Blogs Can Be Noticed! YES!

Okay, so Monday evening, one of my Facebook friends was asking "for a friend" how someone would dispose of a body. A dead body. Yep.

Not surprisingly, many people gave plenty of suggestions, myself included. Because who hasn't thought of how to murder your crazy ex-boyfriend and get away with it? LOL! Not me. Because I'm not crazy. I'm a writer. A soon to be published author!

Today, they then posted this: Not sure how to feel. So many friends gave suggestions on how to dispose of a body. Yeah, that's because you and most of your friends are authors. Some of them, even me, even stated that we're writers. One person actually linked a pretty cool blog, one she wrote herself, called 13 Ways Writers Are Mistaken For Serial Killers.

I decided to check it out. It is incredibly accurate! I remember going to a few local critique meetings for local authors. They explained how their husbands say "Why would you think that?" as they type up on Google search: How to hack a body into 30 pieces? Or something like that. Get used to it. You're an author! Only guess what? You're on a government watch list now.

Yeah, I wouldn't be surprised if I'm on that list. I've looked up some pretty weird stuff, even porn. I admit it. I'm into that stuff, but more on erotic stories than actual videos. Lately, though, I've noticed that even the audio turns me on. How bout dat?

Back to Kristen Lamb's blog! I think the points that get me the most are #8 and #12. And here's why.

#8 Writers Plan Their Kills Methodically
We writers/authors take our books pretty seriously. We know there won't be much of an audience if there's no plot or a pace to the way things are going. A book is much like a movie. If neither are in it, there's no direction. No point to the book. Why are you writing?!

#12 Writers Are Also Sadists
Now give me just a moment while I look up the word Sadist. Okay, yep, I'm definitely a Sadist. LOL! That explains why this point gets to me so well. It's the way Kristen writes it as well. So perfect that I can't just paraphrase it.
Excellent fiction is the path of greatest resistance which means good writers are all about exacting pain. Doling it out bit by bit. Upping the heat and making that victim and all who love him squirm, then panic, then question the very meaning of their existence. We push our victims until just before that spark of hope in their eyes extinguishes completely.
And then we give them a bone and rescue them so there. We aren’t completely heartless. Sheesh, these people are imaginary. Why so freaked out?
Thank you! Now I can't stop thinking of an unpublished work I did: Trouble in the Making. I had the villain put the MC in such excruciating, depressing, psychological pain. I loved every bit of it! And remember how the villain in almost every book, every movie, every TV show, gets caught? Not in this one, baby! The MC is placed in - well, maybe I shouldn't spoil it too much.

But yes. To make my point, blogs can be noticed when they're placed in correct posts. For instance, if someone worries about their friends putting down suggestions on how to dispose of a dead body, don't put too much stress on it. Yes, my friend, we're all killers. We just hide the bodies in our words, not our backyards.

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