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Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Witch, How I Wonder - Um, What? (Return of the ...

No! Not again! And this time, it's her baby daughter. Dude, that's crossing the line. #evilwitch #karma

How DOES The Stock Market Work? (Ski Jump #6)

I don't think I can do this. #stockmarket is not my area of expertise. Go to someone else. lol

23 | I Know Your Secret, Yumi | Let's Play 12

♫ Now is the time to seize the ghost. Don't be afraid and don't scream. Nothing can break you; no one can make ♪ - uh oh...

It's Real! RPG IS ALIVE!! (Before The Storm Episode 1 P2)

Thank you to @SquareEnix for making that RPG battle happen on Twitter. That was so rad. #BeforeTheStorm

23 | Learning Hiragana Japanese | Let's Play 11

Takana Japanese, Hiragana Japanese. Seems it's similar to Chinese, Cantonese or Mandarin. #languagesarefun

Can I Go To Bed Now? I'm Depleted!

Do you know how much I wish I could do stuff like them? #ILoveMyFamily No one will ever beat them.

The Things We Used To Share - TS - Karaoke Cover

Thomas Sanders, you left a mark on my heart. For that, I will always be grateful. #WhyIAmAFander #criticismplease

23 | Getting The Pachinko Egg And Rock Garden | Let's Play 10

Yep. I got so frustrated; I cursed. Yay #censorship! Lol. What I get for trying this half-awake. xD

You Brought It Back? YES!! (Before the Storm Episode 1 P1)

There must have been a huge reaction to him. No way would Square Enix put him in if it didn't. #HawtDawgMan

23 | I Can't Remember! WAAAA!! | Let's Play 9

You gotta have a good belief, and a good mind. Ya dig? #ghostofbadspelling

♫ Dancer Statue Winds Up In My Head ♪ (A Witch's Curse #4)

♫ And it's not gonna be a long, long time. Oh yes, yes, yes. Rocket man! ♫ Rocket man!.