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I Am Under Pressure Of Xenia's Heel. ๐Ÿ˜ฑ Help! (Labyrinth of Lies FINALE)

Uh oh. Xenia's got everything and everyone under her control, and her heel on my throat. Help! #WelcometoHades *Premieres in one hour!*

Can we cut off her foot?

More Questions, Less Answers... And A Mysterious Metal Plate? (Manifest Horror Bonus Chapter)

Why must Mariaglorum have such confusing sections? Ugh! Please make sense of this. #essencecarriers *Premieres in one hour!*

Maybe Mistakes Were Made?

I ate the seeds and am stuck in Hades; Help! ๐Ÿ˜ฑ (Labyrinth of Lies #21)

Grigor helps us, then Niobe, and now Thanos has us trapped. Oh, boy. #WelcometoHades*Premiering in one hour!*

They Know We Know

Leaving Quiet Peak With Unanswered Questions And No Caroline ๐Ÿค” (Manifest Horror Chapter 5)

If what we're seeing is true, then... Alan might actually be gone. But where'd the Essence go? #essencepowers *Premiering in one hour!*
What Happened To Caroline?

๐Ÿ˜ฎ Uh Oh, Did Someone Threaten Melina To Push Us Away? (Labyrinth of Lies #20)

Yikes! First, she tells us that we're doing things wrong and now she's fired us?! Not good. #blackmail?

Threaten A Good Friend?

Is It Safe To Defeat Something That's Turning People Into Sticks? ๐Ÿ˜Ÿ (Manifest Horror Chapter 5)

Yikes, that is definitely not a healthy relationship. You agree, right?

Is There More To The Cast's Presence? (Labyrinth of Lies Collector's - Melina's Player)

I seriously can't tell if Xenia is acting or not. What is going on?! #sidejob?
Questionable Cast

There Are Terrible Directors & Then There're Inexperienced Directors (Labyrinth of Lies Bonus)

Just from listening to this, you can tell Xenia has never directed before. Didn't she say this was her first? #inexperienced

Inexperienced Director?

What Do Sulfuric Acid And Signals Have To Do With A "Monster?" ๐Ÿ˜ฎ (Manifest Horror Chapter 5)

We are down to the final chapter before we enter the bonus. Let's rename the monster! #mysteriousfigure?

Alan and Monster Bait?

Greek Celebrities & Their Sliding Puzzles, Good Grief! ๐Ÿ˜‚ (Labyrinth of Lies #19)

Alright, okay! Is this real? Can a franchise seriously create this? #NancyProblems #NancyDrewProblems

The Ancient Greeks Have Celebrities

Plutus & The Greeks Are Into Gemstones?! ๐Ÿค” (Labyrinth of Lies #18)

Okay, so now we have Plutus and the gemstones. Lol. Sounds like a band name. #thegemstonesarebackintown

No video this Sunday. Part 18 messed me up a bit. Not to mention, a few events happened Wednesday night that threw me off my groove. This spare time will help me figure out what to do in the next ND video.

Puzzle Box

Taking An Officer's Case File From The Police Station (Manifest Horror Chapter 4)

Wait, isn't the newsanchor supposed to know this stuff? Why isn't Andrews helping? #newsreelfaults?

The Fourth Platform

Talking To The Theatre Troupe Doesn't Do Harm? (Labyrinth of Lies #17)

Ugh, confused. Again! Perhaps talking to everyo... nope, bad idea! #mistakesweremade

Grigor's Help

Searching The Dam Area For Alan And His Book (Manifest Horror Chapter 3)

We finally find Alan, but he pushes us away both mentally and supernaturally. Yikes! #relationshipproblems?

Dam, Dam, Double Dam

Automatic Dialogues Are The Best, Even When You Like The Person! (Labyrinth of Lies #16)

There's humor; there's heat; there's theater, and there's chemistry too. Ooo, there's a kitchen! #ohheyachicken

Grigor Has The Best Dialogue!

We Found The Newsanchorwoman! Yay! (Manifest Horror Chapter 2)

Boo ya! We incidentally find Kate Andrews, the mist alert news. Possibly our storyteller's aunt? #stayathome

Storyteller's Aunt?

Be Careful With Your Origin Stories, Even In Greece (Labyrinth of Lies #15)

I have gone mad. I'm talking of adult topics in an E-rated game aimed toward female gamers. Yeah, I said it. #genderspecified #raisingapoint

I know this sounds like I'm judging. I'm trying not to be, as best as I can here. Gender judging is a thing!

Origin Stories of Zeus?

Chief McGinnis, You Can't Tell Me What To Do! (Manifest Horror Chapter 2 P1)

Wow, I knew his voice sounded familiar. Mariaglorum used two voice actors from the ND series? That's awesome!

Finding Phone Charms and Eggs Like A Delirious Rabbit (Labyrinth of Lies - Charmed Achievement)

I think I've gone mad. Even my editing is bonkers. What is going on? What'll happen next? Minecraft challenges? Don't answer that. lol #rabidrabbit

Delirious Rabbit

Nancy Drew Is Narrating This Time?! (Bonfire Stories: Manifest Horror Chapter 1)

Wait, can Mariaglorum do that? Did they know, or did they predict what was going to happen with the virus? #stayathome

Manifest Horror

Unlocking The Secret Greek Door - And Other Small Things (Labyrinth of Lies #14)

Yeah, I sound rushed, but I take my time editing. Lol. This video does seem a bit pointless, considering easter egg Part 15 removes the solved puzzle for the door. #wasitworthit?

Unlocking The Secret Greek Door

♫ ♪I'm A Broken Laptop In A Broken Art World♪ ♫ (Labyrinth of Lies #13)

I'm back, my beautiful Kittens, but not to our regular schedule. Things are going to change once more.

♫ ♪I'm A Broken Laptop In A Broken Art World♪ ♫ (Labyrinth of Lies #13)

Discovering Niobe's Secret To The Underworld (Labyrinth of Lies #12 - Restorer Award)

What is Niobe's secret? Does she know Kim Possible? Do you have Disney Plus? I must know! #LabyrinthofLies #secretdoor

Giving Bureaucracy The Finger, But It Doesn't Work? Try Witchcraft! (Midnight in Salem #4)

She tries to stick it to the man, but even witchcraft has a code. Does she not know what "rules" mean? #MidnightinSalem #witchcraftisbureaucracy?

Did Ancient Greeks Ever Dream About Dogs? (Labyrinth of Lies #11 - Xenia's Tablet Puzzles)

Come to think of it. A lot of their artwork don't have animals. I wonder why... #LabyrinthofLies #AncientGreekshadnopets?

Seeing Olivia's Performance Outside Of The Trailer (Midnight in Salem #3)

People not only judge others by appearance, but by their family's past. Should we do the same?

Exploiting The Exposition From Deirdre - Long Cutscene (Midnight in Salem #2)

I wonder if we traveled first class. Nancy ain't high society, but she can afford it. #MidnightinSalem #isMeiaWitch?

The Witch Trials Predates Salem?! (Midnight in Salem #1)

Here we go. Let the criticism roll in. Go in with no expectations. Trust me. #MidnightinSalem #isthisabadidea?

You Must Break Art To Reproduce Art! Wait; What? (Labyrinth of Lies #10)

Wow, did we find a secret room, or a secret door? Maybe both? Yeesh. #LabyrinthofLies #secretsaremeanttobesacred

How To Get The Compassionate Award! (Shattered Medallion - Achievements Room)

Here it finally is! The extra vid I talked about. I was surprised to find out there's no video proof for this award. #ShameShameIKnowYourName #ShatteredMedallion