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Nancy Drew Is A Cook Now? (Lost Queen #2) w/ Gabriel Wolf

It's been overdue. I know I'm late, but well... let's just say Thursday was one of my worst days ever. I needed to accept consequences.
@Gabriel_Wolf just knows how to make a scenefunny, and so does Dylan. Lol. #kitchenpuns

New Schedule Change / Night To Shine (facecam)

New schedule change; new look, new me. Let's try to be professional this year. Without boxing myself in. Please?

To Drown Is Too Real (Tomb of the Lost Queen #1) w/ Gabriel Wolf

And now, my kittens, here I finally present our special guest - @Gabriel_Wolf! Yaaay! #DylanCarter

The Responsibilities Of A Public Relations Assistant

You'd think that after telling your boss that you decided to go back to blogging once a week (once a month for your organization,) you would remember to stick to that once a week blog. Boy, do I suck. Yikes! Lol.

To make sure I know what to do when we reach Seattle, Brandon (my boss) and Harrison (coworker) gives me goals and little missions to do either monthly or whatever deadline he so chooses. I wholeheartedly don't mind. This gives me something to do. This actually forces me to control my internet-watching intake, which is a huge amount of time. That, of course, makes sense for my memory bank in my brain. It is getting emptied that it is not helping for a lot of conversations that occurred in the past few months.

For the deadline, which happens to be January 15th - probably 4 or 5pm, I must complete five videos, as well as the Spotlight scheduled posts for February. I love CATV in this situation, not to mention my oldest sister. She managed to give me a Mac thumb drive in…

Never Bring A Knife To Make A Point (Before The Storm Episode 3 P3)

Noo!! Rachel! She can't die!