Local Film Festival

I really am excited about the film festival my hometown has. It's been part of our society for over ten years now. The number of volunteers increase astronomically every year. I don't know how much we had this year, but I can tell you one thing. I was - am - a volunteer, and have been for five or six years now.

Every year, we use a theme. We don't re-use either of them. This year's theme is Magic Realism. The new merchandise our film fest has is incredible. Almost all of the merch shirts are made recyclables, which is really cool. I do believe we've already run out of scarves (which are sewn together from previous year's merch) and flasks. I knew the flasks were hot by Friday, so I went ahead and bought one.
Tomorrow, the volunteers and higher-ups of the volunteer ladder will get 25% discount on the merchandise. At least, what is left of this year's merch. I tried to do that my first year volunteering, though I should've known better. All the stuff that I liked we had sold out.
Every year, when the festival comes, I have to make sure I saved enough money. I always seem to splurge. This time, I stopped myself from buying any shirts. I did get a poster and keychain. Oh... but I did buy a jacket. Lol. I actually got my work pants in the mail the other day, so I was able to wear one of those yesterday during my last shift.

Of course, there are other things to do besides buy merchandise. You can watch the documentaries. The True/False film festival is all about the documentaries. Hehe, get it? There are music venues, food venues, and a bunch of other stuff.

Today is the last day of the film festival, so there's probably no chance of you to see anything now. >.> Bummer. But I have put pictures and footage of an event up on my personal Facebook. You should check it out.
To be honest, though, you should be checking out the festival's website. Yep. The festival has gotten so big over the years that they created a website. ^_^ Have fun!

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