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A post going around Facebook: My ABC's

A: Available?: Yes...
B: Birthday?: December 9, 1988
C: Crushing on someone?: Yes
D: Drink last had?: Sprite
E: Easiest person to talk to?: Peyton
F: First name?: Allison (If you haven't figured that out, you are living under a rock.)
G: Grade hated most?: 1st
H: Height?: 5' 9 1/2"
I: In love with?: A certain brand of cologne, which a co-worker uses. I tried to ask him but he had trouble remembering. I think he said "Playboy" from Walmart.
J: Ever been jealous?: Yes... so many times
K: Killed someone?: Heck no
L: Longest friendship?: 10 years; though we somewhat stopped talking for the past three years
M: Milkshake flavor?: Strawberry! :D
N: Number of siblings?: 2
O: One wish?: I wish to have motivation, so I can travel outside of the state this summer.
P: Person who called me last?: either Anna Cox or my mom; Lol, it's been days since someone has called me.
Q: Question I'm always asked?: "Are you related to (such-and-such)?" >.> Yes, that's my (uncl…