Major Post-It note Idea!

So we, Columbia Missouri Novelists group, got together yesterday. Liz Schulte hosted the meeting as kind of a "how to" thing. She taught us how she outlines her books, with colored post-it notes. I wrote them all down in my notes. It's actually a great idea; I just wish I actually like outlining. >.>
Of course, these are just ideally. You can change the colors or the label of each one if you want.

Orange - plot
Green - location
Blue - hero
Light blue - hero's back story
Pink - heroine
Light pink - heroine's back story
Odd shade of turquoise - third person
Teal - third person's back story
Purple - villain (three-dimensional, if needed)
Hot pink - sexual/emotional ((My favorite; cause emotions are needed in a book.))
Yellow - world building
Coral - series
White - what's the point in the scene?

Questions that come up after so much plotting
Misc., character, character, character
(^The direct above is just an example. You'll have separate questions, but you might have some that include more than one the character.)

Turning Points, every few chapters ((Which I do not do. It's always every five pages. >.> ))
Structure ((I tend to have trouble with that. Lol.))
Transitions ((Yeah... I need to work on those.))
Timeline - mystery - everything

I hope that all helped. If not, do ask Liz Schulte. She knows the whole shebang better than I do.

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