I should start writing on here more often. I know for a fact the more stuff I do, the more my stuff is easier to find for people. I love what I do, and I want to show everyone what that is.

    I am a writer. I am an author. I don't have anything published yet. And I stress "yet." I have actually written 31 books and one screenplay in the past eight years, since Christmas of 2004. Yes, it took a lot of social sacrifice, but writing most of these books... it was worth it. :)
    Next Spring or Summer, though, Woodbine Housing is publishing a book. One of my songs won in a contest they hosted earlier this year; hence, my song and a short bio of me will be in their book. The rewards for one of three songs I submitted: a publishing of my submission in their book, $25, and a free copy of the book. *Makes a big grin.* I am so excited.

    Every November, for who knows how many years, authors and people sign up on a site called NaNoWriMo: National November Writing Month. It's sort of like a contest, but not against each other -- against themselves. Every person has to write a book, whatever genre he or she chooses, in 30 days. The winning word count -- 50,000 words. Several people in my region have already reached that goal, and some are still writing after the 50k. This is my third year as a member, but my second year participating. Last year, I dabbled, but this year is different. I'm supposed to be at 43,333 words by midnight tonight, but my Microsoft Word document says I am at 29,917 words. Yeah, I'm pretty behind... but as I said, this year is different. I really think I can get there. Heck, just this past Sunday, I was able to add 6.1k words to the book.
    Okay, so what is my book about? I call it "Kidnapping is a Deprivation," KIAD for short. I know. I had some trouble naming the book, but I got it down now. The first word of the title is - well - maybe a little obvious. The book is about two detectives (professional and amateur) who have different cases; eventually, these two cases become interrelated with a surprising new case. These two cases - what are they? Well, I'll tell you. The amateur detective gets a case about stolen paintings, but these paintings get returned one by one every week. The professional detective gets a case about a stolen camera; she thinks it was stolen because of a picture caught something in the background. It becomes a side case, though, when she receives a new case -- someone has been kidnapped. And it's not because her friend plays a victim in an upcoming play called "Kidnapping is a Vice."

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