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Big Hero 6

I had the best time yesterday. My dad and his girlfriend took me to Forum 8. We got to see Big Hero 6. ^_^It was definitely what I expected. For the villain though, I didn't realize who it was until they dragged the moment of when his mask ripped off. It couldn't have been the other dude. I mean, money is a pretty powerful motive, but there are others much more powerful. Even when one of the teammates played the footage, I knew something was off. My detective skills went haywire. I wanted to figure out who stole the microbots. I had to solve who was behind the mask. Did it surprise you when you found out who it was? Not me. For me, it made sense when I found out.

ND Challenge List Update

I've realized that, with the computer down, I couldn't do the Nancy Drew Challenge. But I can now that it's fixed and a different mouse for it. With that, I'm bringing up the list once more.
There are a few games still not marked with movies. At the time, I had difficulty remembering. Since I'm doing the challenge again with the newest game Labrynth of Lies, I shall update this list as much as I can. Those that have the OR means I can choose either one, even if the main subject is only used for a small portion in the film. By the way, if you have any movie suggestions, you are welcome to post a comment.

10. The Secret of Shadow Ranch - Durango Kids OR A Pony Tale OR Holes

11. The Curse of Blackmoor Manor - The Secret Garden

12. Secret of the Old Clock - Nancy Drew: The Hidden Staircase (1939)

13. Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon - The Rocketeer

14. Danger by Design - Ratatouille

15. The Creature of Kapu Cave - Aloha Scooby Doo

16. The White Wolf of Icicle Creek -

17. Legend of…

Wow, Long Absence

I have no excuse up until August. Since then, my computer has been down. It's working now, but the mouse isn't working. Today, I realized there could be an app to put on my iPod Touch. If I haven't told you, my boyfriend gave me that.He's been pampering me, spoiling me with gifts. I probably deserve them. But there are so many that I feel like I should be buying him gifts now. A shame too; I'm trying to save as much money as I can for December. Now what's happening in December is a huge thing. I'm not gonna tell until it actually happens. ^_^ I'm so excited. And I'm gonna have so many pictures. Lol. Thankfully, someone I know has a PC mouse to give me. Yay!