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πŸ˜‚ Bess and Ned's Side Story Is Entertainment? 😍 (Thornton Hall #10)

I almost forgot about that shipwreck. Still can't believe @HerInteractive thought of that idea. Brilliant. #GhostofThorntonHall

πŸ˜– I Need To Rewrite My Notes On Easter Eggs! πŸ˜† (Thornton Hall #9)

Wow, this is insane. Do I need to buy a new book for my cheat notes? #GhostofThorntonHall

Are We Destroying It? 😟 (Heartless Final Chapter/Game Review)

Is it weird that there's multiple villains in this? I'm not surprised, though. #BonfireStoriesHeartless

Slowly Returning And Almost In Control

It feels weird to not be swimming. I forgot to register for the season. And when I contacted coach, we agreed to put me on a waiting list in case an available slot comes up. At that point, I got a confirmation from my uncle saying he registered our family to perform on Earth Day. ^_^

That hasn't happened in years. I jumped up and down with joy, but then I learned when he wanted rehearsals. Oh, boy. Same day as swim practices. It was less than a week that I received word a spot was open for swimming. I had to tell coach no.
As much as I seriously want to get back into swimming, going back and forth with swimming and rehearsals will definitely put stress on me. If you don't know, last year - around the time I was prepping for Seattle - I had so much anxiety and stress that I had an allergic reaction to it. Scared the tar out of me. It was too late in the night to call my mom for help, at least in my opinion. I ended up in the emergency room. Thankfully, my insurance covered the …

How To Defeat A 😈 Demonic Fridge (Bloody Mary Chapter 5)

I never thought a fridge could have such sharp teeth. #GrimTales

Belle And Cinderella Need Our Help? (Bloody Mary Chapter 4)

Are we playing the right game? Uh... #GrimTales

Crimson Gas Is A Chemical Weapon?! 😱 (Heartless Chapter 5)

Wait. Can a chemical weapon really do that? Realistically, that makes no sense. #BonefireStories

Monthly Gaming Livestream (Valentine's theme)

As some of you know, this Saturday is the monthly gaming stream. I, unfortunately, have to cancel. I do have some regret, but after recording Bonfire Stories the other night, I realized that eight hours of talking would really damage my throat.

I'm pretty sick right now. I have what I think is the cold. Without attending to a doctor, I don't know what it is. I know I should, but there is so much to do with the gaming channel and the Esperanza channel. Please don't hate me. I just don't want this throat infection to get worse. I'd rather have a voice on the daily videos than lose it during a livestream.

If you can, send good vibes to me. I'd love to get better sooner than later. (Prayers are welcome too.)

Let's Interrupt The Dead's Rest! ☠ πŸ’€ (Thornton Hall #8)

Though I did not put it in the vid, I wish all of you, including the singles, a Happy Valentine's Day. #Thorntonwedding?

😍 Breaking Into Charlotte's Room - Finally! (Thornton Hall #7)

You think pairing numbers is easy? Charlotte sure didn't think so! #thorntonhall

Are You Serious? 😑 Let Me Go First! (Heartless Chapter 4)

Are you for real, sista? Selfish woman. Should've let me go first. #clubbinaintfun

How To Free An Innocent Boy From His Demon 😈 (Bloody Mary Chapter 3)

Wow. I thought The Fray had their song right. But how *do* you save a life? #GrimTalesBloodyMary

😱They Should Have Bars On The Windows! Yeesh. 😭 (Bloody Mary Chapter 2)

Does Peter Banning have open windows in his place? Nope, cause they all have bars on them. No kids can be thrown out! Literally. >.>

Cut Tension With A Scalpel, Not A Knife! πŸ˜‚ (Heartless Chapter 3)

Love the handy work. Are you surgeon? #hospitalsecretroom
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