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A Golden Christmas

I just finished watching this and absolutely love it. *Sighs* It's such a beautiful romantic comedy. At least that's what I think it is.
A long time ago, a dog brings a boy and a girl together in the summer. Jessica and Michael became best friends. But after that summer, they never saw each other again. Now that Jessica is older and her parents are selling the house, she wants to own it - to keep that childhood summer alive. But she has to remember something. Who is the guy her parents sold her house to? Why is this real estate person wanting to sell the house when he should be buying it for himself?
During the movie, there is a beautiful song and beautifully done as well. It reminds me so much of my true love. :) It is called All I Want For Christmas is You, by Dan Mackenzie, but it is nothing like the Mariah Carey version.
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