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Procrastinating Doesn't Help, Not Even For The New Year

So... I almost forgot about this week's blog. I think it's because I'm waiting for my week to get better before I blog. I guess not. Quite a few things happened. Two of which are things involving a collaboration project.

An official one that'll be going on my YouTube gaming channel. Not everything is going to my ideal plan for Tomb Of The Lost Queen. I'm behind schedule on this coming week's videos. For one, there are no Nancy Drew videos this coming week. I intend on having Gabriel Wolf in every one, but I have this sinking feeling that it won't.

I'm not gonna go into details on it. Only because I'm not comfortable talking about the situation, as well as it'd be an invasion of privacy on Gabriel's life. I have too much respect for him to do that. Hiccups just keep happening though. And it's putting a lot of frustration and stress on me.

When it comes to my YouTube channels, I stick to a schedule. Well... I at least try to stick to a sch…

December Excitements - Channel Update

So sorry for the late upload. I had some hiccups tonight. I lost track of time, and a social event I needed.

Excited About My Gaming Channel

So I'm trying to make my blogs a weekly thing now. Especially since I have a requirement of writing a Team Missouri blog once a month. I'm also excited about this, because I've been wanting to get back to blogging. I miss it!
On to the main topic - which is my gaming YouTube channel. This past Saturday, I was recording my Grim Tales gameplay and an idea popped into my head. I realized I was almost done with Alibi in Ashes, my current Nancy Drew game on the channel. This whole time, I thought Deadly Device was next, but I knew that had to be wrong. It turns out Tomb of the Lost Queen is next.
Well, guess what? I happen to have a skype relationship with a voice actor who voiced Dylan Carter. (Somewhat ironic, considering Howard Carter found Tutankhamen's tomb.) His name is Gabriel Wolf. About five years ago, Michael Gray - known on YouTube as arglefumph - did an interview with him on his channel. I enjoyed it immensely. I learned a lot more about voice acting and Mr. Wol…

Bess Dies Of Ice Cream Poisoning?!? (Alibi in Ashes #8)

I love Bess's humor. Lol. #NancyDrew

Go Team Missouri! (Special Olympics USA Games 2018)

I know it's been a long time since I have written a legit blog, let alone a video update from one of my YouTube channels. (I actually found out I could schedule the videos on my gaming channel, Rabbit FunWorld, unable to post a blog via the scheduled uploads.) And I do happen to have a legitimate reason.
     During August or September, my mom and I did a road trip to Connecticut, New York, and then St. Louis. My second sister's second travel for her travel nursing position chose a quaint city on the east coast, coincidentally near the ocean. (I managed to swim in the Atlantic Ocean for at least half an hour, almost got used to the cold water, and swam like a mermaid. Mermaid dream almost complete!)
     Before the road trip, I found out from the central PR team of Special Olympics Missouri that a position opened up. And it's for an athlete only. YES! I applied immediately, despite the fact I might have to do an interview during the road trip.
     There were two roun…

We Need to STOP This


24 | Time To Find Prankster Lukas | Let's Play 14

Nooo! He can't be missing! I actually like that little #prankster devil. He's so comical and cute.

Fire Has Its Beauties And Dangers (Before The Storm Episode 2 P3)

Uh oh. Can't. Stop. Impulse to. Sing. ♫ Puff the Manic Dragon! Puff, Puff, Huff Huff! ♫ #dragonfire

A Bit Of An Open World (The Legacy #1)

Random slurs, weird songs, unexpected reactions. This is definitely the craziest recording I've done. #sleepy

Can You Stay Alive? (An Eternal Secret) Happy Halloween!

#TriviaTime! What gives off the scent of metal and rotten food? That's what they rifled through.

Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Witch, How I Wonder - Um, What? (Return of the ...

No! Not again! And this time, it's her baby daughter. Dude, that's crossing the line. #evilwitch #karma

How DOES The Stock Market Work? (Ski Jump #6)

I don't think I can do this. #stockmarket is not my area of expertise. Go to someone else. lol

23 | I Know Your Secret, Yumi | Let's Play 12

♫ Now is the time to seize the ghost. Don't be afraid and don't scream. Nothing can break you; no one can make ♪ - uh oh...

It's Real! RPG IS ALIVE!! (Before The Storm Episode 1 P2)

Thank you to @SquareEnix for making that RPG battle happen on Twitter. That was so rad. #BeforeTheStorm

23 | Learning Hiragana Japanese | Let's Play 11

Takana Japanese, Hiragana Japanese. Seems it's similar to Chinese, Cantonese or Mandarin. #languagesarefun

Can I Go To Bed Now? I'm Depleted!

Do you know how much I wish I could do stuff like them? #ILoveMyFamily No one will ever beat them.

The Things We Used To Share - TS - Karaoke Cover

Thomas Sanders, you left a mark on my heart. For that, I will always be grateful. #WhyIAmAFander #criticismplease

23 | Getting The Pachinko Egg And Rock Garden | Let's Play 10

Yep. I got so frustrated; I cursed. Yay #censorship! Lol. What I get for trying this half-awake. xD

You Brought It Back? YES!! (Before the Storm Episode 1 P1)

There must have been a huge reaction to him. No way would Square Enix put him in if it didn't. #HawtDawgMan

23 | I Can't Remember! WAAAA!! | Let's Play 9

You gotta have a good belief, and a good mind. Ya dig? #ghostofbadspelling

♫ Dancer Statue Winds Up In My Head ♪ (A Witch's Curse #4)

♫ And it's not gonna be a long, long time. Oh yes, yes, yes. Rocket man! ♫ Rocket man!.

23 | Do You Wanna Date My Avatar? | Let's Play 8

Welp. That's my last video for the month. Enjoy the extra long episodes, my #bunnies.

One Of Those Backwards Days (Life Is Strange #5.2)

Um... an alternate reality is bad enough. Do we really need false and backwards? Yikes. #LifeisStrange

I Grovel At Your Feet (Life Is Strange #5.1)

Madam, I gravel at your feet. Or is it grovel? xD #LionKing

23 | When I Say "Monster," You Say "Sudoku" | Let's Play 7

I can't believe I finished on the first try! That rarely happens to me.

I Think We're The Evil Ones! (A Witch's Curse #3)

What if the sister witch is right, and we're the evil ones?

Prepare For A Week Of Seeing Double

Can you tell how excited I am about everything? Bring up the #hype! A bunch of turns and surprises your way!

23 | You Really Get On My Nerves | Let's Play 6

Just remember: don't prank someone unless you know the full mechanics of the prank. #checkyoself

Choosing The Traveled Road (Life Is Strange #4.2)

Nothing's more ripe than a road less traveled. Or whatever. #RobertFrost says it better. lol

23 | You Backburner That Curiosity Or Else | Let's Play 5

It's a bird. It's a fox. It's a ghost! No, it's -- shadow puppets? Boo!

Fee Phi Foe Fum! I Smell Concrete! (A Witch's Curse #2)

Whoever built this giant knew what they were doing. Right down to the, um, well...

23 | Finding A Good Haunted Ryokan | Let's Play 4

Now that we've seen it, we need to prove it's either fake or real. Who's up for it? #ghosthunting

Invasion Of Privacy, Miss Snoopy! (Life Is Strange #4.1)

Welp. We got a mystery to solve. Just not sure where it's leading us. Gulp! #LifeisStrange

23 | Saving A Portrait's Life | Let's Play 3

Nice job, Her Interactive. Been a long time since there was a scary game for Halloween lovers.

I Missed A Witch? What! (A Witch's Curse #1)

I can't believe that's an actual thing! *Pauses.* Do you think she saw me?

23 | Learning The Sudoku Curve | Let's Play 2

Eavesdropping is so much fun. Especially when it twists the mysterious plot.

An Out Of Control Chloe (Life Is Strange #3.2)

I have a bad feeling about this. Chloe is not paying attention to what she's doing to herself. #badattitude

23 | Mysteries Never Take A Break | Let's Play 1

I don't think we need to worry about #NancyDrew. This family needs help. Yikes!

Proving Sarah's Worth - And Missing Pages (Haunted Past #4)

And it just ends abruptly. Something about this is not right. I want/need more! #GogiiGames

Remastered | Nancy's Lost Rap Song | Let's Play 4

Today's video is a little late. I wanted to make sure the song and and the extra surprise fit into it.

♫ Splish Splash I Was Taken A Chlorine Bath ♫ (Life is Strange #3.1)

♪ In the arms of an Angel, I will --♫ Dang it, that's what I should've used when she jumped! #LifeisStrange

Remastered | Being Threatened Means The Right Direction | Let's Play 3

#NancyDrew rarely backs down. She would never put her life on the line unless it's important. Right?

I Love To Swing From The Chandelier (Haunted Past #3)

That song is by Sia, right? Or is it someone else? Gosh dang it! Now I need to figure it out. LOL! #chandelier

Remastered | Why Break Into A Pharmacy? | Let's Play 2

Yikes! Whoever broke into that pharmacy seriously wants to buff up.

I Embrace All The Strikes! (Life is Strange #2.2)

Some of my best edits yet. Yay! I'm so proud of myself. Lol.

Remastered | Is He Seriously For Real? | Let's Play 1

This can't be right. He's number one on my suspect list. Right?

Who The Heck Is She? ( Haunted Past #2)

Okay, now we have a villain. Who is this broad anyways? #ghosthistory

22 Faster Than The Villain Gettin Stung By Cow Let's Play 12

These western stereotypes are a bit much. I could use a break. Wait, I didn't mean break. No!

I Pledge Allegiance To Max (Life Is Strange #2.1)

For which she stands. One teenager as God, indivisible, with time powers and justice for all! #LifeisStrange

22 | Everything Goes South From Here | Let's Play 11

Geez! Most of it looks like #Greek to me. When will @HerInteractive learn that not everyone is smart? Lol.

Whispered Legends - Tales of Middleport Full Play

I am super excited about this happening. Make it a date, everyone! July 21st, 7pm central standard time. I will live stream a Gogii Game I forgot to include. ^_^

After - What? - 10, 15 Years? Why Now? (Haunted Past #1)

What? That intro! Did we just see how her mother died?

Asstral Projectin' Some Booty, Doe (Life Is Strange #1.2)

Curiosity killed the cat. Time travel brought it back. Uh, I think.

22 | World's Dumbest and Tired Electrician | Let's Play 10

Perhaps it's time to lay these tricks to rest. Oops, not rest. Not rest! #sabotage

22 | Did We Discover The Culprit? | Let's Play 9 (Happy July 4th!)

New word, boys and girls. Can you say "motive?"

♫ Just A Spoonful of ♪ Trickery Takes ♪ The Villain Down ♫ (Vault Cracke...

♪ And we'll never be plumbers! ♫ Uh, um, I mean... well...

22 | Musophobia (Fear of Rodents) Is Real | Let's Play 8

Down the cabinet, across the feet, scamper the keyboard, and listen in. That's fear you're hearing.

Look At The Pretty - Uh Oh! (Life Is Strange #1.1)

It's not like the whole thing is a butterfly effect, right?  (Finally! I can't believe how late it is.)

22 | Something More Sinister Is At Work | Let's Play 7

So what's worse? Running out of coolant or losing control of the wheel?

Is This A Stereotypical Cliche Plot? (Vault Cracker #6)

Yeah, I probably knew this since the beginning. But seriously. I don't see it.

Christmas Time in June, Not July (Vine Compilation #9)

♪ Return to me! ♫ Oh my dear, I'm so lonely. ♪

22 | Who Is Brooke? | Let's Play 6

We actual get to meet the competition! Or rather... eavesdrop on them. Yikes.

Is It Really Time To Say Goodbye? | Firefly LootCrate (River Tam/Miranda)

Yes, it is. My subscription to Firefly LootCrate is officially cancelled. Hopefully, it'll return.

22 | Scoring The Big Box at $99.90 | Let's Play 5

Oh, the references! I'm glad I found the audio. Couldn't find the original video or episode. #dangitbobby

Convinced Enough To Be Undercover (Vault Cracker #5)

If you were undercover, what or who would you want to be?

Keep Calm And ♪ Carry On, Carry On ♫

Still 200+ subscribers strong. I love it! Thanks, everyone.

22 | Cheating The System For Pennies? | Let's Play 4

The music is annoying, but dang, that mini game is fun. I could play Land Rush all day.

Why Do I Do This To You Bunnies? | Dreamfall Chapters (Chapter 1 P2)

I don't want to put you Bunnies through this, or myself. It's time to admit it sooner than later. I almost want to delete the videos. Only because I know I won't be playing Dreamfall Chapters until I get a better hard drive. Unlisted will have to do.

22 | Trust Goes Both Ways! | Let's Play 3

Maybe they could devise a way where they don't have to, you know, sabotage.

♫ Never Let The Dog ♪ Bite The Dust ♫ (Vault Cracker #4)

Never have I ever been ferociously bitten by a dog. Only angry barks and accidental bites. Seriously.

22 | Getting To Know The Crew | Let's Play 2

Our first meeting with him and he's already losing it. Geez. Calm down, boss!

Beautiful, Funereal Lag Central (Chapter 1 P1)

You'd think I would be patient with this much lag. Still, the game is gorgeous!

Blogs Can Be Noticed! YES!

Okay, so Monday evening, one of my Facebook friends was asking "for a friend" how someone would dispose of a body. A dead body. Yep.

Not surprisingly, many people gave plenty of suggestions, myself included. Because who hasn't thought of how to murder your crazy ex-boyfriend and get away with it? LOL! Not me. Because I'm not crazy. I'm a writer. A soon to be published author!

Today, they then posted this: Not sure how to feel. So many friends gave suggestions on how to dispose of a body. Yeah, that's because you and most of your friends are authors. Some of them, even me, even stated that we're writers. One person actually linked a pretty cool blog, one she wrote herself, called 13 Ways Writers Are Mistaken For Serial Killers.

I decided to check it out. It is incredibly accurate! I remember going to a few local critique meetings for local authors. They explained how their husbands say "Why would you think that?" as they type up on Google search: …

22 | A Lag In The Mouth | Let's Play 1

When you see it coming, you don't run. At least not immediately. You just stand there. Either in fear or in awe.

Finding A Needle In A Senator's Yacht Vault Cracker 3

If only there was a way to fade away the characters... oh, wait! I got it!

When Did Nancy Get Burgled? (Ski Jump Part 2)

I finally get to talk about one of my favorite FB friends, who happens to be an author AND a book cover design. ^_^

21 | An Essay For Pen To Paper Award | Let's Play 10

I am super late for today's video. It's my fault. I stayed up way too late last night. I overslept by six hours. It took me two and a half hours to edit, render, and upload the video.

Back At It Again! (911 Operator #2)

This time, instead of touring my hometown, we follow the career path. Let's see how I can screw this one up! LOL!

21 | Mapping Out The Classroom And The Twins | Let's Play 9

Wait, there's TWO of her? #legasp #twinsies It's inconceivable!

Check Your Insanity At The First Pier (Vault Cracker #2)

Insanity asylum for one, please! Seriously. Cause there's no better place for me. LOL!

21 | Think Like A Squirrel; BE The Squirrel! | Let's Play 8

I love Casper, seriously. But he steals WAY too much. Get back here!

Awww, Must We Say Goodbye? (Stardew Valley #30)

Don't worry, my Bunnies! Stardew Valley will be back someday. It just might be a pretty long time. I'll be playing more recent games.

21 | The Fine Dining of Cutlery | Let's Play 7

Yeah, so I normally try to upload by 3pm central. It didn't work out today. I lost track of time.

Kidnapping Is Great Leverage... Or Is It? (Vault Cracker #1)

"A mom and son entering the hometown. Psych!  She's not normal at all, but a criminal mastermind!" Smooth move, Gogii Games. LOL!

21 | Betrayed By An Ignoramus? | Let's Play 6

It would help if Casper the squirrel didn't steal everything shiny. >.>

Voice Acting Is So Much Fun (Stardew Valley #29)

Perhaps there's something in the water in the apartment complex. Cause I can't seem to stop singing anymore. xD

21 | Mapping Out The Valedictorian | Let's Play 5

I've been noticing these bubbles at the top left corner when watching YouTube videos. I wonder if those show up when my ad-covered, non-earning videos are playing. Hmm...

Pursuit of Happiness (HappyVille: Quest for Utopia)

Well, this definitely puts Gogii Games in a weird spot. I don't think they fully tested this game.

21 | Potential Candidate For A Villain | Let's Play 4

You think my roller coaster is just as bad? Geez! I never wanna be Leela's victim, or the true villain's victim.

The New Heavy Rain Shoutout (Stardew Valley #28)

I love making fun of other games, especially those I haven't played before. xD It's fun!

21 | Taking Valedictorian Pictures | Let's Play 3

I've been getting rather sleepy lately. Probably because my way of getting ready for bed has changed.

I haven't had a job since February, Bunnies and Hopefuls! (Bunnies for my gaming fan base, and Hopefuls for my book reading fan base.)

Working On A Low And Tight Budget

Sorry I'm late on this. The whole process of the editing and uploading took longer than I expected.

21 | Leave The Easter Egg Alone! | Let's Play 2

Waverly is one of my favorites from the Nancy Drew games. I hope you like it!

We Didn't Start The Fire 911 Operator 1

Okay, this is way too cool. ^_^ I'm glad I bought this game. So much better than Kindergarten.

21 | Where The Popularity Runs The World | Let's Play 1

Oh boy! This is gonna be tricky. Can the Val Can villain be defeated?

Infected | The Only Reason This Makes Sense! | Let's Play 7

Tonight will be the last night Infected: The Twin Vaccine will ever be on my channel. :( It's such a great game. I hope they make a sequel. There are a few things that don't make sense.

Something Old, Something New (Fallout Shelter)

Well, well, well. Looks like I started a newly PC released game. ^_^ Care to check it out?

Raving Over A Texting App (Stardew Valley #27)

I don't mean to publicize companies! It just... randomly happens sometimes. Lol.

BioShock | Killing Off A Family? Check √ | Let's Play 15

This will be the last BioShock for a good while. I miss playing Nancy Drew and need to get that collection done before Her Interactive gives the release date on the new game.

♪ "It Only Feels Like" I'm Losing Money ♫ (Stardew Valley #26)

So I uploaded this pretty early. I thought I'd be hanging out with my new friend a lot longer. She wanted to teach my first cousin once removed how to drive, though. (She's actually a family friend, and possibly a future first cousin-in-law.) And I got pretty exhausted and wanted to wash off the forest debri.

Infected | I'm A Kid At Heart | Let's Play 5

Due to Easter celebrations with my family, I uploaded my video super early. See, if I had 100 subscribers. I wouldn't be worried about these kind of situations. Lol. Happy Un-Easter, everyone! (For those of you who don't celebrate it, I mean.)

Infected | I'm A Kid At Heart | Let's Play 5

Due to Easter celebrations with my family, I uploaded my video super early. See, if I had 100 subscribers. I wouldn't be worried about these kind of situations. Lol. Happy Un-Easter, everyone! (For those of you who don't celebrate it, I mean.)

BioShock | My Dear Miss Duchesne | Let's Play 12

I need to start uploading videos at a reasonable. This morning, I realized nobody's watching cause I'm uploading them way too early. >.> Geez!

Infected | From The Windooow To The Wall | Let's Play 4

Yeah, I couldn't help myself. Songs keep earworming. xD

BioShock | I'm Not A Bible Thumper | Let's Play 10

I can never seem to move out of the way. I know this'll backfire on me someday. lol

Greedy Is Unbecoming (Stardew Valley #24)

And today, we experience my first death in Stardew Valley. >.> Let's hope that doesn't happen again. Lol.

BioShock | Marketing The Perfect Fishery | Let's Play 9

Now that I'm back to posting regular blogs, at least I hope, it's about time I start sharing my two YouTube channels on here. I know I still have a lot to work on in becoming a good YT gamer, but I'm improving.

Communication Is ALWAYS Key

I know. I haven't posted a blog since November. Due to new updates/upgrades on BlogTalkRadio, I was forced to quit my radio show. It still feels weird to not be hosting segments anymore, but at least I got/get to use my free time better. I don't know when it will happen. I have a good feeling, though, that by the end of the year, I will be uploading podcasts of my radio show onto my main YouTube channel.

That's right! I don't know if I told you this. I now have TWO YouTube channels. Wait, wait, wait. Stop it, Rabbit. You did not start this blog to talk about your social platforms. Take a breath, let it out, and start over.

Hi, my Hopefuls! :) I know it's been a long time. A lot has happened. I finally quit my job and am searching for a better one. Or at least - a job where teamwork and communication is stronger than my last job. Geez! Anyways...

In December, I had my first argument with my best friend. Well, our first argument about our relationship, I should say. …