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Let's Have A Curried Waffle Sandwich & Translate Hieroglyphs! πŸ™ƒ (Tomb of the Lost Queen #8 - solo)

Okay... so there IS a Brian Abernathy... and there is no Spicetown Speakeasy #letsopenarestaurantVideo will be available in an hour! Waffles for bread buns!

Money-Hungry Murderer On A Silver Brick, Please! πŸ™ (MSW: Secrets & Ashes Ch. 17 FINALE)

Caught you, ya treasure-hunting jerk! What kind of a fiancΓ© are you? #answeringmyquestion #confession*video available at 4:30pm central* Caught You Green-Handed!

We Really Found Nefertari?! Could This Be True? πŸ˜‚ (Tomb of the Lost Queen #7 - solo)

Ooohhhh, did we just find canopic jars? In the sarcophagus room? Gross! #openingatomb
Well, at least you're not at QV66.

Found The Murder Weapon... πŸ€” And The Murderer?! 😲 (MSW: Secrets & Ashes Ch. 14 - 17)

Omg! Morris! You're implicating yourself again! #incriminating Arrest him already!

The World Was Sick of Britain's Takeover! πŸ˜‚ (Tomb of the Lost Queen #6 - solo)

I love Dylan. I love pretty much all foreign accents. Just say something. I promise I'll fangirl. #foreignspeakingaccents Where is Dylan from?

Susan's Blackmail Was Unreasonable?! πŸ€” (MSW: Secrets & Ashes Ch. 12 - 14)

Her house was built in the 1800s? Way too cool! #antiquehouse Susan's Blackmail Explained

Hotchkiss to Egypt; Come in, Hotchkiss! πŸ€“ (Tomb of the Lost Queen #5 - solo)

She definitely is a hoot. Sometimes I wonder if my metaphors are like hers. Lol. #ProfessorBeatriceHotchkiss Wreaking Havoc!

😲 Morris Leaks A Confession! (MSW: Secrets & Ashes Ch. 9 - 12)

No. Absolutely not possible. William would've approached him by now about that letter. #villainsalwaysmakeamistake Morris Definitely Made A Mistake

If You Prefer Dr. Bakhoum, Then I Prefer Joe Hardy! 😜 (Tomb of the Lost Queen #4 - solo)

He sure does love hearing himself talk, doesn't he? If I didn't love different accents, this guy would be mute! #AbdullahBakhoum Be Ramses II with me!