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One Way To Distract Your Spy Contact (Silent Spy #12)

Let's see what you're hiding from us, Ewan. What are you up to these days? #TheSilentSpy #RevenantOrganization?

Breaking Bridget's Cover In Public (Silent Spy #11)

Sweet! Actual spy glasses! I wonder if it has solitaire. #TheSilentSpy #ZoeWolfe

The Iceberg That Is Bridget - What's In Her Phone? (Silent Spy #10)

I know I've been casting suspicion on her. Let's find out why. #TheSilentSpy #BridgettheSpy?

The Funny Side Of Scotland And... (The Silent Spy #9)

Relearning the game yet again. Geez. Lol. #TheSilentSpy #clantartansofscotland

Who Really Sent The Cursed Amulet To The McGrays? 😉 (Vengeance BONUS Chapter)

You won't be settling your vengeance this time, bucko. See ya! #GrimTales #cursebroken

The Cursed Amulet Has More History Than I Thought! 😵 (The Vengeance BONUS Chapter)

omg, everything makes so much more sense now! Why didn't I see this?! #GrimTales #eurekamoment
I will explain everything this Sunday. 😇

Where We Can We Find That Cursed Amulet? (Vengeance BONUS Chapter)

So this is why Elizabeth ended up on that hill? Suuurrree!

Is Goodness A Good Thing To Have? (Vengeance FINAL CHAPTER)

We officially have evidence to prove Edward guilty. How will this work? #GrimTales #exiledrelative

Freeing Catherine of Her Prison - in Iron and Her Mind! (Vengeance FINAL CHAPTER)

Never thought I'd say this, but... there's a damsel in the tower. Let's rescue her! #GrimTales #exiledrelative