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Could The Treasure Be Blackmail? 😏 (MSW: Secrets & Ashes Ch. 6 - 9)

Her photo led us not just to the fireplace, but a new crime scene! Yikes. #apictureisathousandwords
What kind of treasure?

If Only Shaun Cassidy Knew About This Beaut! 😏 (Tomb of the Lost Queen #3 - solo)

Well... it doesn't entirely look like Sonny is inclusive, but I'm sure he has an explanation. #AndromedansNotWelcome #PowerRangersInSpace
Shaun is Joe Hardy!

Is Missing Susan Leading Us On A Treasure Hunt? 🙃 (MSW: Secrets & Ashes Ch. 3 - 6)

So we're not just trying to find a missing person... but also treasure? #apictureisathousandwords
Treasure Hunt!

Opening The Tomb Without The Hieroglyphic Clues? 🤔 (Tomb of the Lost Queen #2 - solo)

Wow, look at the confidence in this woman. Geez. She doesn't even have enough translations. #WelcometoEgypt I'm Without Clues?!

😟 Shouldn't We Be Following Her Will And Testament? (MSW: Secrets and Ashes #1)

Here we go again. Jessica, are we helping or not? Find her dang will! #backatitagainWhere's the will?

🤓 Re-learning One Of The *Oldest* Games In Egyptian History! (Tomb of the Lost Queen #1 - solo)

♪ Deliver us! Hear our call - deliver us! ♪ *cough* Sorry, song in my throat. #WelcometoEgypt
An Egyptian Game? How fun!