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😮 Telling The Truth Can Really Hurt! 😭 (Thornton Hall #6)

I did not expect so many confessions in one video. A shame none of them helped us find Jessalyn. #missingbride

Getting Harper Kicked Out Of Her Hiding Spot! 😉 👌 (Thornton Hall #5)

Go on, Nancy. Make her move! I've been eating ice cream for hours. Wait, no - wrong game. #ghostofthorntonhall

😮 Is Margaret's Past Involved With *The Heartless?* 😟 (Chapter 2)

I can't help but wonder that it does. Why else would the Hunters choose her?

😮 My Niece Needs Me To Do What? 😱 (Bloody Mary Chapter 1)

Take one down. Pass it around. 99 bottles of Bloody Mary on the wall! Oh, whoops. Wrong song. #grimtales

A Seasonal Clock That Doesn't Change The Weather (Stone Queen BONUS - finale)

That's just weird. Why would they have that clock puzzle if it doesn't help the actual weather? #flawedsystem?

What Kind Of Hunt Is This? (Heartless Chapter 1)

You ready for some revenge? Cause I think someone in this game does. #whodoyoublame?

The Highest EMF Reading Is Not Always A Good Thing (Thornton Hall #4)

And this is where you meet the social outcast... oh, wait, that's me. xD #ghostofthorntonhall

Q&A with Jessalyn's Friend Addison (Thornton Hall #3)

What was she like? What'd you do that night? Can you recall? Were you scared? Geez. #interrogation much?

Let's Take A Peek Into My Wildest Dreams 😍 (Monster Prom)

We're playing something completely different. Are you ready to dive into a crazy world... of monsters? #amIever!

😨 Okay, So How Do We Get Rid Of The Fire? 🔥 (Stone Queen) BONUS

Is no one going to point out the similarities of this to other movies and shows? No? #predictable!

Could Someone Give 🐶 Cerberus A Bone ☠ Here? Geez! (Stone Queen) Chapter 4

I can't help but wonder if there's more to that ending. What IS the bonus game about, I wonder? #noidea

Today's Video!

(YouTube is being testy, for some reason. I couldn't share the video from the source.)

Can You Lucid Dream?

I don't know if I ever told you this, but I can lucid dream. Ever since I was nine, I've had vivid dreams about magic, celebrities, tv show/movie characters, talking insects, and zombies. Yes, zombies. Despite the fact I avoid that topic as much as I can.

Over the years, these dreams became a part of my life. They still are. The more movies and tv shows I watched, and the more books I read, the more detailed and imaginative the dreams were. I realized I wanted to be in these dream worlds myself, to change the circumstances, whether good or not. That was when I also realized that I could tell when I was waking up, but still dreamed. That place where you're aware you're dreaming, but don't want to get out of bed.
I learned to interact with the people in my dreams. I learned that the magic I gained over the years from these dreams joined with me in the other dreams. (Oh, the power I still hold over lucid dreams.) I learned a way to separate myself from the character I…

😳 Was It *Really* Just A Prank, Bud? 😨 (Faceless Gravedigger) BONUS

Uh, seriously? You're not, even for a second, realize you did just see the real gravedigger? Bother!

Educate Yourself of the Fam for Epitaph Hunt (Thornton Hall #2)

Is someone keeping a secret from you,; have to press all their buttons to get that secret? #askforNancyDrew

Should We Arrive With Prejudice On Ghosts And The Rich? (Thornton Hall #1)

If Game Grumps won't do it, then I will. Lol. (Yikes. I hope they don't hate me.) Let's get this party started, shall we? #ThorntonHallFam! #halloween?