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Audio Sample #5

Welcome to another sample of book reading. You get to hear more about my creation of the Nesis World. I made a lot of effort when coming up with it. There is quite a history lesson about the Nesis World and the Sisen Industries. This book is called Leather Gloves of Death. After a fatal accident, two siblings gain abilities they never expected. Now orphans, they scrounge what they can until help comes along. But the older brother doesn't want it, and says that quite clearly with a shocking display of his new nesis talent.
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Audiobook Sample #4

Today is yet another book reading on my radio show. The description for today's book is down below, and it's titled "On The Bridge of Death." Btw, an Eric Idle song is the inspiration for only the book title.

What could have been done? Even if history was re-written, he would do the same thing. Devon was the kind of man who always helped someone in need. Even after he quit his job as a lifeguard, he couldn't stop helping. While waiting for an old friend, a life-altering event occurred. Suddenly, he can hear people's last thoughts. For five years, he has no idea he has this gift--this curse. How much longer will it be before he finds out? How much longer will it be before the secret government finds out? There is much to learn and little time; for the Nesis Family are searching for him too.

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Dance to Your Favorite Songs

Okay, so I'm somewhat running out of title ideas, hehe. You never know, though. I could be playing your favorite songs. Come find out. If they are, you can totally dance to them.

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Audiobook Sample #3

Today is the third of eleven segments for the reading samples. You're going to hear an interesting book about ghosts, and what it's like to live amongst them. What is it called? What's it about? Come and find out.

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Today is more dancing. :) Find out what different songs will be played this time.

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Audiobook Sample #2

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Another reading sample. This one is one of my favorites, as well. :) Come find out why.

Positive Realization

Lately, I've been coming to a lot of realizations. Ever since the SOMO Leadership Conference in Branson, that's been happening. I really have changed while being an athlete of Special Olympics Missouri. I don't know where I'd be without them.

Another realization has come to pass. I am volunteering once more at the True/False Film Festival. During the mandatory volunteer's meeting, people received pins who are volunteering for five years or more. I've been volunteering for six! ^_^ And I think this is another source of positive energy for me. So much has happened over the years and 2015.

Because I won 2014 State Athlete of the Year, I was interviewed by a local newspaper. She asked me a lot of personal questions, which surprised me. And the day before they put the article on their website/paper, she called me and asked about my writing. I tried to say teenager; she thought I said teacher. Lol. Whoops. And I know I told her about a pamphlet being incorrect about …

More Indoor Dancing?

During the weekend, more snow in Missouri. Be safe wherever you are today; perhaps the weather is just as insane there as it is here. At least you can still dance. The question is will you keep up with the beat? ;) Listen in and find out.

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