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Automatic Dialogues Are The Best, Even When You Like The Person! (Labyrinth of Lies #16)

There's humor; there's heat; there's theater, and there's chemistry too. Ooo, there's a kitchen! #ohheyachicken

Grigor Has The Best Dialogue!

We Found The Newsanchorwoman! Yay! (Manifest Horror Chapter 2)

Boo ya! We incidentally find Kate Andrews, the mist alert news. Possibly our storyteller's aunt? #stayathome

Storyteller's Aunt?

Be Careful With Your Origin Stories, Even In Greece (Labyrinth of Lies #15)

I have gone mad. I'm talking of adult topics in an E-rated game aimed toward female gamers. Yeah, I said it. #genderspecified #raisingapoint

I know this sounds like I'm judging. I'm trying not to be, as best as I can here. Gender judging is a thing!

Origin Stories of Zeus?

Chief McGinnis, You Can't Tell Me What To Do! (Manifest Horror Chapter 2 P1)

Wow, I knew his voice sounded familiar. Mariaglorum used two voice actors from the ND series? That's awesome!

Finding Phone Charms and Eggs Like A Delirious Rabbit (Labyrinth of Lies - Charmed Achievement)

I think I've gone mad. Even my editing is bonkers. What is going on? What'll happen next? Minecraft challenges? Don't answer that. lol #rabidrabbit

Delirious Rabbit

Nancy Drew Is Narrating This Time?! (Bonfire Stories: Manifest Horror Chapter 1)

Wait, can Mariaglorum do that? Did they know, or did they predict what was going to happen with the virus? #stayathome

Manifest Horror

Unlocking The Secret Greek Door - And Other Small Things (Labyrinth of Lies #14)

Yeah, I sound rushed, but I take my time editing. Lol. This video does seem a bit pointless, considering easter egg Part 15 removes the solved puzzle for the door. #wasitworthit?

Unlocking The Secret Greek Door

♫ ♪I'm A Broken Laptop In A Broken Art World♪ ♫ (Labyrinth of Lies #13)

I'm back, my beautiful Kittens, but not to our regular schedule. Things are going to change once more.

♫ ♪I'm A Broken Laptop In A Broken Art World♪ ♫ (Labyrinth of Lies #13)