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Updates and Upgrades

Half way through October and I have only posted one thing... well, f***! Lol. (And seriously, that's how I wanted to start the blog. Haha!)

Anyways, a lot has been happening. If I haven't mentioned it in my last blog, I have my own radio show now. It's not on any channels; it's actually a site: BlogTalkRadio. (Dot)com, of course, and in the search engine, type in te243. Yes, it's a shorter name from my YouTube name. I've had the show for about two and a half weeks. I air on Mondays and Tuesdays, 3pm central. Up until Thursday, I had no idea what my radio name should be. Now I know - and you'll have to tune in this Monday to find out.
Ha! See what I did there? You're curious, aren't you?

I've been having a lot of fun on YouTube, actually. You know, reading aloud one of Ellen Raskin's popular books: The Westing Game. I do remember posting a blog about it on here. And I do hope you are watching every video I upload of it. If it looks like I'…

Halloween Blog Hop

My memory has been fuzzy to me for the past few years; mainly because I watch too much on the internet and TV. I will do my best to tell a fun Halloween memory. If I'm general about anything though, I do apologize.

I remember last year's Halloween. I dressed as Nancy Drew with a green trench coat, white ascot, white shirt... and forgot what kind of pants I wore, haha. I had a lot of fun with the outfit. I rented the outfit for a week, so got to I wear the trench coat to work one day. One of my co-workers loved it, and some of them teased me.
I especially did research on ascots. I wanted to make sure I wore the right kind, but none of the lady's styles I could do or were too fancy for me. I just chose a man's style, the kind Fred wore in the Scooby Doo gang.

There's an event that happens every november called NaNoWriMo and my region had a meeting where it was requested to where a Halloween costume. Almost everyone had to ask me who I was. Craig thought I was Sherloc…