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Sunday, April 6, 2014

Wednesday Night

I was actually going over some past blogs I've written. I re-read Pay It Forward Weekend and realized I forgot to post something this past Wednesday night. You wouldn't believe what happened.

Okay, so Wednesday evening, I walked my thirty minutes to mom's house. I had intended on getting my bike, hanging out with mom, and possibly some grocery shopping done. Well, I didn't get the grocery shopping until the nest day.
I stayed at mom's a little too long. I did check the tires before taking the bike out. They're both flat. But when I was heading off, I realized I didn't go over the brakes. So I tested them. The front brakes are fine, but the wires for my back brakes are completely stiff. I told my dad about it today during the swim meet and he said it's probably from being inside the house for so long. See, I stored my bike in my mom's front bedroom. The place I live in, we're not allowed to bring bikes inside and there is no shelter for our bikes. Which I think is really stupid. A lot of disabled people shouldn't drive cars and are lowered to riding my bikes instead. It's just really sad.

Instead of walking my bike to home, I went to a local bar/stage theater. Mom lend me five dollars so I could go. It was a singers showcase, though I think it was more for an off-off broadway musical that our locals have put together. Which will in fact perform in Chicago next month, I think. :D Super cool, right? I was actually a bit disappointed, because I thought there would be latest songs and not musical numbers. I did bump into someone I knew from high school and Columbia Entertainment Company. She's a great woman; she really knows her stuff about music. I did enjoy myself at the bar, but it so wasn't worth the five dollars. I left after an hour of the showcase. I couldn't handle it anymore.
On my way home with the bike, I actually noticed a man who looked out of place and VERY out of it. I coudln't tell if he was sick or if he was naturally like that. Going back and forth, I couldn't decide whether to talk to him or not. I then realized what he really was doing.
He actually looked sad and sick. I remembered what I had felt several times and never had the urge to show it in public. "If only someone could see." "Would they notice me?" "I don't feel important." "Do I really matter?" "Can I ever make a difference?" When my experience flashed in my mind, I didn't have the heart anymore. I turned and walked up to him. I asked him the one question anyone would: "Are you alright?"
The man looked at me. He really was way out of it. I don't remember his exact words, but later on, he said, "Thank you for checking up on me."
He then dragged on with the dramatic changes that happened in his life. I felt bad for him - for about two minutes. After that, I couldn't handle him sniveling.
But I felt very proud when he said thank you. I almost wanted to cry. I so deeply wished I knew where the nearest emergency hospital was, because he said he needed it. He felt really sick. I know I boosted his self esteem some, but I would've made a bigger difference in his life if I had pointed him in the right direction. If possible, I would love to turn back time and tell him which way to go. I do hope is alright and has not contemplated suicide.
I am praying tonight. For all of those who have tough lives like the man I met. It's not always easy when your life changes for the worst.
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