Outside Sources

It is February and I forgot to do my weekly blogs. Uh oh! Looks like I need to work on that a little more. Lol.

Today, I want to talk about the links I have posted on my blog channel and my YouTube channel. I'm not one to brag or put myself out there. Sometimes, though, I got to tell someone about my platform. I am always bringing up YouTube, but I don't mention my other sites.

I do happen to have a kickstarter profile, but I haven't started any projects. Mainly because I don't know how to connect kickstarter to my bank. :( But oh well.
There's BlogTalkRadio, but you know that. I don't recall giving you the link to check it out. Originally, the show was Mondays and Fridays at 3pm central. I changed that to Mondays 9:30am central and Fridays 12pm central.
I can't forget Flickr. I first started putting videos and pictures on there to free up space on my old computer. Now that I have a 1 terabyte Windows 8, I don't have to worry about space. ^_^
I also have a Ustream profile. But I haven't touched that in months, almost a year, I believe. I'm thinking of doing a live stream soon, though. People will be wondering what I've been up to, and a lot certainly has changed over the past year.
Then there's SoundCloud. I haven't touched that in a while, considering I stopped participating on Game of Bands - an internet version of Battle Of The Bands. I will go back soon, just not at the moment. I have a lot to concentrate, now that swimming and True/False is happening.
I even have a Tumblr. I only post announcements on that, though. Unless I find something I absolutely love, I use my Tumblr to let people know of my radio show or my YouTube channel.
And of course, I can't forget Twitter. The YouTube channel and BlogTalkRadio show are connected to that, so that's pretty much what shows up. Unless I'm excited about something or find something from one of the people I'm following, that's pretty much it. Lol.
Oh, and there's my Facebook Follow page. I can't forget that. I created this page, so that my blog followers and YouTube followers know where to find me on Facebook. I probably should let my Tumblr and Twitter followers know about it. I'm trying to get as much followers on that, like my YouTube has 79 subscribers. ^_^ I'm so proud of myself.

Do check out any of those links. Of course, if you don't, that's fine. It's your free will to do so. I ain't gonna force you. ;)

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