Goodbye, Cruel Life; Hello, Nesis World!

As we dive deeper in the Nesis World, we meet Enrique and Cadence for the first time through Devon and Anna's eyes. The teenager and his sister just wants to leave town; find a different family. Anything, anyone really, so that they don't get separated. Devon refuses that notion and pushes them somewhere else.
While the teenager and his sister handle being homeless and orphans, Enrique and Cadence discover they have natural talents. He uses his control over people’s will, living or dead, to their advantage and disadvantage. During their adventures, the couple who helped them, Devon and Anna, deal with their baby’s new talent – an advanced stage of telepathy. It is only a matter of time before The Others find the orphans and capture them. Join me as we learn more secrets of the Nesis World in The Leather Gloves of Death.

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