Over The Edge - No, Not the film!

On Monday, I was asked by Special Olympic Missouri's PR to do more commercials. I had already done TV commercials for the fundraiser over a month ago. I wondered what he meant. It turns out there are radio ones as well.

Then he asked if I would be willing to volunteer AT THE EVENT! Special Olympics gets to pay my donation in order for me to be harnessed. He said I could think about it throughout the day. I knew if I did, I would say no. So I immediately said yes.

So here are the reasons I said yes. 1 - One of the TV commercials made me quote that I'd see them at the Top. I figured this would confirm it. 2 - I could get over my fear of falling. 3 - this is just like Fear Factor. 4 - when would I ever get a chance like this? I've always wanted to repel, even if it's 13 stories down.

Today, I forgot to bring my cell phone to karaoke. Something that happens at the apartment complex I live in. Only once a month, on the last Wednesday unfortunately. It turns out they want to do the radio interview tomorrow, rather than a week from now or whatever.

Well, at least they're persistent in getting done sooner than later. I thought it was radio commercials. I guess it's an interview instead. Who knows? I'll let you all know when I get home from work. Wish me luck!

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