was all I could find that had any similarity.)

22. Trail of the Twister - Fantastic Four OR Twister

25th Anniversary: Secrets Can Kill Remastered -

23. Shadow at the Water's Edge - Scooby Doo! Abracadabra Doo

24. The Captive Curse - Hotel Transylvania

25. Alibi in Ashes - The Librarian: Curse of the Judas Chalice

26. Tomb of the Lost Queen - The Curse of King Tut's Tomb

27. The Deadly Device - The Librarian: Quest for the Spear OR The Prestige

28. The Ghost of Thornton Hall - Twitches Too OR Scooby Doo! and the Witch's Ghost

29. The Silent Spy - Mr. & Mrs. Smith OR anything suitable for a younger age

30. The Shattered Medallion - Mary Kate and Ashley's The Challenge OR Dodgeball OR Heavyweights

Monday, May 12, 2014

It's Monday!

Today, I'm excited. Brandon Schatsiek, Special Olympic's Missouri PR, is coming this morning to do the video portion of the May newsletter. I think it's slightly because the State meet is coming up. That is May 31st, by the way. I am so looking forward to meeting him finally.

I love getting to know people. And to get to know people who are my new connections - that's just fantastic. I've learned this past year that to have better marketing and PR is to have the best connections with whatever your passionate about. Writing, my YouTube channel, and my radio show are my passions. I've already made friends with an owner of a local book store. ^_^ Now I'm making friends with someone who is in PR. I find that such a hoot!

Brandon has already done the text interview. He sent me questions to answer, which I did. I wonder how I'll do when he comes to videotape me. Not only is he going to get footage of me, but he's recording my morning show on Show Time, Radio Time. Right now, I'm eating cookies to make the butterflies in my stomach go away. It's sort of working.

Friday, May 9, 2014

Nancy Drew Challenge

For the past few months, I have been challenging myself with the Nancy Drew pc games. I always try to play Nancy Drew at least once a month. This year, I got bored and wanted a little variety. I don't remember how it came to me; it must have happened while Her Interactive was doing the "like/share" competition of which game is the best. You can find that here.

That must have been it. Because that was around the time I started the challenge. What is this challenge, you ask? Well, let me explain.

Since my Windows 8 won't play any of the games before #10, Secret at Shadow Ranch, I can only play games 10 through the latest. I didn't play #16, The White Wolf of Icicle Creek; even after the Wii game they made, I've never been fond of the game. (I do like Freddie and the bird-watching woman, though.) Anyways, I decided to watch movies that have either the same location, topic, aspects/elements, or a combination.

For instance, before I played The Haunting of Castle Malloy, I chose to watch Pixar's Brave. Why? Because Brave has red heads, family-oriented, and is set in Ireland. Even though there are plenty of Scotsmen who played some of the roles - Billy Connolly and Craig Ferguson.

Some of the games I had difficulty choosing a film. I don't have every movie, after all. I actually couldn't find a suitable movie for Secret Of The Old Clock until I finished the previous game, #11. At first, it was going to be The Rocketeer. But then I realized that movie would work best with the next game Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon. Doing that, though, a movie had to be chosen for #12 - Old Clock. So I chose a random movie from the Bonita Granville collection of Nancy Drew - The Hidden Staircase, and oddly enough, it was a perfect choice. The Hidden Staircase is based on a book of the exact name. And since Her Interactive bases their games on Nancy Drew books, The Hidden Staircase was among the list Old Clock is based off.

May 8th, yesterday, I finished playing Trail Of The Twister; instead of the perfectly titled Twister, which I had recorded years ago on a TBS Dinner And A Movie night, I used Fantastic Four. (The elements in Fantastic Four was that it was Doom's technology. And he became the villain. That might spoil things for you a bit in the Twister pc game.)

Last night, I finished watching Scooby Doo! Abracadabra-Doo, covering the next game. Which is Shadow At The Water's Edge. The movie may not be set in Japan, but the mechanics the villain uses is much like how the villain did it in Water's Edge. (For it being a scary game, Her Interactive used the acronym SAW. Lol.) I am looking forward to playing the game today; as well as choosing the next movie for The Captive Curse. Ooo, I think I already have an idea. ^_^

I had already played this game and watched the movie months ago. But when I realized a new game was coming out, I decided to start it over from the beginning. Here I am, coming full circle to the game I started the challenge with. Yesterday, I was notified that my pre-order is already in the process of shipping to me. I'm on 23 out of the 30, that includes the 25th anniversary game, so I need to pick up the pace. :) Wish me luck.

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Well... Add That Talent To The List

Okay, so I got this fancy first aid kit about two months ago. At the time, it was a bit like an impulse buy. I've been meaning to get an empty first aid kit every since I rented this apartment. That way I wouldn't have to ask someone else for band aids and the like, even for a sprain or fracture. (My best friend let me borrow her boot brace. Said she'll ask for it back the next time she needs it. That kind of trade thing.)

The thing about this first aid kit is that you gotta keep it locked. It came with a key. Only I seem to have misplaced it. I thought I put it somewhere I wouldn't forget. And I somewhat recall finding a key on my desk recently. I may or may not have thrown it away. >.< I realized this a few days ago and been mentally kicking myself ever since. But today, I got fed up with it. I knew I would need to get into it in the future.

So about twenty minutes ago, I bent a paper clip and took my fingernail file. I have watched movies and shows where characters are pick-locking. And have somewhat learned how to by playing Nancy Drew games and Skyrim, so that's what I attempted. I decided to pick-lock my first aid kit.

While I fiddled with it, I tried to remember the advice those magazines said in the Nancy Drew games, and the techniques in Skyrim. I knew I needed the clip to press on something while turning the file. I just needed to figure out which had to be on top. With little difficulty, I learned to lock AND unlock my first aid kit. Yay me!

Look out, world. I know how to lock-pick! xD

More Updates

Well, I made the goof of activating my credit card. I had hoped to save a bunch of money so I could use it when I'm ready for a cover art and an editor. It turns out I may not have enough for an editor. So pretty much, I have to talk to as many people as I can to get connections.

So far, one friend/writer and a secretary told me they know someone. I think I prefer the secretary. I can't remember who the friend was, anyways. I could always ask the authors and writers in the local critique group I'm in. Eh, oh well.

For the cover art... hmm, I may have to do it myself unfortunately. I don't know a thing about how to make one. Maybe someone in the critique group knows of someone. Wait, there is someone in the group who makes cover arts. But she uses images rather than painting and all that jazz. I'll figure something out.

But for any of that to work, I need to finish the revision of my book. I have decided to publish A Test of Wizardry. I used it in fact for Camp NaNo's April. Quite a bit has changed already, but there is still a ton to change. Instead of first person narration it originally had, it will be in third person. That way I can get in more details, but not too much that it will be like the script I wrote so many years ago. (Now that one I've barely touched in say, 3 - maybe 4 years. Yikes.)

I'm finally getting close to the ending of it though. I made calculations. It takes close to two hours just to get four and a half pages edited/revised. And I have 25 pages left. Good grief! To make things even more challenging, I'm working on three different books. The last video of The Westing Game book reading is next Friday, so the next project will start in a few weeks. Considering the challenges I have right now, I'll probably get to the project next month. I'm gonna have to think of something for the Fridays of May. Only uploading one video per week, to make things a little smoother for me. It's crazy, right?

LOL! I'm going insane!

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Wednesday Night

I was actually going over some past blogs I've written. I re-read Pay It Forward Weekend and realized I forgot to post something this past Wednesday night. You wouldn't believe what happened.

Okay, so Wednesday evening, I walked my thirty minutes to mom's house. I had intended on getting my bike, hanging out with mom, and possibly some grocery shopping done. Well, I didn't get the grocery shopping until the nest day.
I stayed at mom's a little too long. I did check the tires before taking the bike out. They're both flat. But when I was heading off, I realized I didn't go over the brakes. So I tested them. The front brakes are fine, but the wires for my back brakes are completely stiff. I told my dad about it today during the swim meet and he said it's probably from being inside the house for so long. See, I stored my bike in my mom's front bedroom. The place I live in, we're not allowed to bring bikes inside and there is no shelter for our bikes. Which I think is really stupid. A lot of disabled people shouldn't drive cars and are lowered to riding my bikes instead. It's just really sad.

Instead of walking my bike to home, I went to a local bar/stage theater. Mom lend me five dollars so I could go. It was a singers showcase, though I think it was more for an off-off broadway musical that our locals have put together. Which will in fact perform in Chicago next month, I think. :D Super cool, right? I was actually a bit disappointed, because I thought there would be latest songs and not musical numbers. I did bump into someone I knew from high school and Columbia Entertainment Company. She's a great woman; she really knows her stuff about music. I did enjoy myself at the bar, but it so wasn't worth the five dollars. I left after an hour of the showcase. I couldn't handle it anymore.
On my way home with the bike, I actually noticed a man who looked out of place and VERY out of it. I coudln't tell if he was sick or if he was naturally like that. Going back and forth, I couldn't decide whether to talk to him or not. I then realized what he really was doing.
He actually looked sad and sick. I remembered what I had felt several times and never had the urge to show it in public. "If only someone could see." "Would they notice me?" "I don't feel important." "Do I really matter?" "Can I ever make a difference?" When my experience flashed in my mind, I didn't have the heart anymore. I turned and walked up to him. I asked him the one question anyone would: "Are you alright?"
The man looked at me. He really was way out of it. I don't remember his exact words, but later on, he said, "Thank you for checking up on me."
He then dragged on with the dramatic changes that happened in his life. I felt bad for him - for about two minutes. After that, I couldn't handle him sniveling.
But I felt very proud when he said thank you. I almost wanted to cry. I so deeply wished I knew where the nearest emergency hospital was, because he said he needed it. He felt really sick. I know I boosted his self esteem some, but I would've made a bigger difference in his life if I had pointed him in the right direction. If possible, I would love to turn back time and tell him which way to go. I do hope is alright and has not contemplated suicide.
I am praying tonight. For all of those who have tough lives like the man I met. It's not always easy when your life changes for the worst.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Swim Meet Today

I don't know why I'm so nervous today. I mean, this is like - what? - the fifth or sixth year of swimming. For Special Olympics. Why do I feel even more nervous than the other times? It doesn't make sense.

How many times did I swim in the past few months? How many practices? Oh, yeah. Three of them were cancelled. Of course. No wonder I don't feel prepared. Plus, I haven't practiced my flip turns at all. I need them for my 100 free. I'm also doing the 100 breast, 100 IM (Individual Medley), and of course the team relay.

Breathe, Allison. You need all the energy you got for the swimming. Don't use it for shaking nerves. Breathe.

Gah. Wish me luck, everyone.

Monday, March 31, 2014

A Great March Ending

As I type now, my mind is reeling with excitement. It should be gone, but it's just so cool. I must say; last weekend has got to be one of the best weekends I've had since Christmas. So what is it that has made 2014 even better?

There was an author meet-up at one of the Panera's here in town. It happened to be in a part of town I don't normally go to. Since I don't have a permit, I had to ask for a ride. I had a blast. I got to learn more on what to do after publishing a book. Getting the word out, using all your sources, and putting your book in the right stores. After the get together, I decided to stay and check out the stores at the mall strip, or whatever it's called.

I saw a store called Camera; though it had three words next to it, I can't remember what they said. I decided to check it out. I figured there might be something that I could buy in the next month or that day. Since I knew my paycheck was pending already. The place seemed to be a general camera store, though it had a lot of stuff - including some light equipment. Remembering I brought my camcorder, I ended getting some help on tripods. As you can imagine, I ended up buying a tripod.
After I finish The Westing Game on my YouTube channel, my videos are going to be so much better. Mind you, I'll have to figure out a way to turn my AVI footage to something else so the audio won't lag while I'm editing. Something will come up. Perhaps a different camcorder or camera may be better equipment than the one I have. Time will tell.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014


Okay, so I tend to hit the snooze button more than twice. And almost every time I do, I end up falling asleep once more. Other times, I just want to finish the dream I'm having.

I'm a daydreamer, see. I think I'm more sensitive when it comes to the area where you're between asleep and awake. You know that part of dreaming, right? That's when, and where, you can control which way, or ways, the dream turns. You could make it bad, good, naughty, frightening, sexual, and so on and so forth.

Today was not one of those daydreams. I actually kept falling asleep. The last time I hit the snooze button, I was determined to get up and awaken. But because it's so freaking cold in my apartment, guess what I do? I fall asleep underneath my warm, cotton/polyester-soft blanket. It seemed each time I fell asleep today, I had a new dream.

I don't know how to explain the last dream, because it was so weird. It seemed to be like an MMORPG game, but it felt so real. I could actually see everything as the character.

Anyways, in one of the other dreams. Markiplier was in it. I kept seeing him gyrating out of a bathroom, but he was doing it wrong. I didn't understand why because I know he knows what the word means. After that, well... let's just say, I got to that first person RPG feel; I've been in that position before. It happens at least five times a year; if not, almost a dozen times. (I think it's because I've been watching YouTube gamers so much.)

Guess which game it was, though? Portal! Not only have I not played it before, but I have watched at least five different people play it - as well as the co-op. And last night, I found out one of Markiplier's best friends - LordMinion777 - has a let's play of it. His other best friend happens to be muyskerm. He is a gamer, but since he's studying to be a lawyer, he can't do anything steady or it interferes with his school work for the first year.

Of course, the dream wasn't of watching him play, since I haven't gotten to that yet. It's me playing it, and to make matters weird, the whole game is in Japanese - with English subtitles - and a custom beginning. Because I know that's not how the game started. xD I wish I could remember all of the details, but as I try to pull the dream back in my mind now, it fades away. That actually happens to me all the time.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Local Film Festival

I really am excited about the film festival my hometown has. It's been part of our society for over ten years now. The number of volunteers increase astronomically every year. I don't know how much we had this year, but I can tell you one thing. I was - am - a volunteer, and have been for five or six years now.

Every year, we use a theme. We don't re-use either of them. This year's theme is Magic Realism. The new merchandise our film fest has is incredible. Almost all of the merch shirts are made recyclables, which is really cool. I do believe we've already run out of scarves (which are sewn together from previous year's merch) and flasks. I knew the flasks were hot by Friday, so I went ahead and bought one.
Tomorrow, the volunteers and higher-ups of the volunteer ladder will get 25% discount on the merchandise. At least, what is left of this year's merch. I tried to do that my first year volunteering, though I should've known better. All the stuff that I liked we had sold out.
Every year, when the festival comes, I have to make sure I saved enough money. I always seem to splurge. This time, I stopped myself from buying any shirts. I did get a poster and keychain. Oh... but I did buy a jacket. Lol. I actually got my work pants in the mail the other day, so I was able to wear one of those yesterday during my last shift.

Of course, there are other things to do besides buy merchandise. You can watch the documentaries. The True/False film festival is all about the documentaries. Hehe, get it? There are music venues, food venues, and a bunch of other stuff.

Today is the last day of the film festival, so there's probably no chance of you to see anything now. >.> Bummer. But I have put pictures and footage of an event up on my personal Facebook. You should check it out.
To be honest, though, you should be checking out the festival's website. Yep. The festival has gotten so big over the years that they created a website. ^_^ Have fun!

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Outside Sources

It is February and I forgot to do my weekly blogs. Uh oh! Looks like I need to work on that a little more. Lol.

Today, I want to talk about the links I have posted on my blog channel and my YouTube channel. I'm not one to brag or put myself out there. Sometimes, though, I got to tell someone about my platform. I am always bringing up YouTube, but I don't mention my other sites.

I do happen to have a kickstarter profile, but I haven't started any projects. Mainly because I don't know how to connect kickstarter to my bank. :( But oh well.
There's BlogTalkRadio, but you know that. I don't recall giving you the link to check it out. Originally, the show was Mondays and Fridays at 3pm central. I changed that to Mondays 9:30am central and Fridays 12pm central.
I can't forget Flickr. I first started putting videos and pictures on there to free up space on my old computer. Now that I have a 1 terabyte Windows 8, I don't have to worry about space. ^_^
I also have a Ustream profile. But I haven't touched that in months, almost a year, I believe. I'm thinking of doing a live stream soon, though. People will be wondering what I've been up to, and a lot certainly has changed over the past year.
Then there's SoundCloud. I haven't touched that in a while, considering I stopped participating on Game of Bands - an internet version of Battle Of The Bands. I will go back soon, just not at the moment. I have a lot to concentrate, now that swimming and True/False is happening.
I even have a Tumblr. I only post announcements on that, though. Unless I find something I absolutely love, I use my Tumblr to let people know of my radio show or my YouTube channel.
And of course, I can't forget Twitter. The YouTube channel and BlogTalkRadio show are connected to that, so that's pretty much what shows up. Unless I'm excited about something or find something from one of the people I'm following, that's pretty much it. Lol.
Oh, and there's my Facebook Follow page. I can't forget that. I created this page, so that my blog followers and YouTube followers know where to find me on Facebook. I probably should let my Tumblr and Twitter followers know about it. I'm trying to get as much followers on that, like my YouTube has 79 subscribers. ^_^ I'm so proud of myself.

Do check out any of those links. Of course, if you don't, that's fine. It's your free will to do so. I ain't gonna force you. ;)

Friday, January 31, 2014

Posting More

I thought I'd post one more blog before January is over. I do intend on posting more this year. I did manage to post more than five blogs last year, which is pretty nice. It seems the only thing that prevents me from doing this is the power of words... so to speak. A lot of times, I don't have much to say. But lately, it's more likely because of my radio show.

I've been using the radio show as a journal, and I think that needs to stop. The question is, what do I talk about besides myself? No one outside of my hometown bothers to listen to the show. I suppose the speeches for Earth Day would do. Then again... no, I'm drawing a blank. Lol. HELP!

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Pay It Forward Weekend

For the Pay It Forward weekend, I helped out my three people. I had a lot of fun.

It was downtown. I had taken my hour exercise to walk to a new store we have in town, Lucky's Market. I had intended of taking out ten dollars for my laundry card. But on my way, I saw those two elderly men I always see when I walk downtown. I noticed a red leather glove a few yards away from them, so I put eight dollars in it. I didn't tell them, but I do hope some random person finds the money.

On my way home, I slipped a dollar in a local theater money tray. Not a movie theater, mind you, but a stage theater. This is my favorite stage theater in the whole town, by the way, and more popular than the MU stage theater. So I figured whoever works that day can get it, or whoever spots it from the sidewalk they are walking on.

And finally, I encouraged a birthday buddy get the confidence to walk downtown alone. He said it scared him to do it without someone. He actually tried to get me to join him, but I wanted to get home after walking around downtown for an hour. I told him that he could do it, go to Sparky's and get free ice cream for his birthday - as long as the ice cream parlor was open. I wasn't sure and couldn't remember. I told him to "be bold!" as Maurice would say, from the movie Ever After: A Cinderella Story.

In the basement, I gave a friend one dollar to help out his laundry card. He told me he wouldn't be able to pay back. Something about not getting money any time soon. I said it was fine, as long as he paid it forward.

Now, with wavering confidence, I do hope these people pay it forward. I encourage you to do the same. ;)
Happy Pay It Forward weekend!
And remember, it doesn't have to be just for the weekend. Do it every day. Let people know that they matter.

P.s. to those who want to contribute Pay It Forward whenever they want: If you want those three people to contribute as well, or you want them to know they've been chosen for those Utopian act, here is a link where you can print sheets. I first found out about it years after watching the movie. The movie became so popular and famous that people are actually doing the trend. So do please help out. Make the world a better place.
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Wednesday, January 15, 2014


So.... yeah, I'm bored. Lol.

This week, I've figured out a few things. One - I still seriously need to improve my motivation. Two - I still seriously need to improve my self advocacy. And three - my radio show is more like my journal time. I noted this while doing my show on Monday. So I intend to do something about that.

Oh, that reminds me. I have a radio show on BlogTalkRadio. To see my profile, click on the following words: TE243's Show. TE243 is my username, but it is not my radio name. To find out what it is, I suggest you listen to my show. My schedule is Mondays and Fridays at 3pm central. I do hope you come and listen.

I hope to figure out how to influence people who listen to me. To take action on their own lives. :) I want to help people while I still get to talk about my life.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

2014 - A New Beginning

Normally, I find that title too typical to see, especially when it's used with the new year. This time, it's different. A new beginning rings true at the moment, especially after the brilliant Christmases I had last month - three of them.
Okay, so why did I have three Christmases? Well, my parents are divorced, so my sisters and I have separate times on Christmas day to be with each parent. The third Christmas was with my co-workers, and boy, did we have a blast! I don't think I have ever been so blessed and so spoiled at the same time - even on Christmas.
My sisters, mom, and my eldest sister's boyfriend chipped in together to get me a new computer. My eldest sister decided to make it a searching puzzle like she did with my 24th birthday celebration. Lol. Anyways, her boyfriend got me a new keyboard and mouse; I've already brutalized the mouse by obsessively playing cookie clickers. Who knew Windows 8 could be so much fun and addicting? xD Even my dad got me a new headphone and microphone. All I need now is a new monitor and desk. Hehe, just kidding.
So this year, not only do I have the best toys now, my guts and instincts decided to change about how I felt for the new year. I kept getting the bad feeling that I wouldn't have a good year. I don't intend on making any New Year resolutions, because in the past, I've never been able to complete them. This year will be different.
Instead of resolutions, I am making goals. I know how to make them and somewhat stick on a regular basis, but I still have trouble finishing them. Lol. Back to the point, I am determined to get things done. I am making five goals for 2014, which are listed below. What about you? Do you have resolutions or goals to complete? What are they?

2014 Goals to Accomplish =
1. Pay off close to 800 for my credit card by June.
2. Lose 20 to 50 pounds by June. (It's about time I get slimmer swimsuits.)
3. Hire an editor for one of my books. (Note to self: Still need to figure out what book that will be.)
4. Finish paying off my mother's loan.
5. Publish -- a -- book!! ^_^ And this time, I seriously am determined to do so.

Look out, world. Allison is finally coming out!
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