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Birthday and Christmas Stress Free, Please!

You know how I had a stress attack a year or two ago? Yeah, I've been making sure I take breaks from my gaming channel, so that my stress levels don't raise so high with the other things that go on in my life. I say gaming because I'm hardly doing anything with TheEsperanza243.

I do apologize, my Hopefuls. I am working on something. I hope to finish it this month. That actually brings up the point of this message.

In a few days, I'll be going to Jeff City for a specific banquet within Special Olympics to speak about my experience as an Athlete-Leader. Once I return to my hometown, I'm immediately starting my last pet-sitting of the year. This is where the stress kicks in.

Considering my family celebrates Christmas, I honestly don't know if there's going to be enough time for me to create videos and upload them. Grant it; my mom's internet speed is much faster than mine, but that's not the point.

To record, edit, and upload three videos each week dur…

Hunting For Phone Charms And Conversations In The Underworld, It Seems! (Labyrinth of Lies #9)

There are definite flaws. How are these sets moved, or does the audience go down the lift? #LabyrinthofLies #theatreisNOTastage

Sorting Out My Vases The English Way - Why? (Labyrinth of Lies #8)

Why? Because I can. Plus, I can say it in the English accent fairly well. Lol. #LabyrinthofLies #vasevsvase

Why Does LIE Not Explain Gable? *Temple Designs* (Labyrinth of Lies #7)

My name is Gable, Clark Gable. I mean Abstract Gable. #LabyrinthofLies #greektempledesigns

The Difference Between Opinion And Advice (Midnight in Salem Trailer Review)

We shouldn't be running away from our favorite #NancyDrew base, or tearing it down. We should be helping them improve, help them see what was never lost. @HerInteractive, we love you. #keepdoingwhatyoudo

It's Mer-mazing On What Providence Documentation Can Do! (Labyrinth of L...

Grab a crabaccino and and prove that these providence documents are real. #LabyrinthofLies #realorfake?