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The Ghost Dog Is Totally Not Disturbed (Faceless Gravedigger) Final Chapter

I totally didn't bring up the band's name in the video title. Nope, not a chance. #titledrop?

Talkin Time with Sweet Rascally Rabbit (1st of Many)

Honestly, I think I was triharding the sweet, radio voice. #ASMR for the win. lol

Where Do I Put The Spider Amulet Again? (Stone Queen) Chapter 3

Noooo!! Mayor Sheldon, how could you?! Is he really that bent?

Why Does The Stone Book Let Me Read Its Contents? (Stone Queen) Chapter 3

I'm probably overthinking on a lot of things. Stop me if ever I am wrong about anything. Seriously. Lol.

Wait, The Faceless Gravedigger Works For Someone? Chapter 4

This definitely puts things into new perspective. I have more questions than I do before. What the brick? #mindblown

Has Maui Teamed Up With The Villain? (Deadly Device FINALE) Amateur

Have you ever wondered what would happen if a mediocre Nancy Drew villain paired with Maui? Not me! At least, not until this week.

Recreating Tesla's Makeshift Earthquake On Wardenclyffe (Deadly Device #11) Amateur

I know I'm late. It's not my fault. Internet was done for more than 24 hours. #NikolaTeslaRules

My Commentary Has Turned Into Critiques; Help! (Faceless Gravedigger) Chapter 3

I don't know why I procrastinated this when I returned. But hey, at least it's before midnight. More #bonfirestories!

Monthly Gaming Stream

Almost 20 minutes left until the livestream is up!  Will you be there for Christmas fun?

I Bet You Understand ✖ Math Symbols ➕ Better Than Me (Stone Queen) Chapter 2

I really should understand the #morethanlessthan symbols. Goes to show how much I've used them since high school.

The Strategy For The Warlock Battle (Stone Queen) Chapter 2

Yes! A third daily video. All about the #warlockbattle. I just hope I stopped the glitch. Thanks, #stonequeen.

Did Anyone Else Have Trouble With The Warlock? (Stone Queen) Chapter 2

Seriously. I really do hope I can make a separate video of the warlock battle. Super difficult! #StoneQueen

Discovering The Old Man's Mural With Glowing Mushrooms (Faceless Gravedigger) Chapter 2

While you receive a glorious chapter of #BonfireStories, I celebrate my birthday with my fam. #happybirthday

Hmm, How Do We Get Victor Out Of Niko's Office? (Deadly Device #10) Amateur

You know, there are better ways to distract your boss. This is NOT one of them. #gethimoutofoffice

Uh Oh, Where Did The Piano Notes Hide? (Deadly Device #9) Amateur

So, I was right. The security video was tampered. Well, then... #whodunit?

A Bit Obsessed On The Figurines Collection (Faceless Gravedigger) Chapter 1

Who'd have thought crows were scared of that? I would've used the device multiple times. Love that noise.

Interviewing With Great Biased Talent (hint, hint)

It feels so weird to put my radio show podcasts on the channel. A good-weird feeling, not bad-weird. #relieved

Why Is Dennis Sheldon So Interested? (Stone Queen) Chapter 1

So if I freed a trapped goblin, would he become my indentured servant? Does that #goblintradition really exist?

Come Here, Spider; Show Me Your Green Web! (Stone Queen) Chapter 1

Wow, this is one intense game. I didn't expect the Gray family to grow.

Where Bonfire Stories Are True Stories? (Faceless Gravedigger) Chapter 1

Um, could we brighten the place a bit? You know... lighter colors. Why so glum, gravedigger? Oh, right. No face!

Oh Boy, This New Security Video Reveals A Lot! (Deadly Device #8) Amateur Detective

omg, did Gray really just...? Oh, boy. He's got some 'splainin to do!

What Are These Random Letters In The Vent System? (Deadly Device #7) Amateur Detective

Things have gotten pretty weird, especially in the vent system. Tune in to part 8!

Figuring Out The Twisty Letters From Lollipop Keys (Howard's Mansion #7) LAST CHAPTER

Okay, Tuttifrutti Interactive, here are my final thoughts on your game. I'm a little disappointed. Take notes, because I genuinely want your future games to be better.

I Didn't Know Woodshop Wood Be So Hard (Howard's Mansion) Chapter 6

I'm bettin not all #woodshop people wood cut would that way... right? Heck, I never cood make sense of myself. Are you tired of my wood jokes yet?

Let's Kick That Swamp Demon To The Curb! (The Wishes BONUS)

We finally conclude Grim Tales: The Wishes with its bonus game. By kicking that swamp demon outta here!

Inside and Out of Your Disability

Wow, I cannot believe how long it's been since I posted a regular blog, and not one about my gaming channel. Haha! The sad thing is - I never gave a full recap when my prof responded to my capstone project.
First off, I want to thank everyone involved. Not just Anna McDaniel and her sister, but also Matt Rapp, Coach Chris Klepfel, CATV, HyVee, Lazer Lanes, University of Missouri (for the Stankowski Field,) as well as the VA hospital. Without them, the documentary would not be such a success. 

Now, let's talk about what happened when my professor finally responded. He definitely made a BUNCH of notes on what could've been done, what needed revising/fixing, and how I as a director should know what to cut out. He even said that it should be cut into separate videos, so the storyboard of it all makes sense.

I understand that documentaries have different time lengths. Shoot, he's done plenty on SOMO's YouTube channel. I also understand that not all people can watch 30 …

No! Luisa, Stop! You're Making This Worse! (The Wishes Ch. 5) FINALE

I'm sorry. What? Luisa, why would you do that? Look before you run, nitwit! #demonpossession

You Up For Some Peppermint Snow, Or Do We Need To Light The Totems? (The Wishes Ch. 5)

Yes! We're activating the totems! Let's just hope I didn't ruin your ears. Yikes. #GrimTalesTheWishes

Yeee Haaa, I Found Black Gold! I'm Ri - Wait, What? (Howard's Mansion ...

You know black gold is the same thing as oil, right? But seriously, what am I supposed to do with oil? I'm rich?
(I'm trying something new tonight. Check out the video. I'll be premiering live!)

Ending Chapter 4/SOMO Vlog (The Wishes Ch. 4)

Since the gaming is so short, it's more like a gaming vlog than a playthrough video. Sorry, Kittens/Hopefuls. 😞

Almost Completing The Entire Chapter (The Wishes Ch. 4)

Whoa! Mr. Gray, get a hold of yourself. You're not - you know what? I'm not using that reference. That's a different age group.

Let's Go To Tesla's Home And Listen To AC/DC (Deadly Device #2 Amateur)

Come take me higher. I'd rather go to limbo than use the highway to hell. #TeslaEdisonJokes #ACDC

Her Interactive Approval Anniversary (Three Years Running!)

YES! It's about dang time. Has it really been three years? Please, help me spread the word.

Wait, We're Actually Going There? (The Wishes Ch. 3)

Finally! So we are definitely going to Siberia. Unfortunately, we had to make Brandon's wish come true in order to arrive there.

Is Someone Spying On Us? (Howards Mansion #2)

Wait. First a working security camera and now an observer? What the butts is going on?

If Pinocchio Starts Singing, I'm Leaving (The Wishes Ch. 3)

Can't stop the quotes. Kronk and Maui are priceless. But seriously, if Pinocchio does start singing, I'ma leave.

We Finally Make The Antidote (The Wishes Ch. 2)

If you could wish to save your mom or dad, consequence included, would you do it?

I Didn't Start The Fire - He Did! (The Wishes Ch. 2)

Ooops! I forgot to share Tuesday's video.
Well, I'm back to playing Grim Tales. Who knows when Elephant Games will come up with a 16th one? xD
But the world wasn't always burning, though... since he DID start the fire. *smh* Demons...

Are We Going On A Trip? LIT (Secrets of Howards Mansion) First Impression

Well, that went somewhat well. ^_^ I look forward to playing the game again!

More SOMO News

I can't seem to stop talking about Special Olympics Missouri. Lol. Anywho, a month or two ago, one of my athlete friends asked to interview me for our SOMO TV show. Which excited me!

He knew I went to Seattle for the USA Games as a staff member, not a competing athlete. That just shows how well Allen Tobin is as a leader for the Kansas City group for SOMO TV. ^_^ (I actually declined the role for the Columbia/St. Louis group. With so much that I do, I didn't want to tackle on more responsibilities.)

The interview was yesterday, and it went great. I've already forgotten most of the questions he asked, but Allen went ham. I do know he asked really good questions, and our head honcho suggested some good questions he could ask. Before I left, Brandon Schatsiek (the head honcho) gave me an envelope I spotted earlier.

I managed to open it late last night. It was a thank you note for all I did as a PR Assistant in the past year. I felt so happy. I then noticed there was an additi…

What Does Alex Want For his Birthday? (Stardew Valley #32)

omg, he said hungry! Maybe I should've bought a burger from the salon and given that to him? Can you do that?

Donating My Part To The Luau (Stardew Valley #31)

I wonder how I can befriend Haley. I forgot what items interests her.

Update On My Capstone Project

Boy, was this week a stressful one. Fun, but stressful. Ever since I took my final semester for ALPs U (Athlete Leadership Programs University), I took my professor's advice to heart. He happens to be the PR man for Special Olympic Missouri's central area. I look up to him so much and take what he says seriously. Except when I know he's joking or teasing me, which he doesn't do quite often.

I still remember the time when I was at HQ... I think it was the week we were leaving for Seattle. I mentioned to one of the employees that he's a lovable guy. And off in the distance, while he was searching for a banner, we hear him call out -- "If that's what you think, then I'm not doing my job." I busted out laughing.

I know he can be intimidating at times. That just shows how much he cares, which is a lot. He's one of those people who can watch you from the sidelines and can tell almost immediately that you have potential of being a great person and in…

Jittery For My Final ALPs U Project

I attempted to edit my Capstone project Friday and Saturday at the local access television station. Not much is done, but I got some progress. I'm hesitant to record a game for this coming week, as I need all focus on the capstone.

The deadline is September 9th, but seeing as this is a documentary for the capstone, I'm desperate to turn it in this Friday. I'm so nervous. I want everything just right, but that's clearly not happening. I overwhelm and overthink things.

There's a word I'm searching for, but it's not coming to me. Lol. Oh, well. I'll figure it out. Wish me luck!

Saving Humans Has Never Been So FUN! (The Bride Bonus P2)

This took so long to work on. I'm just happy I'll be starting game #3 soon. Seriously. Cause if Elephant Games is still releasing more for Grim Tales, then they already know how the series is gonna end. ^_^

Is Father Truly Innocent? (The Bride Bonus P1)

So... is this the exact demon that possessed their dad, or the demon he praised? Oh, boy.

The Pizza Code Is Real (911 Operator #5)

It's a little difficult not spoiling what the pizza code is. You never really know who could be the victim or the assailant. Whether an operator or not, don't ever joke about the pizza code. Help them in any way you can.

Are You Sure You Don't Want To Kiss A Stranger? (911 Operator #4)

Note to everyone: if someone is unconscious and needs CPR, whether a stranger or not, please actually do the CPR.

Exploring The New Update (Plague Inc: Evolved #20)

Let's not go into full history of the #BlackDeath just yet... okay? Good.

I'm Only Human, Not A Demon (The Bride #9)

Of course, it's not gonna be that simple. That's why there's... 15 GAMES? Um, what?!

Nancy Who? Never Heard Of Her

Heyo, Kittens/Hopefuls! Unfortunate news. The recording of Nancy Drew didn't happen. New situations kept coming up and conflicted with each reschedule to record with Gabriel Wolf. Because of that, and my assumption that he and I would be able to record before the end of the week, it looks like it won't be happening.

I actually found out today that 911 Operator got an update the day I uploaded a video of the same game. Since it's most likely Gabriel and I won't record the coming week, due to the capstone project I need to work on, I will be able to retrieve some footage of 911 Operator.

The coming week - expect Grim Tales: The Bride Collector's Edition! I'm so excited. It feels like it's been months since I've played the game. Lol.

Obeying The Magic Flying Letter | The Night of the Rabbit

Is it wrong to think Jerry is gullible in thinking he can show the city that magic is real? #NightoftheRabbit

Awesome, But Seriously Scary | One Hand Clapping

Seriously, I was so close to saying I regret playing the game. OHC really messed up my computer. Thankfully, there's no virus, but I really worried that shutting down and restarting would clean slate my PC.

Did We Discover Dad's Evil Lair? (The Bride #8)

I can't figure out if the demon's angry we found the lair or if he's crying out in pain. I need to rewatch that bit.

Wait, I Have A Father? :-O (The Bride #7)

Unbeliev - well, strike that. Because it's a mansion, I'm not surprised there's a dungeon.

Healthy Athletes Is THE Place To Go

Special Olympics is not all about competing. With so many states, and so many countries, you'd be surprised how many people there are who have intelluctual disabilities. I'd say at least 15% of those people are an athlete in Special Olympics. And because they have disabilities, well, with public judgment, they most likely don't have enough money to pay for all their medical expenses, or even find out what troubles their physical ailments.

Special Olympics has something called Healthy Athletes. This event happens with every state, nationals, and possibly world competition. There are multiple stations athletes can attend. Today, I only went to two out of seven.

For the USA Games, it almost seems impossible to check every single athlete here. It'd be a miracle.

The two I attended were Opening Eyes and Health Promotion. My boss kinda insisted on the Opening Eyes, considering he saw me squinting last night at the laptop. I couldn't read the tiny numbers on each clip! Ha…

I'm Simply Happy

When you forget something, you shouldn't be ashamed, right? For some reason, when it comes to my work for Brandon, I do feel ashamed. He's taught me so much. I should know this stuff about cameras and people's faces/names.

I know he wants me to be open, feel comfortable to ask him anything - even if it's the simplest thing. That is the case. He's like a third father to me. My pediatric psychologist is the second father to me, but I'm not going into that right now.

I suppose the reason I feel ashamed those times is because I don't want to disappoint or frustrate him. If/when he's like that, it's almost like I let myself down.

So much is happening all so fast that I can't keep track. My mind is going almost a thousand miles a minute, which makes me space out a lot and not pay attention. Yikes!

Last night was like that, and it happened again earlier today. He wanted to find a certain someone who traveled to the USA Games as a fan/guest to one of ou…

Talking Shop With The Media Crew

I've noticed my vocabulary is not always the best. The reason I'm saying that is because I can't seem to come up with good sentences to start my blogs. I don't think you've noticed. If so, do let me know and possibly give me some suggestions. I'm always looking to improve any skilled area.

Anywho, I had a blast and rough day simultaneously. I focused on bocce and track & field today, which was nice. This helped me familiarize that area of UW campus. UW is University of Washington. Each sport location has a media section, and every media section gives a set of rules what we can and cannot do.

Bocce was a good place to start. The lighting gave the right amount to balance my camera's lighting. I could get close to the athletes by using the track around their matches, but could not step on the grass.

"Get off the grass!" The announcer from Princess Diaries would say. But seriously, I made sure not to break that rule, unlike Princess Amelia.

During …

A Great Start For The Competing Week

Today was quite the day, and probably the last relaxing day for me - as everything will be quick-paced and all over the place. Today, we had the Opening Ceremony for Special Olympics USA Games 2018.

This is the fiftieth anniversary of Special Olympics entirely. It wasn't surprising to have a short memorial of the woman who started it all. Eunice Kennedy Shriver, bless her soul, did her best and made the bravest move by creating Special Olympics. Fifty years later, the athletes, coaches, Unified Partners, volunteers, and staff members have grown in numbers, bravery, and humble.

In fact, several athletes I know are here. I make sure I sit by them as often as I can, since I most likely might not see them close up when they're competing. They have changed for the better. Seattle is in for a surprise when they meet Team Missouri - MO Magic.

At the ceremony, multiple celebrities were there, from WWE to Allen Stone, and even employees from the international or national Special Olympi…

The First Two Days of USA Games

Sometimes, people ask me what I'll be doing in Seattle. It excites me when that happens, because I can then tell them that I'm an athlete in Special Olympics. The weird thing is, that's not the first thing that comes out of my mouth. It's more like, "I am going to Seattle to be a PR Assistant at the USA Games, our nationals." I didn't improve my answer up until a month ago. But hey, I'm here now and having a lot of fun.

For MO Magic, aka Team Missouri, our Kansas City send off was definitely new to me. Well, to be honest, everything but my PR skills is new to me. We explored the location of Pro Athlete, Inc., which was where our send off party located.

Each team sport had a chance of playing baseball in their ball pit, play games in the game room, write our names on the Pro Athlete, Inc. wall, fix our hair for the Opening Ceremony with either hair dye (purple, pink, or both) or hair extensions (same color options), as well as eat lunch before we head …

Seattle, Here I Come!

Today, I venture off to Seattle! I do hope I make a good impression at the USA Games. Whatever I do will determine whether athletes-leaders can become staff in the future USA Games to come. No pressure.
Wish me luck!

SOMO's Yearly Sports Camp

I keep forgetting to do the blogs. Probably because I'm trying so hard to get everything on my YouTube list watched and over with. Lol.

Any-who, I'm excited about this week. Sports camp! 😄I'm a little nervous, though, even if I don't need to be. Only because I'm bringing more luggage than I normally do. This is sports camp, after all. My sleeping bag actually fits in the leftover space of my suitcase. My swimming equipment and a little bit of bathroom stuff is in one bag. Towels and the rest of my bathroom necessities is in a second bag.

The laptop that they're allowing me to bring - it's because I'm mainly at sports camp to keep my mind at the right pace of what it will be like when we're at the USA Games. I'll even have time to swim, possibly tennis. I'm bringing my tennis racket as well.

Last but not least, the TYR Flexfins to help improve my swimming skills. I finally will be able to use them outside of my hometown. This is just making …

"Easily Distracted" Are The Words This Weekend

Almost every time I realize I still need to write the blog, it's less than an hour away from midnight in my time zone. LOL! Well, that's smooth. So I'm gonna be pretty quick here.

Ever since I turned in my story to my boss, which was Thursday afternoon, I've been storming through on Supernatural. (Now on season 7.) I watched the entire "Between the Scene" playlist of The Daily Show with Trevor Noah. I'm about five to ten videos shorter in finishing Jesse Cox's playlist of Fan Friday. I edited two books of mine, so I can send it to a former coworker. (It was her birthday on Saturday.) And right now, after this, I'm finishing up a transcription on a game theory video for The Game Theorists. Out of the goodness of my editorial heart.

Oh, and I almost forgot. I even re-listened (and re-watched) some of the remixes people made of JackSepticEye and Markiplier. That definitely helped me get some stuff done in my kitchen. Lol.

The two things I wish I had …

I Need To Lose Weight

Yesterday was my team's last day of swim practice. Mainly because the central area of Missouri won't be competing in swimming at State. So for our last practice, we didn't work on any laps. We played water games and ate snacks. Correction: they had snacks. It was all sugary foods, so I passed. I gotta admit. This past Thursday, I got to try on the rest of my MO Magic gear. Everything fit well except for a pair of shorts. The only problem about it was me. I seriously need to lose weight. I doubt she can get a size higher. When I told her I needed to lose weight, she gave me quite a shocked "Are you serious?" look. I'm not very good at portion control. Or even what I eat. Until I'm back from Seattle, I will stick to healthy food deliveries, as well as cooking only the portion sizes of what I normally buy. I only hope I can commit to this plan. I also suck at sticking to a plan like this. Lol. There is a lot about me that I need to fix, and I'd rather write…

Changing Narrations/Writing Articles and Stories

It's interesting and more fun to write fiction. You can make up just about anything. You don't even need to do research. Well, only if what you're writing hasn't been done before. In most cases, it has, but you never know. (This world needs more creativity and spark from us!)

For me, a good portion of the books I've written need plenty of research. Some books require clothing and names from certain centuries. Some need a few things on vampires, mermaids, or even Greek mythical creatures. (Yes, I said it. At least two books, which are paired together, demand all types of animals and creatures.) Heck, several of my books require the proper lingo from the correct century. Now those are difficult to find, but I'm digressing here.

The most difficult story writing for me... is non-fiction. Seriously. Yes, I know I'm blogging, but that's different. I put my thoughts and feelings with typed up words. Most people say it's easy; it's not that hard. Surpri…

Accepting And Growing From Within (About Your Disability)

It hasn't even been a full week into May and already there's something to say about Special Olympics - about all the athletes, and even those who aren't IN Special Olympics who have disabilities. Today, I received a call from my boss about certain issues that occurred this year. One of which consisted complaints from certain athletes about a question I asked them in my interviews. The question was, "What is your disability?"

To be honest, and you probably already know this by now, I tend to react before I think. It's been a gift and a curse my entire life. I don't know how to fix it or even remove it. Lately, it's been more of a curse. Because I'm a PR Assistant for Team Missouri, this "react before thinking" has repercussions to Special Olympics, its image and "my image." I write that in quotations due to the fact I tend to embrace everything about myself, including my flaws. Even though, at times, I wish I didn't have tho…

What A Crazy Month!

What a crazy month April has been! About two months ago, Brandon had me transcribe 13 interviews. That took a lot of time on the days I worked on them. He gave a loose deadline, which helped, but I knew I couldn't put them off too long. I managed to finish them two weeks ago. It was nice timing too, because when he contacted me to finish them, I only had two interviews left and they were short enough to work on in two days.

In that same contact with him, he said he needed two Spotlight interviews edited and done for him before a certain date. That happened to be fortunate for me because I had forgotten about my monthly training at CATV. I managed to get both interviews done and sent on dropbox. What I forgot to do after finishing them was schedule the posts for those interviews on SOMO's Facebook page.

Fortunately, I scheduled a lesson with CATV for the following week to learn about the DSLR camera. That was a lot of fun. I've always wanted to learn more about digital came…

An Escape Plan For Your Hometown?!

I really am excited about tomorrow. I wish I had done everything that I had planned today. There wasn't enough time, though. I would've exercised and researched my hometown's layout. I still don't know where everything is in this town. Lol.

Tomorrow, an escape room business called Escape Plan is hosting an event -

Murder Mystery, a City-Wide Escape!
My sister, my mom, I, and either my brother in law or pops will be in a team together. We have to traverse our hometown, searching for clues to solve a murder. We must bring Dilly's killer to justice. Our first clue before the start time for Saturday afternoon is this: "Dilly beloved by all, it's unfortunate she had to endure such cruelty with 14 stab wounds." This is going to be hard. I hope I'm ready.

"Gather up your team of 4-6 and join Escape Plan for a city wide escape! All teams will begin at Escape Plan and will follow their initial murder mystery clue to their first location, and so on thro…

I Want To Be...

I try to manage my money as best as I can, though it doesn't always work out. I love delivery food - especially when it's Order Up. I have subscriptions to three sites for TV shows and movies to watch: Netflix, YouTube Red, and PureFlix. PureFlix, I absolutely love.

I actually made a deal with myself. If I don't watch a certain amount of time on PureFlix, I cancel my subscription. I happened to discover PureFlix as an ad on my Facebook profile. It was "The Encounter," a great movie. I was like, "Okay, I'll try to find a link that's not PureFlix and watch the film. If it's decent, I'll subscribe." I found out that not only was it fairly decent with two really nice celebrities, The Encounter had a sequel and its own TV show. (By the way, the celebrities are Jaci Valesquez the Christian singer and Sting the wrestler.)

I was hooked. For a while, I actually believed PureFlix was a Christian film/TV show website. It's not entirely true. It…

Public Venting Is Bad Publicity?!

I finally managed to upload the vlog on Saturday. I can't believe it took me so long to work on it, but it's up now. Please understand that I don't want this happening, but because I'm so worried about my allergic reaction to stress, a break from my gaming channel is needed. I have no idea how long it'll be, but it's happening.
(I worry for our country if all journalists and news-anchors go through this stage and not come out the way they hoped.)

Lost Track of Time

Wow, I have not been keeping up. This shows how distracted I am. I'm not doing my work. Anywho - my day has been interesting.

It's been an interesting turn of events. My sister and niece took me grocery shopping in return for DVDs that they could watch. My beautiful niece is sick and her mommy thought DVDs might entertain her better than toys. We let the baby walk around my apartment and mess with my things. Little did we know!

She mashed the keyboard with her little fingers. And in the process, she rotated my desktop by ninety degrees. Lol! I was freaking out. "And that's our cue to leave," my sister said. Thankfully, I managed to figure it out after they left.

To change subject, last week's project for SOMO was rather big. I had to cancel my gaming channel work in order to work on it. I managed to get it done while I was at HQ. Today and for the next few days, I'll be working not only on the last video for Before The Storm, but also on the transcription…

Game Theory Merch!

I almost forgot this week's blog! I should've written it Friday night. Cause guess what? I got my Game Theory merch! ^_^

I'm so excited. I already did two short videos. I'm gonna send them to my computer, edit them, and upload it to both my channels. After three weeks of hassling FedEx and politely talking to CreatorMash, I finally have the merch I purchased over a month ago. Boo ya!

It's The ALPs U Weekend!

Yes! ^_^ Finally. The last semester for my Communications major. I'm so excited I got to attend this particular semester for Athlete Leadership Programs University. (See; what did I tell ya? The exciting stuff always happens the first week of the month. That's why I forget to write my weekly blogs. Lol. Nothing happens.)

This particular semester located in Columbia, MO - my hometown. Yes! And not to my surprise, MU hosted it instead of Columbia College or Stephens College. What a bummer, but still - the particular buildings I had to attend today happened to be a few blocks from my apartment. What a crazy random happenstance!

Like most majors, all the majors at ALPs U have a Capstone class to finish it off. Pretty much everyone in the Capstone class was finishing their Communications major - like me. Now that truly is a crazy random happenstance. Any-who, each of us needed to come up with a project that would suit our major. One athlete-leader intends to become a mentor for thi…

I Despise FedEx Drivers

Here comes the venting. As I waited patiently, two weeks ago yesterday, for my GT merch from FedEx, I wondered how to record my reaction. Whether to use the unfocusable camera on my tablet or my iPod that has data I need transferred. I couldn't decide.

It's been two weeks now, and I'm still waiting. I've had to call FedEx multiple times to figure out what the driver did. I suppose it's been too long for the driver to remember clearly, but customer service keeps saying he put it in the mail room. Here's the thing - there is no mail room in my building. And there are no other apartment complexes on my street. So very frustrating.

As you can tell, I'm fed up with FedEx. Maybe the company that made said merch should not use FedEx Smart Post anymore. FedEx's customer service can give that beautiful sweet talk all day if they want, but they still will have no frickin' clue what happened to that package. I paid good money for that sweet, unique merch, and …

The Lazy Life of A (Somewhat) Superstar

Oh no; I forgot last week's blog! I suck! Lol. This just shows either how lazy or busy I am. Honestly, I think it's both. Here - let me explain.

This month, and the first week of March, is Polar Bear Plunge here in America - Special Olympics. We can't say Polar Bear Club. That belongs to Canada. Yep. Lol. Anyway, Polar Plunge is a busy time for the PR team of SOMO. So busy that I offered to help, but Brandon said no - oh, well.
He did give me a new project, and I should work on that now. I am overdue on apartment and personal hygiene, though. Not to mention, my dad is coming over to hang out, as well as inspect my bed frame to confirm my suspicions. And he normally comes over around 6:30 or 7 CST.
So I pretty much gotta jet right after this. I'm even waiting for a package, which is super awesome! It's the new Game Theory merch, and I am due for new socks and a t-shirt style. This is so hype! I want to make sure I record this, so I can put it on either YouTube or Tw…

Watching The Internet A Bit Too Much

I do admit; I love watching my favorite movies and shows, even if it means... well, I'm not gonna say it. But still, it's my favorite pastime. They are time consuming, and it doesn't help when I need to record videos for either of my channels. Yikes!

Like this coming week, I have to go to CATV so I can edit the footage for TheEsperanza243. I recorded a video at CATV and intend to edit and upload at the location. I'm super psyched about it. I forgot to go to the local bus station to get my monthly pass, though. Oops!

Well, I guess I'm gonna have to brave the super cold weather tomorrow - or Tuesday. Tuesday would be better. Even though I'll be wiped when I get home from the food pantry, that will force me to stay on my feet - and I can convince myself to go to the station. If I don't, I won't be going to CATV, and I promised myself and my Hopefuls that I'd be uploading once a month or every two weeks.

It's been more than two weeks. And on top of …

A Deal With A Demon, Really? (The Bride #1)

I do hope you enjoy the first installment of #GrimTales The Bride. I had a blast fun fine-tuning the audio! Hehe.

One of Those *Special* Days

I do realize you're noticing the same thing as I am. I've been talking about Special Olympics pretty much at the beginning of each month. I am trying to make it so that I blog about SOMO towards the middle or end of the month, but something just manages to happen at the beginning that makes things so exciting.

Yesterday, a local news reporter - a newly employed one, I assume, because she doesn't have a Facebook page attached to her name yet. I think she's still an MU student, but again, I could be wrong. Anyways, she messaged me on Facebook because my swim coach recommended me to be interviewed. ^_^ (By the way, my coach knows I need help with my speeches side of the homework. Because of the interview today, I'm down to three speeches - and I need them done by this Friday. Yikes!)

Three hours later...

That was intense! She was all over the place. Swim practice was cancelled due to the snow/ice. When she discovered this, she had to contact someone at her base. She st…

Nancy Drew Is A Cook Now? (Lost Queen #2) w/ Gabriel Wolf

It's been overdue. I know I'm late, but well... let's just say Thursday was one of my worst days ever. I needed to accept consequences.
@Gabriel_Wolf just knows how to make a scenefunny, and so does Dylan. Lol. #kitchenpuns

New Schedule Change / Night To Shine (facecam)

New schedule change; new look, new me. Let's try to be professional this year. Without boxing myself in. Please?

To Drown Is Too Real (Tomb of the Lost Queen #1) w/ Gabriel Wolf

And now, my kittens, here I finally present our special guest - @Gabriel_Wolf! Yaaay! #DylanCarter

The Responsibilities Of A Public Relations Assistant

You'd think that after telling your boss that you decided to go back to blogging once a week (once a month for your organization,) you would remember to stick to that once a week blog. Boy, do I suck. Yikes! Lol.

To make sure I know what to do when we reach Seattle, Brandon (my boss) and Harrison (coworker) gives me goals and little missions to do either monthly or whatever deadline he so chooses. I wholeheartedly don't mind. This gives me something to do. This actually forces me to control my internet-watching intake, which is a huge amount of time. That, of course, makes sense for my memory bank in my brain. It is getting emptied that it is not helping for a lot of conversations that occurred in the past few months.

For the deadline, which happens to be January 15th - probably 4 or 5pm, I must complete five videos, as well as the Spotlight scheduled posts for February. I love CATV in this situation, not to mention my oldest sister. She managed to give me a Mac thumb drive in…

Never Bring A Knife To Make A Point (Before The Storm Episode 3 P3)

Noo!! Rachel! She can't die!