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😳 We Need To Have Another Talk

This time, it's not about the schedule. It's not you, and it's definitely not me. What were we talking about? #timeforabreak*premieres in 30 minutes*

We really do need to talk again...

I Am Under Pressure Of Xenia's Heel. 😱 Help! (Labyrinth of Lies FINALE)

Uh oh. Xenia's got everything and everyone under her control, and her heel on my throat. Help! #WelcometoHades *Premieres in one hour!*

Can we cut off her foot?

More Questions, Less Answers... And A Mysterious Metal Plate? (Manifest Horror Bonus Chapter)

Why must Mariaglorum have such confusing sections? Ugh! Please make sense of this. #essencecarriers *Premieres in one hour!*

Maybe Mistakes Were Made?

I ate the seeds and am stuck in Hades; Help! 😱 (Labyrinth of Lies #21)

Grigor helps us, then Niobe, and now Thanos has us trapped. Oh, boy. #WelcometoHades*Premiering in one hour!*

They Know We Know