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23 | Do You Wanna Date My Avatar? | Let's Play 8

Welp. That's my last video for the month. Enjoy the extra long episodes, my #bunnies.

One Of Those Backwards Days (Life Is Strange #5.2)

Um... an alternate reality is bad enough. Do we really need false and backwards? Yikes. #LifeisStrange

I Grovel At Your Feet (Life Is Strange #5.1)

Madam, I gravel at your feet. Or is it grovel? xD #LionKing

23 | When I Say "Monster," You Say "Sudoku" | Let's Play 7

I can't believe I finished on the first try! That rarely happens to me.

I Think We're The Evil Ones! (A Witch's Curse #3)

What if the sister witch is right, and we're the evil ones?

Prepare For A Week Of Seeing Double

Can you tell how excited I am about everything? Bring up the #hype! A bunch of turns and surprises your way!

23 | You Really Get On My Nerves | Let's Play 6

Just remember: don't prank someone unless you know the full mechanics of the prank. #checkyoself

Choosing The Traveled Road (Life Is Strange #4.2)

Nothing's more ripe than a road less traveled. Or whatever. #RobertFrost says it better. lol

23 | You Backburner That Curiosity Or Else | Let's Play 5

It's a bird. It's a fox. It's a ghost! No, it's -- shadow puppets? Boo!

Fee Phi Foe Fum! I Smell Concrete! (A Witch's Curse #2)

Whoever built this giant knew what they were doing. Right down to the, um, well...

23 | Finding A Good Haunted Ryokan | Let's Play 4

Now that we've seen it, we need to prove it's either fake or real. Who's up for it? #ghosthunting

Invasion Of Privacy, Miss Snoopy! (Life Is Strange #4.1)

Welp. We got a mystery to solve. Just not sure where it's leading us. Gulp! #LifeisStrange

23 | Saving A Portrait's Life | Let's Play 3

Nice job, Her Interactive. Been a long time since there was a scary game for Halloween lovers.

I Missed A Witch? What! (A Witch's Curse #1)

I can't believe that's an actual thing! *Pauses.* Do you think she saw me?

23 | Learning The Sudoku Curve | Let's Play 2

Eavesdropping is so much fun. Especially when it twists the mysterious plot.

An Out Of Control Chloe (Life Is Strange #3.2)

I have a bad feeling about this. Chloe is not paying attention to what she's doing to herself. #badattitude

23 | Mysteries Never Take A Break | Let's Play 1

I don't think we need to worry about #NancyDrew. This family needs help. Yikes!