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Exciting news! Woodbine Publishing House has finally released that book. The full title is called A Room of Golden Shell: 100 Works by Artists and Writers with Down Syndrome. I don't remember if I told you, but I have Mosaic Down Syndrome. Something to do with an extra chromosome or one less. I can't quite remember, and I never could understand the full definition of MDS. Anyways, the basic title is called A Room of Golden Shell; it comes from a poem written by contributor Fiona Morris, and Woodbine hopes it will give people an idea of how dazzling the contents are. With one winning submission, my rewards are $25, my submission in the book, and a free copy of their published book. I only wonder when I’m gonna get it. It’s been released for a week or two by now. Do I need to email them to ask if they sent it? Was it sent to my mom's at the last minute? Do I have to get the book on their site in order to get my free c…