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Seattle, Here I Come!

Today, I venture off to Seattle! I do hope I make a good impression at the USA Games. Whatever I do will determine whether athletes-leaders can become staff in the future USA Games to come. No pressure.
Wish me luck!

SOMO's Yearly Sports Camp

I keep forgetting to do the blogs. Probably because I'm trying so hard to get everything on my YouTube list watched and over with. Lol.

Any-who, I'm excited about this week. Sports camp! 😄I'm a little nervous, though, even if I don't need to be. Only because I'm bringing more luggage than I normally do. This is sports camp, after all. My sleeping bag actually fits in the leftover space of my suitcase. My swimming equipment and a little bit of bathroom stuff is in one bag. Towels and the rest of my bathroom necessities is in a second bag.

The laptop that they're allowing me to bring - it's because I'm mainly at sports camp to keep my mind at the right pace of what it will be like when we're at the USA Games. I'll even have time to swim, possibly tennis. I'm bringing my tennis racket as well.

Last but not least, the TYR Flexfins to help improve my swimming skills. I finally will be able to use them outside of my hometown. This is just making …