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😕 This Is A Weird Way To Learn Alchemy - I Mean, Astronomy! (Vengeance Chapter 3 P2)

Something weird is going on. Maybe this #astronomy puzzle has a clue. #GrimTales #MaxwellFamily

😳 Is Catherine More Involved Than I Originally Thought? (Vengeance Chapter 3 P1)

My theories are getting a little crazy, but I think I'm on to something here. #GrimTales #MaxwellFamily

Need Some Mulch? Jack Of All Trades Can Do It! (MSW A Garden To Die For Book 3 #1)

I guess Cabot Cove only has one gardening company. Weird. #peachroses #MurderSheWrote

I Think You Have Nancy Confused With Someone Else, Bridget! 😕 (Silent Spy #4)

First, we explored a safehouse and now we're in a spy central?! Aww, heck yeah! #TheSilentSpy #SpyHeadquarters

I Wonder If Benny Knows Kate's Ultimate Secrets, Do You? (Silent Spy #3)

Time to explore a former spy's safehouse. Do you have a safe word? #TheSilentSpy #LochLomond

Well, Stereotypical Villain, How Do You Like Your Maple Syrup? (MSW Murder in the Maples Book 2 FINALE)

It's certainly not red dye #7 or red dye 20. Oof, too soon? #unhealthyfoodcoloring #reusedtagline #MurderSheWrote

What Is YOUR Motive, And Why? 😉 (The Vengeance Chapter 2)

Tell me what your motive is. What drives you to learn more? #GrimTales #chooseyourmotive

Wait, What Chapter Are We Completing? 😅 (The Vengeance Chapter 1 P3)

You'd think after playing so many collector's editions I would know better. Lol. #GrimTales

Do You Know What Is In Your Maple Syrup? (MSW Murder in the Maples #3)

It's certainly not red dye #7 or red dye 20. Oof, too soon? #unhealthyfoodcoloring #MurderSheWrote

J'accusing The Wrong Suspect Is Bad! (MSW Murder in the Maples #2)

Is it just me or are all fictional cops judgmental and assume a suspect is automatically guilty? #IPleadTheFifth #MurderSheWrote

I know the video is glitched. I've been aware since Tuesday afternoon. It should be up and ready in the next ten minutes.
J'accusing the Wrong Suspect is Bad!

His Motive Doesn't Hold Water! (The Vengeance Chapter 1 P2)

I love following family traditions, but I love creating them even more. #GrimTales