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Jittery For My Final ALPs U Project

I attempted to edit my Capstone project Friday and Saturday at the local access television station. Not much is done, but I got some progress. I'm hesitant to record a game for this coming week, as I need all focus on the capstone.

The deadline is September 9th, but seeing as this is a documentary for the capstone, I'm desperate to turn it in this Friday. I'm so nervous. I want everything just right, but that's clearly not happening. I overwhelm and overthink things.

There's a word I'm searching for, but it's not coming to me. Lol. Oh, well. I'll figure it out. Wish me luck!

Saving Humans Has Never Been So FUN! (The Bride Bonus P2)

This took so long to work on. I'm just happy I'll be starting game #3 soon. Seriously. Cause if Elephant Games is still releasing more for Grim Tales, then they already know how the series is gonna end. ^_^

Is Father Truly Innocent? (The Bride Bonus P1)

So... is this the exact demon that possessed their dad, or the demon he praised? Oh, boy.

The Pizza Code Is Real (911 Operator #5)

It's a little difficult not spoiling what the pizza code is. You never really know who could be the victim or the assailant. Whether an operator or not, don't ever joke about the pizza code. Help them in any way you can.

Are You Sure You Don't Want To Kiss A Stranger? (911 Operator #4)

Note to everyone: if someone is unconscious and needs CPR, whether a stranger or not, please actually do the CPR.

Exploring The New Update (Plague Inc: Evolved #20)

Let's not go into full history of the #BlackDeath just yet... okay? Good.

I'm Only Human, Not A Demon (The Bride #9)

Of course, it's not gonna be that simple. That's why there's... 15 GAMES? Um, what?!

Nancy Who? Never Heard Of Her

Heyo, Kittens/Hopefuls! Unfortunate news. The recording of Nancy Drew didn't happen. New situations kept coming up and conflicted with each reschedule to record with Gabriel Wolf. Because of that, and my assumption that he and I would be able to record before the end of the week, it looks like it won't be happening.

I actually found out today that 911 Operator got an update the day I uploaded a video of the same game. Since it's most likely Gabriel and I won't record the coming week, due to the capstone project I need to work on, I will be able to retrieve some footage of 911 Operator.

The coming week - expect Grim Tales: The Bride Collector's Edition! I'm so excited. It feels like it's been months since I've played the game. Lol.

Obeying The Magic Flying Letter | The Night of the Rabbit

Is it wrong to think Jerry is gullible in thinking he can show the city that magic is real? #NightoftheRabbit