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Wednesday Night

I was actually going over some past blogs I've written. I re-read Pay It Forward Weekend and realized I forgot to post something this past Wednesday night. You wouldn't believe what happened.

Okay, so Wednesday evening, I walked my thirty minutes to mom's house. I had intended on getting my bike, hanging out with mom, and possibly some grocery shopping done. Well, I didn't get the grocery shopping until the nest day.
I stayed at mom's a little too long. I did check the tires before taking the bike out. They're both flat. But when I was heading off, I realized I didn't go over the brakes. So I tested them. The front brakes are fine, but the wires for my back brakes are completely stiff. I told my dad about it today during the swim meet and he said it's probably from being inside the house for so long. See, I stored my bike in my mom's front bedroom. The place I live in, we're not allowed to bring bikes inside and there is no shelter for …

Swim Meet Today

I don't know why I'm so nervous today. I mean, this is like - what? - the fifth or sixth year of swimming. For Special Olympics. Why do I feel even more nervous than the other times? It doesn't make sense.

How many times did I swim in the past few months? How many practices? Oh, yeah. Three of them were cancelled. Of course. No wonder I don't feel prepared. Plus, I haven't practiced my flip turns at all. I need them for my 100 free. I'm also doing the 100 breast, 100 IM (Individual Medley), and of course the team relay.

Breathe, Allison. You need all the energy you got for the swimming. Don't use it for shaking nerves. Breathe.

Gah. Wish me luck, everyone.