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Facebook and YouTube

I'm a bit excited about Facebook. Several of my author/writer friends already have Facebook pages. And I know there are a whole bunch for celebrities. I figured I might as well have my own. So there you are. My first Facebook page ever - and I had trouble choosing a name. So I decided to use my YouTube name: TheEsperanza243. Sadly, though, Facebook wouldn't allow the second capital letter in the same word. Here's a link so you can like my page:

    Now on to YouTube. That is a whole story on its own. Lol. I am so close to finishing Long Live Menavia. Only four videos left to record and upload. I am trying my best to speak calmly and slowly when I do the readings. And now that there's a few videos left, I gotta figure out what the next book reading should be. I want read a book that's not in my writing. In order for that to happen, though, it must be a book that's not very known and quite old. I already have a book in…

Camp NaNo

I've been meaning to keep you updated on my July book for Camp NaNoWriMo. It's temporary title is Rebecca's Worst Christmas Present Ever. It's currently the longest title of my books. I do intend on changing it at some point. I almost always do with new books. For instance, when I wrote the Daniel Hayes, I created the title Kidnapping Is A Vice; then it became Kidnapping Is A Depravation. I asked my facebook friends for some help changing it to something else. My special friend suggested The Grand Illusion. It's not what I thought it would be, but it fits with the whole book in general.

    Anyways, my July book for Camp NaNo is going great. It's at 12,000 words and close to the ending. It's my first Christmas moral story ever. And the way I go on about it with my mom, she can't wait for me to finish it. She wants me to read it to her, considering she hates reading - even textbooks. (I've tried to make CDs for her to listen to of a book reading …

Latest Update

Well, I guess I'm not doing so well with frequent blogs. I do need to work on that, don't I? The more I do, the more my link gets noticed. I'm not trying to get any particular person's attention. I just want to make sure everyone knows who I am and how I do things my way. Lol. My way seems to be pretty slow, eh?

    I'm still working on my book reading project at my YouTube channel. (I hope you like the karaoke video I put up last weekend.) The good news is - I am two recordings short of getting on the last packet of Long Live Menavia. Because of that, I have to consider which book I should read next. I know I had it figured out at least twice. >.> But I can't remember. Oh, well... looks like I have to figure it out a third time.

    I am excited that it's July. That is for three reasons. One - one of my favorite co-workers has a birthday. ^_^ I already got her a birthday present. Two - some of my co-workers and I are going on a float trip at the …