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Her Interactive Approval Anniversary (Three Years Running!)

YES! It's about dang time. Has it really been three years? Please, help me spread the word.

Wait, We're Actually Going There? (The Wishes Ch. 3)

Finally! So we are definitely going to Siberia. Unfortunately, we had to make Brandon's wish come true in order to arrive there.

Is Someone Spying On Us? (Howards Mansion #2)

Wait. First a working security camera and now an observer? What the butts is going on?

If Pinocchio Starts Singing, I'm Leaving (The Wishes Ch. 3)

Can't stop the quotes. Kronk and Maui are priceless. But seriously, if Pinocchio does start singing, I'ma leave.

We Finally Make The Antidote (The Wishes Ch. 2)

If you could wish to save your mom or dad, consequence included, would you do it?

I Didn't Start The Fire - He Did! (The Wishes Ch. 2)

Ooops! I forgot to share Tuesday's video.
Well, I'm back to playing Grim Tales. Who knows when Elephant Games will come up with a 16th one? xD
But the world wasn't always burning, though... since he DID start the fire. *smh* Demons...

Are We Going On A Trip? LIT (Secrets of Howards Mansion) First Impression

Well, that went somewhat well. ^_^ I look forward to playing the game again!

More SOMO News

I can't seem to stop talking about Special Olympics Missouri. Lol. Anywho, a month or two ago, one of my athlete friends asked to interview me for our SOMO TV show. Which excited me!

He knew I went to Seattle for the USA Games as a staff member, not a competing athlete. That just shows how well Allen Tobin is as a leader for the Kansas City group for SOMO TV. ^_^ (I actually declined the role for the Columbia/St. Louis group. With so much that I do, I didn't want to tackle on more responsibilities.)

The interview was yesterday, and it went great. I've already forgotten most of the questions he asked, but Allen went ham. I do know he asked really good questions, and our head honcho suggested some good questions he could ask. Before I left, Brandon Schatsiek (the head honcho) gave me an envelope I spotted earlier.

I managed to open it late last night. It was a thank you note for all I did as a PR Assistant in the past year. I felt so happy. I then noticed there was an additi…

What Does Alex Want For his Birthday? (Stardew Valley #32)

omg, he said hungry! Maybe I should've bought a burger from the salon and given that to him? Can you do that?

Donating My Part To The Luau (Stardew Valley #31)

I wonder how I can befriend Haley. I forgot what items interests her.

Update On My Capstone Project

Boy, was this week a stressful one. Fun, but stressful. Ever since I took my final semester for ALPs U (Athlete Leadership Programs University), I took my professor's advice to heart. He happens to be the PR man for Special Olympic Missouri's central area. I look up to him so much and take what he says seriously. Except when I know he's joking or teasing me, which he doesn't do quite often.

I still remember the time when I was at HQ... I think it was the week we were leaving for Seattle. I mentioned to one of the employees that he's a lovable guy. And off in the distance, while he was searching for a banner, we hear him call out -- "If that's what you think, then I'm not doing my job." I busted out laughing.

I know he can be intimidating at times. That just shows how much he cares, which is a lot. He's one of those people who can watch you from the sidelines and can tell almost immediately that you have potential of being a great person and in…