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A Great March Ending

As I type now, my mind is reeling with excitement. It should be gone, but it's just so cool. I must say; last weekend has got to be one of the best weekends I've had since Christmas. So what is it that has made 2014 even better?

There was an author meet-up at one of the Panera's here in town. It happened to be in a part of town I don't normally go to. Since I don't have a permit, I had to ask for a ride. I had a blast. I got to learn more on what to do after publishing a book. Getting the word out, using all your sources, and putting your book in the right stores. After the get together, I decided to stay and check out the stores at the mall strip, or whatever it's called.

I saw a store called Camera; though it had three words next to it, I can't remember what they said. I decided to check it out. I figured there might be something that I could buy in the next month or that day. Since I knew my paycheck was pending already. The place seemed to be a general …


Okay, so I tend to hit the snooze button more than twice. And almost every time I do, I end up falling asleep once more. Other times, I just want to finish the dream I'm having.

I'm a daydreamer, see. I think I'm more sensitive when it comes to the area where you're between asleep and awake. You know that part of dreaming, right? That's when, and where, you can control which way, or ways, the dream turns. You could make it bad, good, naughty, frightening, sexual, and so on and so forth.

Today was not one of those daydreams. I actually kept falling asleep. The last time I hit the snooze button, I was determined to get up and awaken. But because it's so freaking cold in my apartment, guess what I do? I fall asleep underneath my warm, cotton/polyester-soft blanket. It seemed each time I fell asleep today, I had a new dream.

I don't know how to explain the last dream, because it was so weird. It seemed to be like an MMORPG game, but it felt so real. I could act…

Local Film Festival

I really am excited about the film festival my hometown has. It's been part of our society for over ten years now. The number of volunteers increase astronomically every year. I don't know how much we had this year, but I can tell you one thing. I was - am - a volunteer, and have been for five or six years now.

Every year, we use a theme. We don't re-use either of them. This year's theme is Magic Realism. The new merchandise our film fest has is incredible. Almost all of the merch shirts are made recyclables, which is really cool. I do believe we've already run out of scarves (which are sewn together from previous year's merch) and flasks. I knew the flasks were hot by Friday, so I went ahead and bought one.
Tomorrow, the volunteers and higher-ups of the volunteer ladder will get 25% discount on the merchandise. At least, what is left of this year's merch. I tried to do that my first year volunteering, though I should've known better. All the stuff that…