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    Well, I guess I'm not doing so well with frequent blogs. I do need to work on that, don't I? The more I do, the more my link gets noticed. I'm not trying to get any particular person's attention. I just want to make sure everyone knows who I am and how I do things my way. Lol. My way seems to be pretty slow, eh?

    I'm still working on my book reading project at my YouTube channel. (I hope you like the karaoke video I put up last weekend.) The good news is - I am two recordings short of getting on the last packet of Long Live Menavia. Because of that, I have to consider which book I should read next. I know I had it figured out at least twice. >.> But I can't remember. Oh, well... looks like I have to figure it out a third time.

    I am excited that it's July. That is for three reasons. One - one of my favorite co-workers has a birthday. ^_^ I already got her a birthday present. Two - some of my co-workers and I are going on a float trip at the end of the month. Finally, it is Camp NaNo! NaNoWriMo has become a big part of my life now. I've made friends and small connections to the writing world. (Thanks to a contest last year, I have a song published in an amazing book, which I happened to find on a shelf last week in a local Barnes & Noble.)
    Because I'm in NaNo now, I've discovered there are more than two events in the year for us. Something called Camp NaNo happens every year; it's the same as NaNoWriMo except you get to choose your total word count for the month. Also, you get to choose to work either on an old, unfinished book or a new book. This happens every month, from April to August. This month, I'm working on a story idea I've had all year. Starting midnight Wednesday, I have written 1,877 words; some of which I used from my notes.
    Oh, that reminds me. Being in this critique group since last December, I have heard my writer/author friends talk about something called Scrivener. It seems to be some sort of note taker-slash-editing software. It helps anyone and everyone work on a project. It got me curious last week, so I installed a free trial of it. Thankfully, the trial will only last until the end of the month. If I get used to it by then and enjoy it much better than writing notes by hand, or typing it in separate documents, then I might actually purchase Scrivener to keep it. Also, I'd have to keep an eye on my money, because the purchase is quite a pretty penny.

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