The Past Is Always Painful; Deal With It!

After Principal Griffith laid out her sneaky plan, convincing her co-worker she had no part, she and Lauryn talk in her office about the previous day. It's rather dramatic. Lauryn is actually considering telling her secret of her nesis talent. She has no idea how big of a surprise she'll get!

Being able to communicate and see the dead can prove difficult, especially if one has to keep it secret. Lauryn never had it easy. She held that secret since she was merely six. She didn’t think high school would change things. Of course, a visit from Devon Rizzo, from the previous Nesis World books, had an impact on that. Could losing as a new hero be The Death of Her?

Secrets and pasts; crazy, man! I'm broadcasting live in 2 hours! Listen in soon at #BlogTalkRadio

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