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A Gardener Reaps What They Truly Sow... Behind Bars! (Book 3 A Garden To Die For Ch 13-16)

Yep, they chose what part of the truth to tell us. Sneaky little, sower! #MurderSheWrote #riggedcompetition #HappyAmericanIndependenceDay!

Happy American Independence Day!

Today is definitely an interesting day - an interesting month, really. It feels like so much is going, but a weight has lifted off my shoulders if not for just a little while. Someone I love is going on a trip. They don't want to put their dog in a kennel hotel just yet, so I'm helping out. Plus, they have three birds that need feeding every few days.

This is where it gets complicated, as this is the second time I've helped out pet-sitting this year. My routine on recording, editing, and uploading is on rocky terms. It has been for the past few months. Last time, I was able to put footage on Dropbox and edit from their house. It turned out, though, the footage got corrupted and I couldn't do anything to fix it. It shouldn't be corrupted from the method I used. Naturally, I felt nervous to use that method again.

I don't like not posting videos on my channels. It feels wrong somehow. It's like I'm doing an injustice for not sticking to my upload deadlines…

Wait, There's An Ancient Amulet?! 😳 (Vengeance Chapter 5)

Edward was pious. We get it, but why did he start his vengeance NOW? #GrimTales #evilmedallion?