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I love writing books and working on them. I'm a messy person, yet I love to organize. (Just not my room.)
I love to read, especially Magic Tree House, Boxcar Children, and A to Z Mysteries Super Edition.
I love using Netflix; they have helped me realize how much of a kid I am not and how much of an adult I am not.

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Monday, December 24, 2012

Wonderful Season

I love Christmas. Winter is one of my favorite seasons. I like it particularly because of the snow and the snow falling, but I don't like the weather. Lol.  To have work off on the best holiday is also fun; even if you have the best work place to go to, right?
I'm even taking time off from my YouTube channel. I am at the point of Long Live Menavia to put all my outside links, excluding facebook, in the description box. Of course, the copyright circle and the disclaimer stuff will stay. I don't want people stealing my books.
Since my blog site will now be in the description box until I finish Long Live Menavia and start a new book, I shall be writing more on here - as I should be. Lol. With that now told, I bid you all adieu.

Merry Christmas, everyone! To those who don't follow Christmas as much as my family does, Happy Holidays!
If ever you feel lonely and want to pass the time, you should listen to one of my books on my YouTube channel, TheEsperanza243.

Monday, November 26, 2012


    I should start writing on here more often. I know for a fact the more stuff I do, the more my stuff is easier to find for people. I love what I do, and I want to show everyone what that is.

    I am a writer. I am an author. I don't have anything published yet. And I stress "yet." I have actually written 31 books and one screenplay in the past eight years, since Christmas of 2004. Yes, it took a lot of social sacrifice, but writing most of these books... it was worth it. :)
    Next Spring or Summer, though, Woodbine Housing is publishing a book. One of my songs won in a contest they hosted earlier this year; hence, my song and a short bio of me will be in their book. The rewards for one of three songs I submitted: a publishing of my submission in their book, $25, and a free copy of the book. *Makes a big grin.* I am so excited.

    Every November, for who knows how many years, authors and people sign up on a site called NaNoWriMo: National November Writing Month. It's sort of like a contest, but not against each other -- against themselves. Every person has to write a book, whatever genre he or she chooses, in 30 days. The winning word count -- 50,000 words. Several people in my region have already reached that goal, and some are still writing after the 50k. This is my third year as a member, but my second year participating. Last year, I dabbled, but this year is different. I'm supposed to be at 43,333 words by midnight tonight, but my Microsoft Word document says I am at 29,917 words. Yeah, I'm pretty behind... but as I said, this year is different. I really think I can get there. Heck, just this past Sunday, I was able to add 6.1k words to the book.
    Okay, so what is my book about? I call it "Kidnapping is a Deprivation," KIAD for short. I know. I had some trouble naming the book, but I got it down now. The first word of the title is - well - maybe a little obvious. The book is about two detectives (professional and amateur) who have different cases; eventually, these two cases become interrelated with a surprising new case. These two cases - what are they? Well, I'll tell you. The amateur detective gets a case about stolen paintings, but these paintings get returned one by one every week. The professional detective gets a case about a stolen camera; she thinks it was stolen because of a picture caught something in the background. It becomes a side case, though, when she receives a new case -- someone has been kidnapped. And it's not because her friend plays a victim in an upcoming play called "Kidnapping is a Vice."
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