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Awesome, But Seriously Scary | One Hand Clapping

Seriously, I was so close to saying I regret playing the game. OHC really messed up my computer. Thankfully, there's no virus, but I really worried that shutting down and restarting would clean slate my PC.

Did We Discover Dad's Evil Lair? (The Bride #8)

I can't figure out if the demon's angry we found the lair or if he's crying out in pain. I need to rewatch that bit.

Wait, I Have A Father? :-O (The Bride #7)

Unbeliev - well, strike that. Because it's a mansion, I'm not surprised there's a dungeon.

Healthy Athletes Is THE Place To Go

Special Olympics is not all about competing. With so many states, and so many countries, you'd be surprised how many people there are who have intelluctual disabilities. I'd say at least 15% of those people are an athlete in Special Olympics. And because they have disabilities, well, with public judgment, they most likely don't have enough money to pay for all their medical expenses, or even find out what troubles their physical ailments.

Special Olympics has something called Healthy Athletes. This event happens with every state, nationals, and possibly world competition. There are multiple stations athletes can attend. Today, I only went to two out of seven.

For the USA Games, it almost seems impossible to check every single athlete here. It'd be a miracle.

The two I attended were Opening Eyes and Health Promotion. My boss kinda insisted on the Opening Eyes, considering he saw me squinting last night at the laptop. I couldn't read the tiny numbers on each clip! Ha…

I'm Simply Happy

When you forget something, you shouldn't be ashamed, right? For some reason, when it comes to my work for Brandon, I do feel ashamed. He's taught me so much. I should know this stuff about cameras and people's faces/names.

I know he wants me to be open, feel comfortable to ask him anything - even if it's the simplest thing. That is the case. He's like a third father to me. My pediatric psychologist is the second father to me, but I'm not going into that right now.

I suppose the reason I feel ashamed those times is because I don't want to disappoint or frustrate him. If/when he's like that, it's almost like I let myself down.

So much is happening all so fast that I can't keep track. My mind is going almost a thousand miles a minute, which makes me space out a lot and not pay attention. Yikes!

Last night was like that, and it happened again earlier today. He wanted to find a certain someone who traveled to the USA Games as a fan/guest to one of ou…

Talking Shop With The Media Crew

I've noticed my vocabulary is not always the best. The reason I'm saying that is because I can't seem to come up with good sentences to start my blogs. I don't think you've noticed. If so, do let me know and possibly give me some suggestions. I'm always looking to improve any skilled area.

Anywho, I had a blast and rough day simultaneously. I focused on bocce and track & field today, which was nice. This helped me familiarize that area of UW campus. UW is University of Washington. Each sport location has a media section, and every media section gives a set of rules what we can and cannot do.

Bocce was a good place to start. The lighting gave the right amount to balance my camera's lighting. I could get close to the athletes by using the track around their matches, but could not step on the grass.

"Get off the grass!" The announcer from Princess Diaries would say. But seriously, I made sure not to break that rule, unlike Princess Amelia.

During …

A Great Start For The Competing Week

Today was quite the day, and probably the last relaxing day for me - as everything will be quick-paced and all over the place. Today, we had the Opening Ceremony for Special Olympics USA Games 2018.

This is the fiftieth anniversary of Special Olympics entirely. It wasn't surprising to have a short memorial of the woman who started it all. Eunice Kennedy Shriver, bless her soul, did her best and made the bravest move by creating Special Olympics. Fifty years later, the athletes, coaches, Unified Partners, volunteers, and staff members have grown in numbers, bravery, and humble.

In fact, several athletes I know are here. I make sure I sit by them as often as I can, since I most likely might not see them close up when they're competing. They have changed for the better. Seattle is in for a surprise when they meet Team Missouri - MO Magic.

At the ceremony, multiple celebrities were there, from WWE to Allen Stone, and even employees from the international or national Special Olympi…

The First Two Days of USA Games

Sometimes, people ask me what I'll be doing in Seattle. It excites me when that happens, because I can then tell them that I'm an athlete in Special Olympics. The weird thing is, that's not the first thing that comes out of my mouth. It's more like, "I am going to Seattle to be a PR Assistant at the USA Games, our nationals." I didn't improve my answer up until a month ago. But hey, I'm here now and having a lot of fun.

For MO Magic, aka Team Missouri, our Kansas City send off was definitely new to me. Well, to be honest, everything but my PR skills is new to me. We explored the location of Pro Athlete, Inc., which was where our send off party located.

Each team sport had a chance of playing baseball in their ball pit, play games in the game room, write our names on the Pro Athlete, Inc. wall, fix our hair for the Opening Ceremony with either hair dye (purple, pink, or both) or hair extensions (same color options), as well as eat lunch before we head …