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Interviewing With Great Biased Talent (hint, hint)

It feels so weird to put my radio show podcasts on the channel. A good-weird feeling, not bad-weird. #relieved

Why Is Dennis Sheldon So Interested? (Stone Queen) Chapter 1

So if I freed a trapped goblin, would he become my indentured servant? Does that #goblintradition really exist?

Come Here, Spider; Show Me Your Green Web! (Stone Queen) Chapter 1

Wow, this is one intense game. I didn't expect the Gray family to grow.

Where Bonfire Stories Are True Stories? (Faceless Gravedigger) Chapter 1

Um, could we brighten the place a bit? You know... lighter colors. Why so glum, gravedigger? Oh, right. No face!

Oh Boy, This New Security Video Reveals A Lot! (Deadly Device #8) Amateur Detective

omg, did Gray really just...? Oh, boy. He's got some 'splainin to do!

What Are These Random Letters In The Vent System? (Deadly Device #7) Amateur Detective

Things have gotten pretty weird, especially in the vent system. Tune in to part 8!

Figuring Out The Twisty Letters From Lollipop Keys (Howard's Mansion #7) LAST CHAPTER

Okay, Tuttifrutti Interactive, here are my final thoughts on your game. I'm a little disappointed. Take notes, because I genuinely want your future games to be better.

I Didn't Know Woodshop Wood Be So Hard (Howard's Mansion) Chapter 6

I'm bettin not all #woodshop people wood cut would that way... right? Heck, I never cood make sense of myself. Are you tired of my wood jokes yet?

Let's Kick That Swamp Demon To The Curb! (The Wishes BONUS)

We finally conclude Grim Tales: The Wishes with its bonus game. By kicking that swamp demon outta here!

Inside and Out of Your Disability

Wow, I cannot believe how long it's been since I posted a regular blog, and not one about my gaming channel. Haha! The sad thing is - I never gave a full recap when my prof responded to my capstone project.
First off, I want to thank everyone involved. Not just Anna McDaniel and her sister, but also Matt Rapp, Coach Chris Klepfel, CATV, HyVee, Lazer Lanes, University of Missouri (for the Stankowski Field,) as well as the VA hospital. Without them, the documentary would not be such a success. 

Now, let's talk about what happened when my professor finally responded. He definitely made a BUNCH of notes on what could've been done, what needed revising/fixing, and how I as a director should know what to cut out. He even said that it should be cut into separate videos, so the storyboard of it all makes sense.

I understand that documentaries have different time lengths. Shoot, he's done plenty on SOMO's YouTube channel. I also understand that not all people can watch 30 …

No! Luisa, Stop! You're Making This Worse! (The Wishes Ch. 5) FINALE

I'm sorry. What? Luisa, why would you do that? Look before you run, nitwit! #demonpossession

You Up For Some Peppermint Snow, Or Do We Need To Light The Totems? (The Wishes Ch. 5)

Yes! We're activating the totems! Let's just hope I didn't ruin your ears. Yikes. #GrimTalesTheWishes

Yeee Haaa, I Found Black Gold! I'm Ri - Wait, What? (Howard's Mansion ...

You know black gold is the same thing as oil, right? But seriously, what am I supposed to do with oil? I'm rich?
(I'm trying something new tonight. Check out the video. I'll be premiering live!)