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Happy Birthday to all!

Among all those celebrity and random birthdays out in the world today, I say happy birthday to everyone. And I'm saying this because it's also my birthday too. ^_^

I'm so excited. I have a really good feeling about today. But to be precise, it won't be my birthday until 9:10pm Bolivia Time, which here in town would be 7:10pm. Can you guess what time zone I'm in?

The reason I say Bolivia Time is because that's where I was born. But the back story to that is pretty personal. I don't feel comfortable telling that to the world, even though it's already mentioned in a Woodbine House book.


I am full nervous this month. I originally thought I could work on the survival/prophecy book and the mermaid sequel book for the NaNo. But I'm already done with the sequel and am on the verge of finishing the survival one. Friday morning, I had an interesting dream where I was writing the ending of a book and the events of that ending were actually happening as I wrote it. Very cool dream, right? The moment before I woke up, I realized I could use this as my NaNoWriMo book. It's a loose topic though. I don't know any exact details of the story and I am now realizing there are plenty of books and movies similar to it.

I don't know what to do. I mean, there may be some adventures left for the mermaid, but what would those be? I suppose there is one or two adventure left for the survival book as well. I'm already attempting at one book series and failing miserably. Why should I try three more when I don't know how to complete the first series? I'm seriously a…

Updates and Upgrades

Half way through October and I have only posted one thing... well, f***! Lol. (And seriously, that's how I wanted to start the blog. Haha!)

Anyways, a lot has been happening. If I haven't mentioned it in my last blog, I have my own radio show now. It's not on any channels; it's actually a site: BlogTalkRadio. (Dot)com, of course, and in the search engine, type in te243. Yes, it's a shorter name from my YouTube name. I've had the show for about two and a half weeks. I air on Mondays and Tuesdays, 3pm central. Up until Thursday, I had no idea what my radio name should be. Now I know - and you'll have to tune in this Monday to find out.
Ha! See what I did there? You're curious, aren't you?

I've been having a lot of fun on YouTube, actually. You know, reading aloud one of Ellen Raskin's popular books: The Westing Game. I do remember posting a blog about it on here. And I do hope you are watching every video I upload of it. If it looks like I'…

Halloween Blog Hop

My memory has been fuzzy to me for the past few years; mainly because I watch too much on the internet and TV. I will do my best to tell a fun Halloween memory. If I'm general about anything though, I do apologize.

I remember last year's Halloween. I dressed as Nancy Drew with a green trench coat, white ascot, white shirt... and forgot what kind of pants I wore, haha. I had a lot of fun with the outfit. I rented the outfit for a week, so got to I wear the trench coat to work one day. One of my co-workers loved it, and some of them teased me.
I especially did research on ascots. I wanted to make sure I wore the right kind, but none of the lady's styles I could do or were too fancy for me. I just chose a man's style, the kind Fred wore in the Scooby Doo gang.

There's an event that happens every november called NaNoWriMo and my region had a meeting where it was requested to where a Halloween costume. Almost everyone had to ask me who I was. Craig thought I was Sherloc…

"One Man Disney Movie" Nick Pitera Disney Medley

I love Nick Pitera. He's such a talented man. Now I can see how he got so famous so quickly. He's an animator at Pixar, which is basically owned by Disney. ^_^ I'm so glad he's this awesome.

Realization Movies, Motivation

Earlier today on Facebook, I made an open-mouthed status. Something I probably shouldn't have plastered. Though this connects to the entirety of the world as well, I don't know where else to put it.

"I just have so many frustrations and yet for the life of me, I don't see any. I know I may seem like a happy, crazy, and deluded woman, but in some ways, I am so not. "No one is perfect." That's a phrase used way too many times. I know I'm not perfect. And there will be times where saying this will be tiring and tedious but... I'm tired of being weak, being strong, putting barriers, not putting barriers, being gullible. I'm just tired of it all.
The question is... what the hell am I doing?"

I just finished a movie called Girl In Progress. It's coming-of-age and realization movies that really get to me. Watching this film tonight made me realize something. I'm still in that coming-of-age process. Yes, I know I have responsibilities as …

Major Post-It note Idea!

So we, Columbia Missouri Novelists group, got together yesterday. Liz Schulte hosted the meeting as kind of a "how to" thing. She taught us how she outlines her books, with colored post-it notes. I wrote them all down in my notes. It's actually a great idea; I just wish I actually like outlining. >.>
Of course, these are just ideally. You can change the colors or the label of each one if you want.

Orange - plot
Green - location
Blue - hero
Light blue - hero's back story
Pink - heroine
Light pink - heroine's back story
Odd shade of turquoise - third person
Teal - third person's back story
Purple - villain (three-dimensional, if needed)
Hot pink - sexual/emotional ((My favorite; cause emotions are needed in a book.))
Yellow - world building
Coral - series
White - what's the point in the scene?

Questions that come up after so much plotting
Misc., character, character, character
(^The direct above is just an example. You'll have separate questions, …

Google+ Channel

I'm actually excited about this. It turns out I'm pretty good at this second project I am working on. I just need to publicize it enough for people to know about it. I am working on my very first video walkthrough. I decided it would be a game not very many people know about. After this, I will probably attempt a Barbie game. Who knows, though? Currently, the game is on Journey To The Center of The Earth.

I know there is a book by Jules Verne - and I have read it. It's really good, but I've also seen many movie versions. The first time I played the game, I realized it was based on the book and the movies I'm familiar with. Let’s hope you’ve read it and seen enough versions to know what I mean. :)

It turns out the first video I uploaded ended up on my Google+ channel of YouTube. I had originally intened it for my original channel. So the video walkthrough will be on the Google+ instead of the other. I hope I help you get unstuck. Otherwise, you get to see me screw …

Next Book Reading Project

Even though I should be excited about the float trip I just had yesterday, I still have jitters about next week. I mean, it's just so cool. In seven days starting tomorrow, it will be the 29th anniversary of Ellen Raskin's death. Now - why do I say that? It's because that is what my next project will be on YouTube. Instead of reading one of my personal, written books, I will be reading a printed book by a great author. I know in the last part of Long Live Menavia I said I would post one video of it next Wednesday. This is too exciting, though, so I think I'll put up two videos instead: the introduction and Part 1. Ellen Raskin - can you believe it? ^_^

Facebook and YouTube

I'm a bit excited about Facebook. Several of my author/writer friends already have Facebook pages. And I know there are a whole bunch for celebrities. I figured I might as well have my own. So there you are. My first Facebook page ever - and I had trouble choosing a name. So I decided to use my YouTube name: TheEsperanza243. Sadly, though, Facebook wouldn't allow the second capital letter in the same word. Here's a link so you can like my page:

    Now on to YouTube. That is a whole story on its own. Lol. I am so close to finishing Long Live Menavia. Only four videos left to record and upload. I am trying my best to speak calmly and slowly when I do the readings. And now that there's a few videos left, I gotta figure out what the next book reading should be. I want read a book that's not in my writing. In order for that to happen, though, it must be a book that's not very known and quite old. I already have a book in…

Camp NaNo

I've been meaning to keep you updated on my July book for Camp NaNoWriMo. It's temporary title is Rebecca's Worst Christmas Present Ever. It's currently the longest title of my books. I do intend on changing it at some point. I almost always do with new books. For instance, when I wrote the Daniel Hayes, I created the title Kidnapping Is A Vice; then it became Kidnapping Is A Depravation. I asked my facebook friends for some help changing it to something else. My special friend suggested The Grand Illusion. It's not what I thought it would be, but it fits with the whole book in general.

    Anyways, my July book for Camp NaNo is going great. It's at 12,000 words and close to the ending. It's my first Christmas moral story ever. And the way I go on about it with my mom, she can't wait for me to finish it. She wants me to read it to her, considering she hates reading - even textbooks. (I've tried to make CDs for her to listen to of a book reading …

Latest Update

Well, I guess I'm not doing so well with frequent blogs. I do need to work on that, don't I? The more I do, the more my link gets noticed. I'm not trying to get any particular person's attention. I just want to make sure everyone knows who I am and how I do things my way. Lol. My way seems to be pretty slow, eh?

    I'm still working on my book reading project at my YouTube channel. (I hope you like the karaoke video I put up last weekend.) The good news is - I am two recordings short of getting on the last packet of Long Live Menavia. Because of that, I have to consider which book I should read next. I know I had it figured out at least twice. >.> But I can't remember. Oh, well... looks like I have to figure it out a third time.

    I am excited that it's July. That is for three reasons. One - one of my favorite co-workers has a birthday. ^_^ I already got her a birthday present. Two - some of my co-workers and I are going on a float trip at the …


Today, I created a new account on CreateSpace. It certainly is something interesting. I've heard Liz Schulte and Jamie Strawn talk about it in our critique group earlier this year. I didn't expect the site to be so simple and detailed. It's all so overwhelming that I don't know what to do.
I am certainly gonna start slow. I don't want to do too much on my first day as a member. I've already joined another writer's group on facebook, and some of the members are already greeting me with open arms. It's so nice that there are more authors and writers who are friendly. I am looking forward to meeting them and expanding my knowledge of writing.

Missourian Newspaper

I'm excited about this weekend. It's the state meet for Special Olympics Missouri. I'll be able to recognize one person at the Opening Ceremony. The reason why is because she is one of the Miss Queens nominated for Miss Missouri. ^_^ I know someone who's a pageant woman! Hehehehe.

    I'm also excited for another reason. Yesterday, I had a phone interview by a journalist at the Missourian newspaper. They wanted to interview an SO athlete before the state meet this weekend. Someone ACTUALLY recommended me. I literally said I'd be honored. It was nerve-wrecking, but also fun. Today, I have to find a newspaper box that gives out this specific company. I can't wait to read the paper. I'll be taking a photo of it and uploading that on Facebook. I told my friends and family I would do that.


Letting you know I will be performing a live stream this afternoon at 4pm central. I will talk about all sorts of things, including what book to read for my Ustream Book Reading. Come watch me work on my "uh"s and "um"s. Lol.

Columbia Missouri Novelists Critique Group

We had another monthly meeting today. And I finally was able to go. I missed the last two meetings, out of laziness and soreness. The Saturday of last month's meeting - I had a swim meet in Special Olympics.

Today's meeting, three authors/writers were able to get critique about their books. I am among them. The particular book I shared for critique is called "Carlina's Culture." I certainly got a lot of help. At times, I felt like screaming, because they pointed so many things that I apparently need to change. Geez! When I wrote this book, I wanted to aim it for kids. I guess I wasn't thinking about everything during the thinking process. With the critique I got today, it certainly looks like I'm gonna end up re-writing the entire book. What a shame, too. At the time I finished writing it, I thought Carlina's Culture seemed like a really good book. I didn't realize I left out so much until now.

We even talked about expanding our group. I don't…


And some more!! jvxbcvxckjdskjhkjxdhvxc;lkdshfdsjflidshfj
Exciting news! Woodbine Publishing House has finally released that book. The full title is called A Room of Golden Shell: 100 Works by Artists and Writers with Down Syndrome. I don't remember if I told you, but I have Mosaic Down Syndrome. Something to do with an extra chromosome or one less. I can't quite remember, and I never could understand the full definition of MDS. Anyways, the basic title is called A Room of Golden Shell; it comes from a poem written by contributor Fiona Morris, and Woodbine hopes it will give people an idea of how dazzling the contents are. With one winning submission, my rewards are $25, my submission in the book, and a free copy of their published book. I only wonder when I’m gonna get it. It’s been released for a week or two by now. Do I need to email them to ask if they sent it? Was it sent to my mom's at the last minute? Do I have to get the book on their site in order to get my free c…

A post going around Facebook: My ABC's

A: Available?: Yes...
B: Birthday?: December 9, 1988
C: Crushing on someone?: Yes
D: Drink last had?: Sprite
E: Easiest person to talk to?: Peyton
F: First name?: Allison (If you haven't figured that out, you are living under a rock.)
G: Grade hated most?: 1st
H: Height?: 5' 9 1/2"
I: In love with?: A certain brand of cologne, which a co-worker uses. I tried to ask him but he had trouble remembering. I think he said "Playboy" from Walmart.
J: Ever been jealous?: Yes... so many times
K: Killed someone?: Heck no
L: Longest friendship?: 10 years; though we somewhat stopped talking for the past three years
M: Milkshake flavor?: Strawberry! :D
N: Number of siblings?: 2
O: One wish?: I wish to have motivation, so I can travel outside of the state this summer.
P: Person who called me last?: either Anna Cox or my mom; Lol, it's been days since someone has called me.
Q: Question I'm always asked?: "Are you related to (such-and-such)?" >.> Yes, that's my (uncl…