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I love writing books and working on them. I'm a messy person, yet I love to organize. (Just not my room.)
I love to read, especially Magic Tree House, Boxcar Children, and A to Z Mysteries Super Edition.
I love using Netflix; they have helped me realize how much of a kid I am not and how much of an adult I am not.

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Friday, August 7, 2015

Major Twists To Reveal In Such Dramatics!

While Mother Nesis makes a decision, Devon is held up in an area he created. He soon discovers that a woman is about to die. Devon must decide whether to let an innocent woman die or show The Others that he is a hero. His choice will ultimately have consequences. Could he really be ready for them?

This is the world of natural talents. A young man with beginner's experience of telepathy doesn't even know about his talent. In fact, he believes everyone around them can hear the thoughts he keeps hearing. Before he realizes and/or recognizes the truth, he is pulled into the natural world with brute force via the good and the bad people. What could possibly happen next? Tune in to find out.

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