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My List for Nancy Drew Challenge

After playing so many games and watching so many movies, I can't remember them all. I know I'm going to be using this Nancy Drew challenge again. Her Interactive releases at least one to two games a year. No doubt they started on number 31 as soon as the animations were done for The Shattered Medallion, which I received in the mail yesterday and finished this afternoon. So I will make a list of the ones I do remember. That way, I can use the same films rather than having to choose from my long rows of DVDs and VHSs. (I'm planning on getting those to DVDs, even the ones that aren't available in that format.)
Of course, I'm also listing them out in case you want to have a similar challenge or want to join. :) It's your choice.
Those that have the OR means I can choose either one, even if the main subject is only used for a small portion in the film.

10. The Secret of Shadow Ranch - Durango Kids

11. The Curse of Blackmoor Manor - The Secret Garden

12. Secret of th…

It's Monday!

Today, I'm excited. Brandon Schatsiek, Special Olympic's Missouri PR, is coming this morning to do the video portion of the May newsletter. I think it's slightly because the State meet is coming up. That is May 31st, by the way. I am so looking forward to meeting him finally.

I love getting to know people. And to get to know people who are my new connections - that's just fantastic. I've learned this past year that to have better marketing and PR is to have the best connections with whatever your passionate about. Writing, my YouTube channel, and my radio show are my passions. I've already made friends with an owner of a local book store. ^_^ Now I'm making friends with someone who is in PR. I find that such a hoot!

Brandon has already done the text interview. He sent me questions to answer, which I did. I wonder how I'll do when he comes to videotape me. Not only is he going to get footage of me, but he's recording my morning show on Show Time, Rad…

Nancy Drew Challenge

For the past few months, I have been challenging myself with the Nancy Drew pc games. I always try to play Nancy Drew at least once a month. This year, I got bored and wanted a little variety. I don't remember how it came to me; it must have happened while Her Interactive was doing the "like/share" competition of which game is the best. You can find that here.

That must have been it. Because that was around the time I started the challenge. What is this challenge, you ask? Well, let me explain.

Since my Windows 8 won't play any of the games before #10, Secret at Shadow Ranch, I can only play games 10 through the latest. I didn't play #16, The White Wolf of Icicle Creek; even after the Wii game they made, I've never been fond of the game. (I do like Freddie and the bird-watching woman, though.) Anyways, I decided to watch movies that have either the same location, topic, aspects/elements, or a combination.

For instance, before I played The Haunting of Castle M…

Well... Add That Talent To The List

Okay, so I got this fancy first aid kit about two months ago. At the time, it was a bit like an impulse buy. I've been meaning to get an empty first aid kit every since I rented this apartment. That way I wouldn't have to ask someone else for band aids and the like, even for a sprain or fracture. (My best friend let me borrow her boot brace. Said she'll ask for it back the next time she needs it. That kind of trade thing.)

The thing about this first aid kit is that you gotta keep it locked. It came with a key. Only I seem to have misplaced it. I thought I put it somewhere I wouldn't forget. And I somewhat recall finding a key on my desk recently. I may or may not have thrown it away. >.< I realized this a few days ago and been mentally kicking myself ever since. But today, I got fed up with it. I knew I would need to get into it in the future.

So about twenty minutes ago, I bent a paper clip and took my fingernail file. I have watched movies and shows where chara…

More Updates

Well, I made the goof of activating my credit card. I had hoped to save a bunch of money so I could use it when I'm ready for a cover art and an editor. It turns out I may not have enough for an editor. So pretty much, I have to talk to as many people as I can to get connections.

So far, one friend/writer and a secretary told me they know someone. I think I prefer the secretary. I can't remember who the friend was, anyways. I could always ask the authors and writers in the local critique group I'm in. Eh, oh well.

For the cover art... hmm, I may have to do it myself unfortunately. I don't know a thing about how to make one. Maybe someone in the critique group knows of someone. Wait, there is someone in the group who makes cover arts. But she uses images rather than painting and all that jazz. I'll figure something out.

But for any of that to work, I need to finish the revision of my book. I have decided to publish A Test of Wizardry. I used it in fact for Camp NaNo…